Through the Waters: The Life and Ministry of Evangelist Willie Johnson

Through the Waters: The Life and Ministry of Evangelist Willie Johnson

by Wagner Lori


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Willie Johnson

Granddaughter of a slave.

Rejected by her father.

Sold by her mother.

Abused by her husband.

How did a biracial woman become accepted to preach revivals in the Deep South and coast to coast during segregation and the Civil Rights movement? How did she rise above abuse, social stigma, and cultural limitations to step with anointing and confidence into pulpits all across America with her majestic cape swirling about her shoulders?

​ From the 1930s to the 1980s, Sister Willie's powerful ministry intermingled song, Scripture, and a unique demonstration of spiritual gifts that were unusual in her day. Everywhere she ministered, she was beloved and highly esteemed, and lives were changed. Read Through the Waters and learn how to rise above your obstacles from the inspiring life and ministry of Willie Johnson.

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ISBN-13: 9781733551700
Publisher: Affirming Faith, Inc.
Publication date: 02/21/2019
Pages: 260
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: He Washed My Eyes with Tears (The Rescue of Willie Johnson)

Chapter 2: Little Old Wooden Church Way Out on the Hill (The 1930s)

Chapter 3: I Trust in God (Family Life During Early Ministry Years)

Chapter 4: Consecrated (Living for God)

Chapter 5: God Leads Us Along (The 1940s)

Chapter 6: I’m in Love with Jesus, and He’s in Love with Me (Music Ministry)

Chapter 7: Use Me (Team Ministry with Charlene Day)

Chapter 8: Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand (The 1950s)

Chapter 9: Alright (Another Open Door)

Chapter 10: All Day Long I’ve Been with Jesus (Prayer and Preparation)

Chapter 11: My Thanks to Him (The 1960s)

Chapter 12: I’d Be Willing to Run All the Way (Willie Johnson’s Unique Ministry)

Chapter 13: I Cannot Fail the Lord (The 1970s)

Chapter 14: God is Still on the Throne (Living Above Prejudice)

Chapter 15: Down from His Glory (The Johnson Children)

Chapter 16: Love Lifted Me (The 1980s)

Chapter 17: The Lord Will Make a Way (Willie Johnson’s Legacy)

Chapter 18: Just What Heaven Means to Me (The Last Years)


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