Through Your Eyes

Through Your Eyes

by Shannyn Schroeder

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ISBN-13: 9781420139532
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 05/30/2017
Series: A For Your Love Novel Series , #3
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 4.00(w) x 6.60(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Shannyn Schroeder is a former high school and middle school English teacher. She holds a BA in English and MAs in Special Education and Gifted Education. She currently works as an editor for an education company and juggles writing around her kids’ schedules. In her spare time, Shannyn loves to bake and watches far too much TV, especially cop shows. She started her first book on a dare from her husband and has never looked back. She came to reading romance later than many, but lives for the happy ending, and writes contemporary romance because she enjoys the adventure of new love.Readers can visit Shannyn online at and follow her on Twitter @SSchroeder_.

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Through Your Eyes



Copyright © 2017 Shannyn Schroeder
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3954-9


Deirdre Murphy stepped out of the international terminal at O'Hare Airport, into the blustery wind of Chicago. She disliked the crowds and held no love for the cold, but as soon as she stepped to the curb, she felt freedom. It had been months since she'd left this city to return home to Ireland, but something about this place put her at ease. Or maybe it was simply escaping her family and the responsibilities she'd left behind.

She scanned the curb for her cousin Maggie and, for the life of her, couldn't remember what Maggie's car looked like. Suddenly, loud honking preceded a pickup truck whipping into a spot in front of her. Deirdre looked up and saw Maggie's smiling face.

Deirdre grabbed her suitcases and her shoulder bag, but before she got to the curb, Maggie was flying at her and wrapping her arms around her. If her hands hadn't been full, Deirdre would've returned the embrace. Maybe.

"I'm so glad you're back! And just in time for St. Paddy's Day." Her cousin chuckled. "You thought you were coming to hang out, but I had ulterior motives in getting you here. You can work at the bar with us. It's a blast."

Deirdre clenched her jaw. Working at O'Leary's Pub was the last thing she wanted to do. Her entire life had been about her own family's pub, and that was the single most important reason she'd wanted to leave home.

Maggie pulled away, but nudged her shoulder. "Really. It's fun. And it's only one day. You'll make a crap ton of money in tips just for having the accent." She paused and lowered her voice. "I know you don't want to be there all the time."

In fact, Maggie did know. She was the only person Deirdre had confided in. Maggie grabbed a suitcase and shoved it on the backseat of the truck.

"Whose truck is this?"

"Shane's. My car is having issues, so I dropped him off at work so I could use his truck."

Deirdre watched Maggie as she spoke about her boyfriend. She was so happy that it was evident in her entire body. Deirdre wondered if she looked the same when she spoke about Rory. She doubted it. Something was off between them, now more than ever.

After they were buckled up, Maggie reached across the seat. "Well? Let me see."

"What?" Deirdre asked, her stomach plummeting because she knew exactly what Maggie wanted to see.

"Your Christmas present." She paused. "Shit. He didn't propose, did he?"

Deirdre shook her head. "On the upside, I'm here." She forced a smile. "He bought me the plane ticket."

A flash of Christmas night came to her. Rory had watched her open the present, and she'd swallowed her disappointment when she'd realized it wasn't an engagement ring.

He'd held her hand. I've never seen you as happy as you were in Chicago. Your face lit up my computer screen. Go back and have a good time.

"What is it?" Maggie's question pulled her from the past.

"I don't know. I'm thrilled to be here, but things between me and Rory ... something's not right."

Maggie pulled out into traffic, then asked, "Is he cheating on you?"

Deirdre shrugged. She never would've considered it, but then Maggie put her thoughts into words.

"I mean, I don't really know him well, but what guy sends his girlfriend halfway around the world?"

Deirdre bit her lip. "Rory's not like that. We've been friends since we were tots. He wouldn't do anything to hurt me."

"Not to be a bitch, but one way to keep you in the dark is to send you thousands of miles away."

Deirdre laughed. "Saying you don't want to be a bitch doesn't make it so."

Maggie feigned offense.

"I can't imagine Rory would be able to have a girl on the side without my family or his knowing. And they certainly wouldn't keep it from me."

Maggie had gotten on the highway, and the rush of traffic and the crazy crisscrossing of the pavement mesmerized Deirdre. She loved so much about this city. "It doesn't really matter why he sent me here. I'm here and I'm going to enjoy myself."

"More than last time, I hope."

"What do you mean? I had fun last fall."

"Girl, you did little more than work and go to church with my mom." Her hand flew up. "Not that we all don't appreciate you taking on that task."

Deirdre laughed again. "I don't mind. It seems to make Aunt Eileen happy to have someone attend with her."

While not as devout as her family believed, Deirdre liked the familiarity and rhythm of mass. It gave her peace that she didn't find at home.

They exited the highway and began winding down residential streets. Deirdre was content to watch the scenery, but as usual, Maggie continued the conversation.

"Okay, since there was no engagement, give me the scoop. Are you still a virgin?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Come on, if Rory had proposed, we both know your panties would've dropped as soon as the ring slipped on your finger."

Deirdre felt her cheeks heat. She didn't have a sister of her own, and she'd never talk so openly with her brothers. As uncomfortable as the conversation made her, she realized that she'd missed Maggie and her brazen nature.

Plus, she was right. Deirdre had only been saving herself for marriage because it seemed like something Rory wanted.

"What's that Beyoncé song? He should've put a ring on it?" She laughed with her cousin even though she didn't feel the levity her remark should've caused.

Before she knew it, they were in front of the O'Leary house and Deirdre was filled with longing once again. She loved that although the O'Learys ran their own pub, they had a real house. Deirdre's family lived above their pub, so there was no escaping it. Ever.

They hauled her luggage into the house, and Eileen came from the kitchen to greet them. "I have tea on. I thought you could use some after the trip."

Deirdre nodded. "Thank you. It sounds lovely."

"I'll take your bags upstairs. The room is the same. No one has used it since you left."

"Let me help." Deirdre hefted one of her bags. As they headed up the stairs, she asked, "So Aunt Eileen is really all right with you living with Shane?"

"Why wouldn't she be?"

"I just thought ... I don't know. My mom is so excited at the simple thought of marriage."

"Come on. Your mom isn't that old-fashioned. I'm sure if you and Rory wanted to live together, she'd be okay with it." She tossed the suitcase on the bed and then plopped beside it.

Deirdre unzipped the case and flipped the lid. Maybe her mom wouldn't care. Rory always seemed to think it would be an issue. Just like he wanted to wait to have sex. Now he'd sent her back to Chicago.

That unsettled feeling returned.

"Leave this for later. Let's go have tea and catch up."

"Don't you have to get Shane?"

"Not till later. We have plenty of time."

Back in the kitchen, Aunt Eileen was filling the teapot. A plate of cookies sat beside it on a tray. The same way her mom served tea at home.

Without turning, Eileen said, "I'll have you know that I spoke with the McDonoughs. They'd love to have you back at the bakery."

Maggie snickered.


"I just think it's ridiculous that the McDonoughs have owned that bakery for probably longer than I've been alive, but they leave the name Blackstone's."

"Blackstone's is an institution." Eileen's voice stiffened.

Deirdre wasn't sure if she was being serious.

"If I owned a bakery that was that good, you better believe I'd have my name plastered all over it. I'd want people to know it was me."

Deirdre didn't understand that. She'd be happy in the background. It was enough to create something that people would enjoy, even if they had no idea who had done it.

Eileen lifted the tray. Deirdre rushed forward. "Let me."

They moved to the dining room table. She found comfort in the routine of having tea and cookies. As different as life was in Chicago, she liked knowing that family traditions were consistent.

* * *

Tommy's phone rang as he finished giving his client after-care instructions. He said good-bye to the client and answered the phone. "Hey, Jimmy, what's up?"

"I need you to get Norah's birthday cake from Blackstone's."

"Why me?"

"Because Sean isn't answering and Norah shouldn't have to get her own cake. It's all paid for. Just pick it up."

He hadn't gone to Blackstone's since Cupcake had gone back to Ireland. He'd never gotten the chance to ask her out, and going to the bakery would just be a reminder of his failure. "Get Kevin to pick it up."

"Not gonna happen. Stop being a dick and get the cake for our sister."

He was being a dick, but he didn't need Jimmy to point it out. He also needed to get over it. There were other girls. He'd barely had a conversation with Deirdre, even at the urging of Moira, who was Deirdre's cousin and Jimmy's fiancée. "Fine."

He disconnected and caught Kai staring at him. Tommy thought that his boss would've lightened up since getting together with Norah. Some things, unfortunately, didn't change. "Yeah, Kai, I took a personal call, but I was done with my client." Then a thought hit him. "You want to pick up Norah's birthday cake?"

"Why the hell would I want to do that?"

"She's your girlfriend."

"She's your sister. And it's your family that wants to do dinner. Besides, I have to go pick her up."

Tommy sighed. Back to getting over himself. He waited a little while, hoping for a walk-in client, but only one came in and Puck, the other tattoo artist, beat him to the counter.

"I'm out of here," Tommy called to Kai. "See you at the house."

Outside, a blast of cold wind slapped at him. He couldn't wait for spring. He wasn't as bad as his brother Sean, who couldn't wait for warm weather so he could ride his motorcycle. For Tommy, it was just being outside, hanging with people. During the winter, everyone tended to disappear and hibernate. Loneliness always hit him over the winter.

Which was why he missed having a girlfriend. A steady girl kept the loneliness at bay. And the regular sex didn't hurt, either. He drove to the bakery and found a parking spot in front. It was near closing and the business was empty.

He walked through the door and a sweet scent filled the air. The place hadn't changed much over the years. The fake cakes they had on display were different, changing with the times, showing popular themes, but the classics remained on a high shelf near the ceiling.

One of his earliest memories was coming here with his dad and Jimmy to pick out his birthday cake. His dad had hoisted him up on his shoulders and told him to pick any cake design he wanted. He couldn't have been more than four or five. It wasn't long after his mom had been killed, but the memory was such a happy one. He didn't remember feeling sad.

That realization made him feel crappy.

No one came from the back, so he called out, "Hello? I'm here to pick up a cake."

From the back room, with her head down, she came toward him.

"Cupcake," he whispered.

She moved to the counter opposite him and turned her back to dig through a stack of order slips. Her reddish-brown hair trailed down her back in a ponytail. Without any greeting, she asked, "Name?"


She spun with the pink slips in her hand. Her light blue eyes were wide, and the sprinkling of freckles across her nose reminded him how cute she was.

"You're back," he said.

"Another cake for O'Malley?"

He lifted a shoulder. "There are five of us."

"It's good to know you're not eating all this cake. I was beginning to think you had a wicked sweet tooth."

"Uh, your cousin Moira told me you went back to Ireland."

The papers in her hands crinkled, and a blush swept across her cheeks. "I did."

"Are you staying long?"

"I'm not sure." She focused on the slips, flipping through them, looking for his order.

When she found it, she pulled it from the stack and looked up. She waved it at him with a smile. "I'll be right back."

She disappeared to the back room, and Tommy sucked in a deep breath. This was it. He had another chance. All he had to do was open his mouth.

Why hadn't Moira said anything? She knew he had a thing for her cousin. Maybe she was the one who'd put Jimmy up to making him get the cake. That definitely sounded like a Moira move. But to get Jimmy involved, that took skill. Moira was obviously better than he'd given her credit for.

Deirdre returned carrying a box. She slid it on the counter between them and lifted the lid. "Here you go."

He barely glanced at it. No one would care if something was misspelled. His gaze locked on hers as she lowered the lid.

"Would you like to go out sometime?"

She stared at him for so long, he began to wonder if he'd really spoken aloud.

"Uh ... I have a boyfriend."

"Oh." The disappointment hit him hard. Again, he had to question why Moira wouldn't tell him. This was the kind of pertinent information you gave a guy before he made a fool of himself.

"Your order is all paid for." She nudged the box forward so he'd take the hint.

He scrambled for what to say to ease the tension. "Maybe you'd like to go out and do some sightseeing. As friends. You're new to Chicago, and I could show you around."

"Maybe." Her eyes shifted away. It seemed no matter what he said, he made her nervous.

"Are staying with the O'Learys again?"


"I'm right across the street. Stop by any time."

She nodded and he took the cake from the counter. Not quite the answer he was looking for, but at least she hadn't totally shot him down. She didn't seem completely uninterested.

But boyfriend?

Were they doing a long-distance thing? Tommy wondered about her relationship. This was her second trip to Chicago in under a year.

Maybe there wasn't a boyfriend and she was trying to be nice.

Shit. He hated when that happened.

He set the cake on the passenger seat and looked back through the front window of the bakery. Deirdre stood behind the counter, staring at his car. It was dark enough out that he didn't think she could still see him, but he smiled anyway.

Boyfriend or not, she was interested.

* * *

Deirdre stood on the corner and waited for the bus. She should've asked the O'Malley boy for a lift. He was going to the same place, but after he'd asked her out, she didn't think she could. She didn't even know his first name, but he seemed to know quite a bit about her.

She stomped her feet and burrowed deeper into her coat. Well, Eileen's coat, because she hadn't packed one. She'd hoped Maggie would have one she could borrow, but Maggie had only skimpy, little things that barely wrapped around her. Deirdre didn't see the point. She wanted to be warm.

Thinking about warmth made her think about how long she'd stay in Chicago. Her mom had brought her for a visit one summer when she was little and she'd loved it, but with the exception of last fall, she hadn't been back at all. Her family didn't take holidays. After all, who would run the pub?

She practically growled. She didn't need to think about the pub. Not for now, anyway. She thought again of the stories Maggie had told her about the fun things to do during the summer in the city. Festivals and parties, and her cousin Liam ran a food truck. He'd told her about one that sold only cupcakes.

She couldn't imagine doing nothing but driving a truck and baking cupcakes. No waiting on tables and slapping the hands of drunks. No smile plastered on her face for the duration of the night.

The bus pulled up to the curb, and she let the silly dream float away like the black exhaust from the bus. The pub was part of her family. Her parents expected her to take as much part in it as her brothers did. Then maybe they could relax on holiday and visit family themselves.

In the meantime, she'd enjoy her trip to Chicago. The bus rumbled down the street and she watched the sights blur by. She wanted to absorb every bit of adventure and culture as she could because this would probably be her last trip for a long time.

She wasn't an adventurous soul, but she wanted to be.

She'd always done everything that was expected of her, from going to mass every Sunday to working at the pub, to getting good marks in school, to having Rory as a boyfriend. She knew she wouldn't walk away from the family business. Her parents had worked hard their whole lives to provide for her and her brothers.

The least she could do was take over so they could enjoy the rest of their lives. The bus neared her stop and she stood, practicing keeping her balance as the vehicle bounced down the street.

Aunt Eileen's heart attack the previous year had scared Deirdre's mom enough that she'd pressured her husband to commit to retirement. Deirdre knew her dad didn't want to. He loved being at the pub, but he'd do anything for his wife. Deirdre smiled.

She wanted that kind of love. She and Rory didn't have it yet, but she thought they could get there one day. Walking down the block to the O'Leary house, she was excited to be able to enjoy the quiet. She'd never lived in a house so silent. All of the O'Leary siblings had moved out, leaving Eileen alone.


Excerpted from Through Your Eyes by SHANNYN SCHROEDER. Copyright © 2017 Shannyn Schroeder. Excerpted by permission of KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Through Your Eyes 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Through Your Eyes is a sweet romance; and I loved seeing Tommy finally get his HEA. The story could probably be read as a standalone, but be warned--both Tommy and Deirdre have large, extended families who show up here a lot (and they bring friends!) and even having already read the other two books in the For Your Love series I felt like I needed a cheat sheet at times to remember who everyone was and who was with whom. (I haven't read the O'Leary's series yet, though--that might have helped too.) On the other hand, being slightly confused by the family chaos definitely adds a sense of realism to the fiction, so... In the end, though, the story is about Tommy and Deirdre, and it is an enjoyable one. I had liked Tommy from previous books, and that didn't stop here. Deirdre's a little harder to get to know, because she's a private person who's used to keeping things inside, but she was likable as well. Their story took a direction I really wasn't expecting, even though I absolutely didn't want her to go back to Ireland, and it took me a bit to come to terms with what they did, but in the end it ended up working out well. So--another fun read from Ms. Schroeder! Hopefully I'll be able to get back to the O'Learys series before she throws more at us from this universe :) Rating: 4 stars / B+ I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
BookSnuggle More than 1 year ago
Through Your Eyes (For Your Love #3) by Shannyn Schroeder This is Deirdre Murphy and Tommy O’Malley's story. Deirdre is a sweet girl from Ireland visiting her cousins in Chicago and working in a small bakery. She meets Tommy who is a tough city boy but very sweet and covered in tattoos. He makes his living inking people. Deirdre is suppose to go back to Ireland and marry her childhood sweetheart and work in her family's bakery. After meeting Tommy they start seeing each other as more than friends. Tommy is so sweet and encourages her to live for herself. Will they take a chance on love or will Deirdre go back to Ireland? This is a sweet and steamy romance between two people that are opposites. FYI, contains mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
Through Your Eyes by Shannyn Schroeder is the 3rd book in her For Your Love series. This was a very nice sweet romance, and especially good because we get to spend a lot of time with the O’Learys, whom we fell in love with in that series by Schroeder Deirdre Murphy, our heroine, arrives in Chicago from Ireland to vacation with her cousins (O’Learys). Deirdre received a Christmas present from her boyfriend to return to the states, since she was her happiest when she last visited. Deirdre was somewhat disappointed that she did not get a proposal from her boyfriend, but was happy to return to the states for a month. She is not too happy at home, since she has too much pressure from her family to run their pub, and uses this opportunity to give herself a break. Tommy O’Malley, our hero, is a tattoo artist, who has many tattoos himself and is a hockey player. Tommy still thinks about the lost opportunity to introduce himself to Deirdre that last time she was here, and is shocked when he visits the bakery, to see her working there. In a short time, Tommy asks Deirdre to go out with him, but she puts him off due to her having a boyfriend in Ireland. But every time she talks to her boyfriend, he keeps telling her to have fun, even to go out with others. Deirdre knows something isn’t right, but she does then accept Tommy’s advances; soon Deirde, who is a virgin, begins to feel a strong attraction to Tommy. He was determined to win her over, and in a short time both of them realize they were falling in love. The problem….she was soon to return to Ireland, as she knew her family depended on her. Things change once her boyfriend explains why he is pushing her to date others. He is gay, and wants to marry his boyfriend. After getting past the initial shock, Deirdre is happy to explore more of her feelings for Tommy. I thought Tommy and Deirdre were so perfect for each other, and together they will find a way to stay together. Despite their love for each other, both families ( O’Learys- O’Malleys) for the most part are not too happy with their decision. I loved seeing the O’Learys, especially Maggie, and Moira, and though he was tough on Tommy, it was good to see Jimmy, though I wanted to smack him a few times. What I loved about this story was seeing two people fight for their love, and in Deirdre’s case, possibly hurt her family to allow herself to be happy. There were some ups and downs for them, mostly from the family pressuring them, but love will prevail. In time, it becomes apparent to all how much they truly did love each other. Through Your Eyes was a wonderful romance, a great couple, fantastic family, and some issues that threaten their relationship. Once again, Shannyn Schroeder gives us another sweet story that you should be reading.
Suze-Lavender More than 1 year ago
Deirde's parents own a pub in Ireland and her family expects her to work there, but Deirdre would rather bake than spend her time behind the bar. That's why she visits her aunt and cousins in Chicago, so she can experience some freedom and do what she loves doing the most. She has a boyfriend back home, Rory, but he doesn't seem to mind that she's gone. Again, there are family expectations, but is Rory really the one for Deirdre? Tommy works in a tattoo shop. He's covered in gorgeous ink and loves his art. When Tommy meets Deirdre he instantly knows he wants to spend more time with her. However, Deirdre isn't free and she has to leave the country in a few weeks. Will Tommy have a chance with the girl of his dreams or will she break his heart? Through Your Eyes is a wonderful story. Deirdre doesn't have much experience when it comes to boyfriends, she's insecure and she's used to being told what to do. Finding out what she likes and what she wants in life is something she's never had the chance to do. She's a lovely friendly person with plenty of talents. I kept hoping she'd find a way to find herself and to be free to live her own life. Tommy is supporting her one hundred percent. He's sweet, caring and chivalrous. I loved how careful he is with Deirdre. They are a perfect couple with plenty of chemistry and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to see if they'd get their happily ever after. Shannyn Schroeder's writing has an easy flow. I love how she's based her story on family connections. They're interesting and there's always something going on. Every family is different and Shannyn Schroeder perfectly understands the dynamics, which makes her stories fascinating and fun to read. Her characters aren't without flaws, but they're working on being a better version of themselves, which is another thing I love about her books. Through Your Eyes is romantic, entertaining and charming. I really liked this amazing story.
Hershey07 More than 1 year ago
~4 1/2 Stars~ Through Your Eyes was a sweet and sexy read for me! While this is a romance, it is also a book about figuring how who you really are and not living a life that you think others want you to live. Deirdre has returned to Chicago from Ireland. She thought she was getting an engagement ring from her long-time boyfriend, but he gave her a ticket back to Chicago to see her American cousins. She isn’t quite sure how to take this, but deep down she knows something isn’t right with Rory. So, when the neighbor, Tommy who lives across the street begins to pay attention to her, she is quite confused. He brings feelings up in her she never had with Rory. “Something about this man made her not want to be herself, do what she should do.” Of course, she tells him she has a boyfriend back home, so Tommy decides being friends is good enough for now. What I loved about Tommy, aside from his good looks, was the patience he showed with Deirdre. I also loved that he allowed and encouraged her to begin living her life for herself, not her family back in Ireland. They want her to return to take over their pub, and she wants to bake, and she’s quite talented at it. It doesn’t take long before things heat up between her and Tommy. For those who hate cheating and love triangles, this isn’t one. While Rory comes across in the beginning as uncaring where she is concerned, he really isn’t. This guy really does love Dierdre. In fact, he has set in motion, the means for her to spread her wings to fly and be the person she was meant to be. He is a secondary character, but he is one I really grew to like. The romance between Tommy and Dierdre is the perfect combination of sweet and sexy. I really wanted these two to have their HEA! One thing that makes this series so special is you get to catch up with characters in previous books, and I always feel like I’m coming home to family!
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Through Your Eyes, Shannyn Schroeder Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance,  I'd not read any of Shannyn's novels before so wasn't sure what to expect. Sadly in this case it was one of those "its not the book it's me" situations. I just couldn't get into the story, didn't really like the characters. It's the third in a connected series, one of those where each book is complete but there's an overall story arc via the people within it.  I don't think it would have made much difference if I'd read the first two books. It wasn't so much that I didn't understand the setting and situations within it, more than I just didn't like the settings or characters. I found they acted IMO like teens, and just didn't feel like adults. I found the Rory situation difficult to believe, sometimes I wanted to shake Deidre for not seeing what was in front of her ( though top be fair I didn't get it quite right!!). Then there was Tommy, he was so polite, so clearly wanting her and happy to do whatever she wanted, and she was just blowing hot and cold on him, and could be so rude in her conversations ( I mean as in uncivil, not nudge-nudge, wink-wink rude...) At times I wanted to say to him, C'mon, Spell it out for her. Stop being her doormat.... Still though, the book is written perfectly, plots play out properly and of course it will be exactly what other readers want, as evidenced by the many fans of the first two books.  Its really is just a subjective choice, I thought I'd like this but didn't. That doesn't mean its not a good read for you, just that its not a good read For Me.  Stars: Two, I read first half, skimmed second half as I just couldn't get into the story. ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
i remember really enjoying in your arms, which is an earlier entry into the o'malley siblings series. through your eyes focuses on youngest brother, tommy, tattoo artist and sensitive soul. he's been in love with an o'leary cousin since he first set eyes on her temporarily working at a bakery during a monthlong visit. the thing is deirdre has a boyfriend. and her family's plan for her has always been for her to marry and work at the family pub. but she loves baking. and she finds herself drawn to tommy. but she's never been one to rock the boat. until her world is shattered and she starts doing things for herself. deirdre and tommy may rush through getting-to-know-you stuff. and they may hastily make a commitment that most people would try to think twice about. but the thing is, once they both decide to go all in, it doesn't matter. it doesn't make one lick of difference how much that ante gets up by, because if it means they have each other in the end, they are willing to try and do anything. they just have to tell each other that they are playing for keeps, and maybe then they'll have enough faith to know that everything between them is real and special. **through your eyes will publish on may 30, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/kensington books (zebra shout) in exchange for my honest review.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
This is book 3 of the O'Malley's For Your Love series and it's another winner! I just love these characters and catching up on all the O'Leary's makes it especially fun. Deirdre Murphy is back in Chicago. Visiting her family the O'Leary's and having a grand time. She misses her family and long time boyfriend back in Ireland but she's enjoying her time before her life plan and what's expected of her kicks in. She's been warned to stay away from those hooligans the O'Malley's but there is just something about bad boy Tommy O'Malley that intrigues her and he's made it very clear about his interest in her. This is a great read and one you don't want to miss.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Deirdre Murphy is a good Catholic girl who has followed her parents’ wishes by working in the family pub, dating the man chosen for her and putting herself second to others’ needs. Expecting an engagement ring from her longtime boyfriend and receiving a ticket to the USA instead has her beginning to question just where her relationship with Rory is really headed – she loves him and he says he loves her and it is comfortable because he is her best friend but…is it all that she thinks it should be – perhaps not. Tommy O’Malley is the youngest son, a pleaser and someday family man though a rabble rousing tattoo artist who plays hockey when not tattooing or spending time with family and friends. He is a fun loving guy and makes no secret of what he likes and knows and how he can please. He has had a thing for Deirdre since first he saw her although she headed home to Ireland before he could ask her out on a date. He did not wait long to ask her out once he found out she was back in town again, though. Predictably, since Deirdre is a “good girl” and has a boyfriend at home, she turned Rory down…more than once…then Rory gives her the green light to date and kiss and dance with others. Where does that leave her? Conflicted. What does Tommy do? He goes for “friends” status that over time becomes a whole lot more. This is a delightful story of an alpha male with a warm heart falling for a quiet woman that is trying to learn how to put herself first rather than last. The two are good for one another although there are times I wonder what Tommy sees in Deirdre – perhaps opposites attract. The chemistry is definitely there between Tommy and Deirdre and though both families question some of their decisions it eventually works out for them to end up in a HEA relationship. I love this series and look forward to reading whatever comes next by this author. Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books – Zebra Shout for the ARC. This is my honest review.