Throwing Fruit at Drug Dealers: Tales of an Irish Pilot

Throwing Fruit at Drug Dealers: Tales of an Irish Pilot


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Ian Dandleroar is a mythical creature from Celtic folklore who dwells in caves around Ireland feeding on the anecdotes of Irish pilots, relishing in particular the puerile and inane. Neither goblin nor troll, sightings are rare, but old Irish drunks, their eyes wild beneath unkempt brows, speak of an impatient, hunched being, silhouetted over peat bogs lurking briefly in the shadows to gather his offerings before shuffling back underground to read, consider, approve and dismiss by dim candlelight. It has been said that on a fair summer's evening when a breeze blows lightly from the west, a warm chuckle can be heard faintly in the wind. The chuckle of a contented fellow who, when times are good, basks in a bevy of submissions. But woe betide pilots when the anecdotes dry up, for then the dark clouds descend and the adverse weather demons are summoned to conjure up crosswinds and contaminate runways.

Throwing Fruit at Drug Dealers - Tales of an Irish Pilot was found in draft form wrapped in twine by a hiker on 3rd February 2017 at the entrance of the lowest cave of Cave Hill in County Antrim with a simple note attached stating, "share this with the world".

And so here it is......

"Rude, hilarious and surreal. I enjoyed every minute of it." Geoff Hill, Daily Mirror

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Publication date: 05/02/2017
Pages: 178
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