Thyroid For Dummies

Thyroid For Dummies

by Alan L. Rubin, Rich Tennant
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Thyroid For Dummies by Alan L. Rubin, Rich Tennant

Your thyroid gland influences almost every cell and organ in your body because its general function is to control your metabolism. If your thyroid is functioning correctly, your metabolism should be normal. If your thyroid is working too hard, your metabolism is too high, and the result can be anything from an increased body temperature to an elevated heart rate. When your thyroid function drops below normal, so does your metabolism – you may gain weight, feel tired, and experience digestive problems and depression.

Anyone who wants to understand the big role of the little gland in the front of the neck can look to Thyroid For Dummies for a common sense approach to figuring out

  • Causes of thyroid conditions
  • Symptoms related to thyroid problems
  • Treatment options
  • Consequences of going without treatment
  • Ways to help a loved one get back to the best of health

Realizing the importance of a healthy thyroid and identifying an unhappy thyroid are basics in managing one of the more common diseases in the world. Research has indicated that thyroid disease affects more than 200 million people worldwide. With Thyroid For Dummies, you can

  • Explore how the thyroid dysfunction influences your mood.
  • Determine the size, shape, and content of your thyroid gland.
  • Understand what's happening when your thyroid works overtime or slacks off.
  • Discover whether you're at risk.
  • Look at the latest developments in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Clarify the thyroid-weight connection.
  • Deal with thyroid conditions in children.

About half (perhaps even more) of all the people with thyroid disorders are undiagnosed. The American Thyroid Association and other experts recommend that thyroid testing begin at age 35 and continue every 5 years thereafter. Thyroid For Dummies can help you separate fact from fiction about thyroid function, testing, and treatment. With this reader-friendly guide, you're bound to build appreciation for the small-scale gland that's a major contributor to your overall physical and mental health.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780764553851
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/28/2001
Series: For Dummies Series
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 7.42(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Alan Rubin, M.D., has treated patients with thyroid conditions for more than 28 years. He has lectured and written about the thyroid for medical and nonmedical audiences around the world.

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Thyroid for Dummies 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
CASmith More than 1 year ago
This is an easy to read book 353 pages in length about various thyroid problems (hypo and hyperthyroidism, etc.) and treatments written by a physician, Dr. Alan Rubin. It has a cheat sheet with with signs, symptons and medications in the front and lists other information sources in an Appendix. The setup of the pages makes information particularly easy to find, read and undertand. It was a good first book on the thyroid and I was happy with the purchase. However, it now competes with a 2009 book written by a doctor from the Cleveland Clinic which has subsequently appeared for sale. The Thyroid Soucebook, by Rosenthal, was also updated in 2009 with minimal changes. However, the Dummies book, in some areas, has more information. On the other hand, if the subject is just hypothyroidism, the definitive book is Living Well With Hypothyroidism, which is almost 600 pages in length - it is written by Mary Shomon. It is the most complete book I have ever read on this subject. Good Luck.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I recently underwent surgery to remove my thyroid; the mass found was diagnosed as being follicular thyroid cancer. Not everything described in the book aligned with what my doctor described, but a good portion did. My doctor is highly recognized in this same field, and since he knows the particulars of my diagnosis, I trust his interpretation. I am in generally good health, don't spend much time with doctors, and so having a thyroid mass came as a surprise to me. What I found helpful about this book is being able to refer back to the terminology used to help supplement my understanding, including referring back to definitions of terms. Information about diet, exercise, etc. is pretty generic. If you're looking to buy this for dietary guidance, it isn't nearly as useful.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a 4+ year Graves disease veteran who is currently in remission. I strongly believe that EVERY newly diagnosed person should read this book BEFORE they make any decision on any PERMANENT treatment procedure such as surgery or radioactive iodine ablation (RAI). Dr. Rubin takes the often confusing subject of thyroid disease and makes it easily understandable to the newly diagnosed. Every person with a diagnosed thyroid disorder SHOULD be reading this book and educating themselves about their disease! Misinformation is abundant when it comes to thyroid disease. Dr. Rubin makes no bones about HIS preference for treatment of hyperthyroidism/Graves disease and lays out his well thought out, logical, reasons behind HIS preference for treatment with anti-thyroid meds very well (page 73). I was thrilled to see this recommendation as this was the route I chose...and fought to continue using for 4 years...with success in the form of total remission after 4.3 years of anti-thyroid medication. Thank you Dr. Rubin for speaking up and telling it like it is about anti-thyroid medication...that you CAN take it for as long as you need it...that there is NO time frame limit for these meds, and the adverse reaction risk is very, very low. Dr. Rubin, you're my hero!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a thorough, down-to-earth, necessary book for anyone who has been diagnosed with Grave's Disease or hyperactive thyroid function. The book also contains very valuable information for the hypoactive thyroid patient. Dr. Rubin is an excellent teacher on the subject, interjecting his opinions with healthy doses of facts and common sense. A must-have book for the thyroid patient.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago