Tibet: Journey to the Roof of the World

Tibet: Journey to the Roof of the World

by Paul Horn


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Flutist Paul Horn literally played on new ground when he improvised the spiritually charged Inside the Taj Majal and Inside the Great Pyramid. Three or so decades would pass before he would complete his intended trilogy, by recording inside the Dalai Lama's Potala Palace, now locked within Chinese-controlled Tibet. But he did finally make it inside, and the moving details are told in the album's accompanying travelogue. Rather than focus on the extended, echoing flute solos that were so prominent on his earlier albums, Tibet expounds on the myriad sonic images Horn encountered on his journey. From the ambient bustle of the Kathmandu airport to vibrant work songs sung by roofers, and from chanting monks to 20-foot Tibetan trumpets, his responsive improvisations unfold like one long, marvelous conversation with his surroundings. Eventually he did manage to steal a few moments for one of his duets-with-walls inside the resonant chamber of the Potala's Great Assembly Hall. And as Horn tells it, "stole" is just about what happened during that segment, as concerned guards and officials scrambled nearby in a flurry. The piece approaches the spiritual solitude captured on the first two albums, only the effect is much more fleeting here. Horn also adds some jazz touches with his soprano sax, taking the experience to even newer realms.

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