Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

by Juliette Cunliffe

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Tibetan Mastiff by Juliette Cunliffe

One of the most ancient large breeds, the Tibetan Mastiff is a legendary flock guardian of impressive stature from “The Roof of the World.” Hardy enough to withstand the weather extremes and unforgiving terrain of his native land, this is a protector beyond compare, staunchly defending his people, their property and their livestock. With his imposing build, regal expression and abundant coat, this also is a dog of natural beauty and distinction. With a temperament as unique as his background, the Tibetan Mastiff requires a special owner who understands him. While this is not the breed for everyone, the Tibetan Mastiff can be a very rewarding companion and will bond closely to his family with the right training and ownership. Written by Tibetan-breeds specialist Juliette Cunliffe from the UK with Canadian fancier Susan Elworthy, this Special Rare-Breed Edition gives you a detailed look into the Tibetan Mastiff’s complex personality and the requirements of a suitable owner. With a special preface and section on US history by American breed authority Richard Eichhorn, this book offers a comprehensive international perspective. Filled with beautiful color photographs, Tibetan Mastiff also discusses the breed in its homeland and North America, the breed standard, puppy selection, general care, training and showing your dog. A look at preventive healthcare is provided by Dr. Lowell Ackerman, along with a discussion of breed-specific health issues. This one-of-a-kind volume is essential reading for fanciers of the Tibetan Mastiff.

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ISBN-13: 9781621870197
Publisher: Lumina Media
Publication date: 06/26/2012
Series: Comprehensive Owner's Guide
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 155
File size: 7 MB

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