Tidal Deposits: A Casebook of Recent Examples and Fossil Counterparts

Tidal Deposits: A Casebook of Recent Examples and Fossil Counterparts

by R.N. Ginsburg (Editor)

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1975)

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ISBN-13: 9783642884962
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 05/07/2012
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1975
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Section I Recent Siliciclastic Examples.- 1. German North Sea Tidal Flats.- 2. Intertidal Flat Deposits of the Wash, Western Margin of the North Sea.- 3. Tidal Deposits, Mont Saint-Michel Bay, France.- 4. Tidal-Flat Complex, Delmarva Peninsula, Virginia.- 5. A Transgressive Sequence of Late Holocene Epoch Tidal Environmental Lithosomes Along the Delaware Coast.- 6. Intertidal Sediments from the South Shore of Cobequid Bay, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada.- 7. Tidal-Flat Sediments of the Colorado River Delta, Northwestern Gulf of California.- 8. Facies Characteristics of Laguna Madre Wind-Tidal Flats.- 9. Inlet Sequence Formed by the Migration of Fire Island Inlet, Long Island, New York.- 10. Sequences in Inshore Subtidal Deposits.- Section II Ancient Siliciclastic Examples.- 11. Lower Jurassic Tidal-Flat Deposits, Bornholm, Denmark.- 12. Shorelines of Weak Tidal Activity: Upper Devonian Catskill Formation, Central Pennsylvania.- 13. Miocene-Pliocene Beach and Tidal Deposits, Southern New Jersey.- 14. Tidal Sand Flat Deposits in Lower Cretaceous Dakota Group Near Denver, Colorado.- 15. Tidal Origin of Parts of the Karheen Formation (Lower Devonian), Southeastern Alaska.- 16. Clastic Coastal Environments in Ordovician Molasse, Central Appalachians.- 17. Tidalites in the Eureka Quartzite (Ordovician), Eastern California and Nevada.- 18. Tidal Deposits in the Monkman Quartzite (Lower Ordovician), Northeastern British Columbia, Canada.- 19. Tidal Deposits in the Zabriskie Quartzite (Cambrian), Eastern California and Western Nevada.- 20. Paleotidal Range Sequences, Middle Member, Wood Canyon Formation (Late Precambrian), Eastern California and Western Nevada.- 21. A Pennsylvanian Interdistributary Tidal-Flat Deposit.- 22. Sedimentary Sequences of Lower Devonian Sediments (Uan Caza Formation), South Tunisia.- Section III Recent Carbonate Examples.- 23. Tidal and Storm Deposits, Northwestern Andros Island, Bahamas.- 24. Recent Tidal Deposits, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Arabian Gulf.- 25. Prograding Tidal-Flat Sequences: Hutchinson Embayment, Shark Bay, Western Australia.- 26. Carbonate Sedimentation in an Arid Zone Tidal Flat, Nilemah Embayment, Shark Bay, Western Australia.- Section IV Ancient Carbonate Examples: Vertical Sequence of Sedimentary Structures.- 27. Tidal Deposits, Dachstein Limestone of the North-Alpine Triassic.- 28. Carbonate Tidal-Flat Deposits of the Early Devonian Manlius Formation of New York State.- 29. Tidal-Flat Facies in Carbonate Cycles, Pillara Formation (Devonian), Canning Basin, Western Australia.- 30. Shoaling-Upward Shale-to-Dolomite Cycles in the Rocknest Formation (Lower Proterozoic), Northwest Territories, Canada.- Section V Ancient Carbonate Examples: Laminated, Thin-Bedded, and Stromatolitic.- 31. Carbonate Tidal Flats of the Grand Canyon Cambrian.- 32. Peritidal Lithologies of Cambrian Carbonate Islands, Carrara Formation, Southern Great Basin.- 33. Peritidal Origin of Cambrian Carbonates in Northwest Spain.- 34. Intertidal and Associated Deposits of the Prairie du Chien Group (Lower Ordovician) in The Upper Mississippi Valley.- 35. Shoaling and Tidal Deposits that Accumulated Marginal to the Proto-Atlantic Ocean: The Tribes Hill Formation (Lower Ordovician) of the Mohawk Valley, New York.- 36. Ordovician Tidalities in the Unmetamorphosed Sedimentary Fill of the Brent Meteorite Crater, Ontario.- 37. Mississippian Tidal Deposits, North-Central New Mexico.- Section VI Recognition of Ancient Carbonate Examples: Sedimentary Features and Facies Patterns.- 38. Tidal Sediments and Their Evolution in the Bathonian Carbonates of Burgundy, France.- 39. Evidences of Tidal Environment Deposition in the Calcare Massiccio Formation (Central Apennines—Lower Lias).- 40. Upper Jurassic Oolite Shoals, Dorset Coast, England.- 41. Some Examples of Shoaling Deposits From the Upper Jurassic of Portugal.- 42. Carbonate-Sulfate Intertidalities of the Windsor Group (Middle Carboniferous) Maritime Provinces, Canada.- 43. Carboniferous Tidal-Flat Deposits of the North Flank, Northeastern Brooks Range, Arctic Alaska.- 44. Intertidal and Supratidal Deposits Within Isolated Upper Devonian Buildups, Alberta.- 45. Carbonate Coastal Environments in Ordovician Shoaling-Upward Sequence, Southern Appalachians.- Epilogue: Tidal Sedimentation: Some Remaining Problems.- Annotated Bibliography.- List of Contributors.

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