Tidings of Great Boys (All about Us Series #5)

Tidings of Great Boys (All about Us Series #5)

by Shelley Adina
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Tidings of Great Boys (All about Us Series #5) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
gl More than 1 year ago
Tidings of Great Boys (All About Us, #5) "Some people are born with the gift of friendship. Some achieve it. And then you have people like me, who have friendship thrust upon them." This is my first experience with the All About Us series and it was thoroughly enjoyable! You meet a close knit group of teenage girls from the exclusive Spencer Academy at the end of their fall term. Tidings of Great Boys is the fifth book in the series and focuses on Lady Lindsay Margaret Eithne MacPhail, a.k.a. "Mac", the daughter of a Scottish earl and an heiress, with 500 year old family castle. Mac invites her closest friends to spend Christmas in Scotland. They all come. Her best friend Carly Aragon, with an eye for fashion and the captain of the crew team as her boyfriend, turns down an invite to her mother's second wedding to be there. New York loudmouth Gillian Chang is fashion plate with a photographic memory, a stellar academic record and a natural musical ability. Lissa Mansfield, daughter of world renowned film producer, is a laid back Santa Barbara girl, except when she's ferociously protective of her friends. Shani is longtime family friend and former betrothed of Prince Rashid al Amir, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Yasir. Mac's excited about this chance to show her friends the Scotland she loves - and she has a secret plan to bring her parents back together. Tidings of Great Boys is a fun read! Not only are each of the young characters well fleshed out but you can clearly feel the warmth and affection that they have for each other. The book isn't limited to banter, there is plenty of action and humor woven in. Each chapter brings you closer and closer to the crazy ending. You'll finish the book both satisfied and looking forward to the next in the series. Publisher: FaithWords (September 8, 2009), 256 pages. Courtesy to the publisher.
Deborah_K More than 1 year ago
I have loved this series since the first book came out. It's one of my favorite YA series, both Christian and general. It's a really fun series to read and the girls are portrayed as real, down to earth characters who enjoy fancy labels every now and then. I've always appreciated how Shelley has gotten teen speak down to a T. You'd think actual teens wrote this book from the way she uses correct slang and just enough pop culture to make it relatable without being cheesy or dated. I was geeked to read that this book would take place in Mac's homeland and this would involve the girls getting to travel to Scotland. I love book that take place in foreign countries especially those in Great Britain. This is partially because I want to go visit there myself one day, and until I do, reading about others' travels is the next best thing. I really liked how Mac has done a complete 180 since her introduction into the series. When we first met her, she was stuck up and very withdrawn. Of course the reason why, as we learn in the third book, makes total sense as to why she acts in this way. Therefore it's really nice to see a book from Mac's POV and see her loosen up and be comfortable. The interaction between her and the other girls is excellent as always. I was really glad to see her tense relationship with family begin to ease down. While usually series books are sometimes read as stand alones with this series, I highly recommend reading the previous books before picking up this one. There are several references to past events and there is a huge subplot that follows what happened in book 4. Without spoiling too much, it's just amazing how technology manages to spread things likes wildfire and causes incidents to happen that could have been cleared up easily. One small thing I have noticed about the books is the consistent use of the same cover models. It's a small detail but one I have appreciated. I really can't stand when they change models halfway through a series and then you have to guess again who each person is supposed to be. Now as for the boys, as stated in the title, there are quite a few of them. I think it's great how these girls DO date and they are responsible about their feelings and actions towards guys. It is very realistic and I think most girls can relate to this. I really enjoyed reading this book and getting to know Mac more and learning about her home country. Also this book put me in the Christmas spirit which is always a plus. If you're a fan of this series, you MUST pick up this one!
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Tidings of Great Boys by Shelley Adina is the fifth book in the It's All About Us series. Mac, Lady Lindsey MacPhail, takes on narration duty in this volume which takes place over Christmas break of the girls' senior year. Mac wants all of her best friends to celebrate the holidays with her at her family's castle, Straithcairn, in Scotland, as well as to get her parents back together, but neither will be an easy task. Especially when you throw in a batch of jealous childhood friends and Shani's trouble with the Sheikh of Yasir, this is guaranteed to be a hopping party! I really enjoy reading Adina's writing; this title may not have a lot of heavy issues like the previous volumes, but it reads like a sorbet, it's refreshing and cleansed the "palate" of my brain from the darker books I've been reading as of late. Adina nails teenage girls with their dialogue, bursts of temper, and shifts of loyalty, along with boycraziness! It's a fun read, and while the girls are Christians, there is no preachiness. Adina balances just the right amount of humor, faith, and zaniness to appeal to teenage girls and their mothers!