Tiebreaker: The Final Vote

Tiebreaker: The Final Vote

by Barbara Reed, Margie J Pittman


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ISBN-13: 9781504907682
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/05/2015
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

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The Final Vote

By Barbara Reed, Margie J Pittman


Copyright © 2015 Barbara Reed; Margie J Pittman
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-0768-2


Old Stone Church

Ten year old Alex Cavender watched in horror as the huge building imploded. It was the old stone church that, according to city leaders, had stood for over one hundred years. The tall steeple, a prominent landmark in the city, now lay crushed on the ground. Alex held tightly to his mother's hand, and pretended not to see the tears slipping down her face. She was a very private person. For her to cry in public like this was a big deal to her fifth grade son. He felt like crying himself. He always loved to hear the bells on Sunday morning. They would never toll again for the people of this city. The church was completely destroyed. It was a sad day for Alex. He knew there was something going on, but he didn't know what.

His mind was full of contradictions. He felt a connection to that church, and he was sad to see it destroyed. There was a group of people called the AFA (American Freedom Association) and they had handed out pamphlets about The Law at his school. It said that The Law would free our nation of bigotry and the evils of rigid closed-mindedness. It talked a lot about political correctness and not offending others. His teacher had explained about there being no absolute right or wrong. He wasn't sure all that made sense to him. It felt like he was being pushed into things that didn't fit.

He was so troubled and so deep in thought that he forgot his mother's tears and started rattling off questions.

"What gives them the right to destroy such a beautiful old building? Why do some people hate Christians so much? Can they really put you in jail just for quoting the bible?

Jillian had been thinking through some of the same questions herself. She was proud of her son for asking such mature questions and she told him so. She didn't recognize her own voice so she quickly cleared her throat and tried to discreetly dry her eyes.

"I was just thinking to myself and wondering how we had come to this place. It seems like such a short time ago that my mother told me stories about when she was in school and they had prayer and studied the bible every day. One of the worst things to happen at school was when someone got caught chewing bubble gum in class. Since then, one at a time, Christian liberties have been taken away. They started teaching evolution as scientific fact. They took prayer out of school. They invented something called political correctness which sounded innocent enough, but turned into a mighty weapon against liberty and truth. They then used global warming and when there wasn't any warming, climate change to call anyone who disagreed with them science deniers.

There was a time not too long ago when Christians were not afraid to stand for what was right. Since then the liberal courts and the left wing have gradually eroded our freedom and vilified Christians. They even passed so called hate crime laws that made it illegal to say anything against another person's lifestyle or belief. Somehow though these laws are never applied when people speak against Christianity. They can say anything they want about Jesus or Christians, even great lies, and it is ok."

Alex was a little overwhelmed with all this information and he knew that his mother was very upset by something about this. He decided not to upset her any more. He thought he would talk to his Grandfather at Thanksgiving. He was sure he would know the answers to all his question. Many times, he had heard his mom and dad discussing The Law that would soon be introduced in Washington D.C. Alex had lived there all his life. His grandfather was in politics and currently the vice president of the United States of America. Alex was always proud of his grandfather he thought that he was a wonderful politician. He had spent many years in the senate before he became vice president. The family was confident he would run for president in the next election.


No-Win Situation

John Paul Cavender is one of the most respected men in Washington D.C. Even as the vice president of the United States, he is very popular with both political parties. He had friends on both sides of the aisle. He has a well-deserved reputation for helping reconcile differences. He was also known for being very principled and decisive.

He was a big man in stature. He stood over six feet tall with salt and pepper hair, and warm brown eyes and he was in excellent shape. Many women found him quite attractive. Some even made a point of letting him know it. John was always polite to them and quick to tell them about his beautiful wife Rebecca. He simply wasn't interested in any other woman. Since they first met, Rebecca had always been the only woman for him.

John is a devoted family man and a politician. He loves and values both his family and his career. He always wanted to do the right thing for his fellow Americans. John hoped to run for president as soon as President William Noble's term was up. He had worked very hard toward that goal and he hadn't had a decent night's sleep in months. William's first term had passed by quickly. They had managed to do a lot of work in conjunction with their Conservative counterparts. The second term had been a nightmare. The Liberals were in power. You would have thought that was a good thing, but John Paul couldn't wait for this term to be over. He was a Liberal, but it seemed the face of the party was changing every day. He hardly recognized it anymore. There was a time when both parties could work together for the good of the country. That seemed a long time ago. These were troubled times in America. A lot of unrest among the people and the government.

John Paul sat quietly in his office evaluating his professional life. It seemed kind of dark now. The house was getting ready to introduce a new bill to the senate that could have a huge impact on John's career, and it would take a miracle for him to run for president. He feared his party was on a dangerous course. The country was divided right now and to make matters worse he knew that as soon as the senate went into session next year he would probably have to cast the tiebreaking vote. John had always voted with his party, but this would be the end of his career and he knew it. No matter how he voted, half the country would be angry with him, this was a no win situation for John. The President would expect his support for the party. What bad timing for him. The senate was divided right down the middle. John was feeling the stress of his job. He felt like a dead man walking.

Rebecca, John's wife and number one supporter had left for Texas a week ago. She had gone home to make preparations for the holidays. Becky, as he called her, loved the winter holidays. It would be a festive time with the house so full of family. Their children, grandchildren and many close friends always got together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. John would be leaving on Friday. He usually enjoyed this time of the year more than any other time. Suddenly he felt very old, and so tired he wondered how much longer he could keep up this pace. This new Congress was wearing him down. Why they had to introduce this legislation right now was beyond him.


Sweet Rebecca

The tall fir tree that adorned the white house was amazingly beautiful this year. Even John had a hard time remembering to call it a Holiday tree instead of a Christmas tree. John felt a catch in his throat as he stood admiring the decorations. He wondered what the next year would bring. What would become of this beautiful season? How would The Law change things?

He suddenly missed his parents. He wished they were still alive. He'd like to hear his mother sing "Silent Night" one more time. To his surprise a tear trickled down his face. John had never been a praying man, but now he wished he had listened more closely to his mother when she tried to teach him about God. She was the warmest most loving person he had ever known. She adored him and his father. John had always known that he was loved. His wife Becky was also warm and loving like his mom. John knew he was a lucky man. Suddenly he couldn't wait to go home. Just the thought of Becky made his life better. He loved to watch her joy at Christmas. She glowed through the whole season, because she was a wife, mother and grandmother, and being with her family was her favorite place to be.

Rebecca worked diligently to prepare their home for the holidays. The food was being delivered as their Christmas tree was put into place for decorating. This was a favorite family project. They always decorated the tree together on Thanksgiving evening. Everybody's favorite cookies and candies would be there along with plenty of hot chocolate and apple cider. It was so much fun to watch the children and grandchildren as they worked and laughed together. It was definatly the best time of the year for Rebecca and John Paul Cavender.

John and Rebecca always gave their children all expenses paid vacations for Christmas. It was a long standing and well known tradition, within their family. This year they had decided on a cruise to the Bahamas. It was scheduled for later in the New Year. Rebecca spent the next few days shopping for presents for her grandchildren. Their house would be filled with joy and love until the first of January, and then everyone would go back to their respective homes and jobs. Rebecca had promised herself that she wouldn't focus on John's situation until she had to. What in the world was happening to America, our great and wonderful country? Though she never voiced her concerns she secretly wished she and her husband could leave politics and be private citizens again. She knew this was wishful thinking on her part. John was a public servant. He loved politics, and she knew he was an honorable man. He was good for the country and would probably be president in a few years. The thought of being first lady did not appeal to her at all. She just wanted to be a wife, mother and grandmother. The lavish trips around the world she had enjoyed with John could not compare to the joy of their times at home with the family.

Rebecca was an only child. She was from one of the richest families in Texas. Her parents were very seldom at home so she was raised primarily by nannies and servants. Her childhood was so lonely, at times she wished they were poor so her mom and dad would stay home with her and they could be a family. That never happened as she was growing up so she was determined when she got married she would make her family a priority. She would focus on family and make hers the closest, and most loving, it could be. That was Rebecca's dream for as long as she could remember. The big house she had inherited from her parents was wonderfully filled with happiness when the family came together to celebrate the holidays. She had never had that as a child. Family was the most important thing in her life.

Rebecca met John in high school. It was love at first sight for both of them. When she met John's parents, she was instantly drawn to his mother Sara. She often said that Sara was the closest thing to a real mother she had ever had. She loved her very much. Sara was a sweet gentle woman, and filled such a void in Becky's life, that when Sara passed away Becky was devastated for months. Sara often spoke of Jesus. Becky, who had never been to church while she was growing up, learned a lot from Sara about faith.

John and Rebecca would soon be married thirty five years. She still loved him passionately. They had two children. John Paul the fourth and Sara Diane. They called John Paul J.P. And Sara Diane was called Diane. She was named for her grandmother and they were extremely close. Sara took Diane to church and Diane developed a deep faith in Jesus at an early age. She still held tight to her faith. She was a devout Christian, as was her husband Fredrick. J.P. married a lovely girl named Jillian, they have two children Alex and Adeline. John and Becky were extremely proud of their family.


Grandmother's House

"Jillian are you and Alex about ready to go?" J.P. Cavender was in a hurry to get to the airport. He and his family were supposed to fly to Texas with his dad in Air Force Two. Their daughter Adeline was patiently waiting for the rest of the group. She was reading her favorite book of nursery rhymes, she would finish it on the plane. She couldn't wait to see her grandparents. Thanksgiving and Christmas were always great fun at their house. She and Alex would help Grandmother Becky with her shopping. She always bought them the neatest gifts. Adeline had a special gift for the two of them also. She had found a beautiful frame to put a copy of the constitution in. She had bought it in an antique shop where her mother loved to go. She had saved a long time for just the right gift for them. It would go great in their patriotic room. Grandmother was always decorating their home. Each room had a theme. The patriotic room was her latest creation. Grandfather loved this room. Of course, he loved everything about Grandmother Becky. They all did. She was a loving person and took wonderful care of her family. She was special that way.

Diane and Fredrick were also in route to the airport where they would join her father for the flight to Texas. Diane was humming one of her favorite Christmas songs. Mother will be in rare form this year she thought as the limousine rushed them to the airport. She was very proud of her father. Being the daughter of the vice president of the United States of America had its perks. They would be flying home on Air Force Two. Diane smiled as she thought about her mom. She knew she would be very busy; making sure everything was perfect for her children and grandchildren. Diane and Fredrick had a secret. They would tell the family over Thanksgiving dinner. Diane was pregnant again. They had wanted a child for so long. She had miscarried two babies. This time she was doing extremely well. She was well into her third month and so far no health problems. She and Fredrick had wanted to wait until the family was all together to tell them their good news.

John Paul knew he would have to talk to his wife and children soon about the seriousness of the vote he would soon have to cast. They had heard the rumors floating around Capitol Hill for some time. If the House passed their version of the bill, the Senate would certainly be divided across party lines. The Senate was equally divided, and of course as vice president he would cast the final vote. John had barely slept in weeks. He was torn over the decision he had to make. The Conservatives would fight to the last second to defeat this bill, but John knew the president was ready to sign the bill if it passed the Senate.

Rebecca could see the strain on Johns face. She knew he was concerned about the country. He could keep his feelings hid from the children, but not Becky. She went out of her way to show him how much she loved him. She had always made their homes a haven for him.

He could forget all his troubles when Becky was there. He decided he was going to enjoy his time with his family and worry about Washington when he had to.



Thanksgiving Day was filled with the smell of food, and the bustling house was full of laughter, as the family sat down for their meal together. Diane was glowing and Fredrick stayed very close to her. Rebecca wondered if all was well with the kids. Diane seemed so happy that she decided of course all was well. Fredrick seemed unusually protective of his beautiful wife. Of course it was no secret that he loved her. He had since they met in law school. His law firm did a booming business. He was quite successful in his own right. Diane worked for a different but equally successful firm. They had a great life together. However Becky knew they both wanted a child very much. That would complete their joy.

The group sat down to a large feast. The cooks had outdone themselves this year. The turkey was golden brown and the fixings covered the whole table. Once they started passing the food the conversation started. They brought each other up to date on all that they were doing. The laughter was music to John and Rebecca's ears.

Suddenly, Alex spoke up. "Grandfather did you see the demolition of the big church on Fifth Avenue last week." A hush fell over the room. "It was so sad." Alex went on to say, remembering his mother's tears. "I have heard that many of our churches are being destroyed. Mom and I watched the whole thing. Grandfather, why are people angry with the church?"

John Paul knew he had to answer his young grandson. Obviously, this was upsetting him. He cleared his throat and started to speak. "I had hoped to wait until later to talk with you all about the changes that are coming if our government has their way."


Excerpted from Tiebreaker by Barbara Reed, Margie J Pittman. Copyright © 2015 Barbara Reed; Margie J Pittman. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Old Stone Church, 1,
Chapter 2: No-Win Situation, 4,
Chapter 3: Sweet Rebecca, 6,
Chapter 4: Grandmother's House, 9,
Chapter 5: Thanksgiving, 11,
Chapter 6: A Young Pastor Prays, 14,
Chapter 7: Where are the Christians, 17,
Chapter 8: Bad Times Coming, 19,
Chapter 9: The Lord's Army, 22,
Chapter 10: Luke's Seminar, 25,
Chapter 11: Faith, Stronger than the U.S. Senate, 29,
Chapter 12: It is a Set-Up, 32,
Chapter 13: A Young Girl's Murder, 36,
Chapter 14: A Home and Church Destroyed, 41,
Chapter 15: The Royal Suites Hotel, 44,
Chapter 16: Enemies of God, 46,
Chapter 17: A Threatening Call, 50,
Chapter 18: Visiting the Children, 54,
Chapter 19: In the Mountains, 56,
Chapter 20: A Baby is Born, 61,
Chapter 21: A Sudden Death, 64,
Chapter 22: Founder of the AFA, 69,
Chapter 23: Car Bombed, 73,
Chapter 24: A Funeral, 78,
Chapter 25: Moving On, 83,
Chapter 26: Milton Arrested, 86,
Chapter 27: The Feds Have the Goods, 89,
Chapter 28: The Vote Scheduled, 95,
Chapter 29: The Dream, 104,
Chapter 30: The Vote, 108,
Chapter 31: In Love, 112,
Chapter 32: Thinking of Running for Congress, 116,
Chapter 33: Abusive Parents, 117,
Chapter 34: Visiting Beverly's Parents, 119,
Chapter 35: Wedding Plans, 121,
Chapter 36: Wedding Day, 124,
Chapter 37: President John Paul Cavender, 130,

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