Tiger I in Action: 1942-1945

Tiger I in Action: 1942-1945

by Jean Restayn


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Tiger I in Action: 1942-1945 by Jean Restayn

In April 1941, two months prior to operation 'Barbarossa,' Adolf Hitler ordered the development of a heavy tank, armed with the famed 88 mm gun. This tank became a legend in its own time. Feared by its adversaries and liked by its crews, the Tiger etched its mark in history and the legend carries on, 60 years after the end of the war.

This compilation of the two volumes dealing with Tiger units on the Eastern front, the Western front, and Africa, features almost a thousand period pictures, mostly unpublished, and more than 80 full-color plates by the author: tank profiles, details of markings and insignia, camouflage, and a short history of each Tiger unit. This edition has been revised and augmented, with more accurate captions as to dates and locale, together with new illustrations and a chapter on additional units.


“…updating and combining of the two earlier volumes is a terrific idea, and by happy coincidence a good value as well. The author should be commended for his diligence in working to ensure the information presented in this new compilation volume is as accurate and up to date…The photographs in this book show great views of Tiger I's on every front, and in every conceivable situation and action. A modeler will find a diorama or vignette idea on literally every single page…While some photos may have been published elsewhere, there are quite a number of them completely new to me in the book. The arrangement of the photographs in the book unit by unit, makes it easy for a researcher to look for unit specific photographs, along with a good full color rendering of the Tigers wearing their camo and unit markings. I found this book fascinating, and believe it will be a valuable addition to the reference library for any fan of Germany's dreaded big cat. “
Armor Modeling and Preservation Society

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