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Tiger Lillie

Tiger Lillie

4.3 6
by Lisa Samson

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Always the Wedding Coordinator, Never the Bride.

Fifteen years after the mysterious disappearance of Ted, her childhood sweetheart, Lillie Bauer—bungee-jumper, book addict, and delightfully offbeat coordinator of “extreme” high-concept weddings—is ready to find love again. Yet as she boldly but reluctantly braves a disastrous dating


Always the Wedding Coordinator, Never the Bride.

Fifteen years after the mysterious disappearance of Ted, her childhood sweetheart, Lillie Bauer—bungee-jumper, book addict, and delightfully offbeat coordinator of “extreme” high-concept weddings—is ready to find love again. Yet as she boldly but reluctantly braves a disastrous dating scene in her search for a husband, Lillie is caught between two contrasting images of married life: the rich, lifelong partnership shared by her parents and the troubled marriage of her younger sister, Tacy.

Faced with long-buried feelings, fears for Tacy, and concerns about her father’s failing health, Lillie finds strength in an unlikely and peculiar community of loved ones, including Cristoff, her epileptic, florist business partner; Pleasance, a sassy African American clothing designer; and Lillie’s strong Hungarian Grandma Erzsébet. But when Lillie stumbles across a danger that threatens those she loves most, she will need more than friends and family– she will need a miracle.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
“Reading Tiger Lillie is like bungee jumping in a prom dress–breathless, extreme, elegant, a mixture of freefall reflection and being jerked back to heart-stopping reality! I was completely captivated by Lisa Samson’s quirky and colorful characters, so tender and down-to-earth, but bold and dangerous when one they love is threatened. You’ll never forget Tiger Lillie.”
–Neta Jackson, author of The Yada Yada Prayer Group novels

“Lisa Samson has done it again! A superbly told story that immediately captivated me with its loveable and quirky characters. The intricacies of relationship between two completely different sisters provide an intriguing and captivating read–a story that becomes a real page-turner toward the end! Way to go, Lisa!”
–Melody Carlson, award winning author of Finding Alice, Crystal Lies and Diary of a Teenage Girl series

“Like sprinkles of paprika on a sea of sour cream, Tiger Lillie’s colorful characters catch the attention and tantalize the taste buds. I read this novel in one sitting, but I’ll not soon forget the cast of flavorful characters–Lillie and Tacy and Christoff and Gordon. Lisa Samson writes with surprising honesty, genuine love, and indefatigable hope. Make time for this one–you’ll love it!”   
–Angela Hunt, author of The Awakening

“Many writers in the genre of Christian fiction shy away from characters who stray too far outside ‘safe’ conservative lines. Thankfully, Lisa Samson seems to understand that to breathe life into wonderfully flawed characters is to paint a refreshingly honest and compelling picture of the foibles and follies of the human experience. In Tiger Lillie, she does just that. Brilliantly.”
–Constance Rhodes, founder of FINDINGbalance.com and editor of The Art of Being: Reflections on the Beauty and the Risk of Embracing Who We Are

“Wow!  What a book!  Strong, courageous characters, compelling storyline, hidden truths that jump out and grab you–all in Lisa Samson’s marvelous and unique voice.  Loved it!  Loved it!”
–Gayle Roper, author of Winter Winds, Autumn Dreams, Summer Shadows, and Spring Rain

“Nobody writes like Lisa Samson. Not even Lisa Samson! That’s because each of her novels is different, exposing yet another aspect of her literary talent.
See for yourself in Tiger Lillie, a fresh and wonderful addition to her unique body of work.”
–James Scott Bell, Christy Award-Winning author of Breach of Promise and A Certain Truth

“Lillie and Tacy, two sisters brimming with joie de vie, delight and then draw us into their life and death struggle with darkness. Tiger Lillie provokes thought as it tugs the heart.”
–Lyn Cote, author of Winter’s Secret

Tiger Lillie showcases Lisa Samson’s unique ability to write in-your-face fiction. Her vivid characters reach out and grab, providing a contrast between the self-centered mind and the dedicated heart of those who claim His name. This is her best book yet!”
–Lois Richer, author of Dangerous Sanctuary

“Lisa Samson creates the most wonderful, quirky characters, ones that jump off the page and into your heart. Tiger Lilly kept me up way too late reading. Lisa’s voice is unlike any other writer out there, and she’s addicting. If you haven’t discovered this phenomenal writer yet, you’re in for a treat with Tiger Lilly.”
–Colleen Coble, author of Without a Trace and Beyond a Doubt

Publishers Weekly
This is a breakthrough novel for the award-winning Samson, whose exuberant prose, zany characters and willingness to tinker with some cherished boundaries of Christian fiction make this story memorable. One of the most enjoyable characters is Cristoff, an epileptic, celibate gay man who loves Kay Arthur Bible studies and old movies with equal passion. He's best buddies with Lillie Bauer (think My Best Friend's Wedding), or "Tiger Lillie" as she's nicknamed, a big-bosomed, size-16 Hungarian Episcopalian asthmatic who celebrates her birthday each year by bungee jumping in an evening gown. Together, she and Cristoff run Baltimore's most offbeat business, Extreme Weddings and the Extremely Odd Occasion. The perspective snaps briskly back and forth between Lillie and her little sister, Tacy, married to the rather one-dimensional fundamentalist Rawlins McGovern, which adds intriguing tension to the plot and some spiritually spooky moments. Samson pushes the boundaries of sexual innuendo and spirituality farther than in her earlier work, which gives her writing more authenticity. Those with weak stomachs will find a few short paragraphs about the crucifixion gruesome, and Samson's writing occasionally drifts over the top ("The humidity of the estuary coats my throat, wrapping my tongue in the taste of summer's end and the dark settling of the day"). However, this talented novelist isn't afraid to take risks, and she gets more inventive with each book. (Oct.) Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

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Meet the Author

Lisa Samson is the author of more than a dozen novels, including the critically acclaimed Women’s Intuition and The Living End. Her other titles include The Church Ladies and Songbird. Lisa also serves as worship leader at her local church and volunteers as a creative writing instructor.

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Tiger Lillie 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Finally someone who appreciates skeletons-
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My den.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
Lillie Bauer admittedly a bit plump is in terrific physical shape and is doing well with her florist business. However, her love life seems in the tank as she still moans over her childhood hero and sweetheart Ted, who vanished fifteen years ago just after they graduated from high school. No man has come close when compared to the legendary Ted......................... Lillie worries about her beloved sister Tacy, whose spouse Rawlins McGregor is abusive to her and their young child Hannah. Not sure what to do, Lillie receives help from family, business associates, friends, and Gordon, a new man in her life. Still she believes her sibling and her niece need a miracle to survive the increasingly volatile Rawlins. She wonders whether her prayers to God can be answered through the Temperance Church of the Apostles filter or should she heed the advice of her support group by cutting out the questionable middle man by praying directly and interceding with her sibling¿s family?............................. The tale starts slow, but once the story line boils, readers obtain a deep look at a dysfunctional family, the role of the church, and the belief that there are no atheists in the fox hole. When Lillie realizes the crisis has become dangerous, she turns to God and prays for a miracle especially for the two McGovern females. Told in rotating chapters by the two sisters, fans will see how love and belief offer solace when tragedy occurs............................. Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lillie Bauer, coordinator of Extreme Weddings, also leads an extreme life. She loves bungee jumping and her family. And at long last, she is ready to fall in love again. She is still haunted by the disappearance of her first love, Teddy, but she is ready to more forward. ..................... Lillie is caught between two versions of love, her parents' solid marriage and her sister's abusive one. Lillie finally learns the extent of the abuse. Then, using her strong Hungarian roots and her strong faith in God, Lillie goes to the furthest extreme to save her sister and niece. ..................... *** This book starts out pretty slow. However, it quickly picks up the pace and grabs the reader in a firm hold. This novel is a good read for a lazy afternoon, but it is a real tear jerker, so keep the tissues at hand. Soft hearts beware! ***