The Tiger Princess

The Tiger Princess

by Sarah Renee


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Ten years ago, a devastating fire took the lives of Queen Karenisha and King Makero, leaving a young Saderia orphaned.

Nobody knows how the fire was started, but it ignited quickly. Too quickly.

In ten years the truth has never been discovered...

Saderia is a curious 10 year old tiger Princess who feels things deeply. Her Aunt Cia and Uncle Jash have taken over the duties of Queen and King and raising Saderia since her parents died in the fire. Her aunt and uncle don't understand Saderia, which she resents.

But Saderia starts having dreams about the past; dark, disturbing dreams. She has to know the truth. Could her parents have been murdered? Soon she finds herself surrounded by more secrets when she discovers a dangerous, ancient royal secret relating to her ancestors.

At the same time, strange things start happening in the usually peaceful forest. Hard times and disappearances create fear and desperation. Out of the shadows comes a dark, mysterious lion named Dastarius to offer his services and play the hero. But his past is just as shadowed and uncertain as the King and Queen's sudden fiery death.

Saderia doesn't know who or what to trust, but she is desperate to find the truth about the past. She's willing to do anything to get it.

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ISBN-13: 9781469902630
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/28/2009
Pages: 340
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.76(d)

About the Author

Sarah Renée has loved writing from an early age. She has been writing short stories since the age of four and at the age of ten, she came up with the idea for The Tiger Princess. She wrote the novel when she was twelve. She is fascinated with wild animals and the wild world outside her home, and has an obvious great love of tigers. She enjoys spending time with her cats, reading, drawing and playing her violin when she is not writing. In her free time, she is constantly daydreaming about her many characters, creating new ones, and coming up with interesting adventure story ideas. She is thirteen years old.

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Tiger Princess 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
SueMaynard-Author More than 1 year ago
Orphaned as an infant by a tragic fire which claimed the life of her royal parents, Saderia the tiger princess is being raised by her aunt and uncle, while learning how to be a "proper princess". Saderia is bored with her sheltered royal life, and dreams of being free to choose her own path and make her own decisions. She has no close friends to hang out with, so she instead loses herself in books and daydreams. When Saderia begins to have vivid nightmares of events past that she could not possibly remember with any accuracy, and visions containing clues to her future, she finds that she misses the parents she never knew all the more. Her desire to learn more about them leads her on a quest through secret doors and beyond a long-ago plot to take down the monarchy, all the way to an ancient prophecy in an adventure which grows to encompass the entire forest, and all of the animals within it! Author Sarah Renee captures the voice and thoughts of a strong-willed, independent and curious ten-year-old girl so perfectly that it is easy to forget that she herself was only 12 when she wrote the book!
LisaMaddock More than 1 year ago
The Tiger Princess, the first book in the Saderia Series by this talented young author, is an action and adventure tale which will appeal to middle grade readers. The story, which begins with a vivid dream of a deadly fire, takes place in the forest - a forest which is ruled by a royal family of tigers. In this forest, the highest power is held by the queens. The main character, ten-year-old tiger Saderia, is a princess being groomed to eventually take on her fated position as queen. Saderia, far from leading a perfectly pampered life as a princess, is experiencing confusion and growing pains. Her parents were killed in that deadly fire she dreamed of and she is being raised by an aunt and uncle who do not understand her or allow her to be who she is. She begins questioning things and also struggling against a desire to be who she is versus doing what is expected of her as a member of that royal family. Longing for information about parents she never knew, Saderia's adventure begins. The story quickly pulls readers into mystery and intrigue as Saderia begins her quest for information about the fire and about her mother. There are vivid dreams (or are they visions?), secret passages, locked diaries and doors - and the plot thickens. Was the fire an accident? Who can she trust? Check it out!
mting More than 1 year ago
Saderia is a young princess tiger who is forced to grow up quickly after the death of her parents. Her foster parents, aunt and uncle, teaches her the ways to become a proper princess, but she feels discouraged because they do not understand her. Later, she discovers secrets relating to the fire and distrusts those around her. The author does a great job portraying a tiger princess who just wants to be treated like anyone else. I became attached to Saderia and cared for her well being. This story is about self-discover and this young author is amazing. It is a well written book that is descriptive and suspenseful. I'm sure book two will be even better because the first one was very impressive!
klouholmes More than 1 year ago
Princess Sederia belongs to a world where she lives in many ways like a girl though she has paws and the intent curiosity that opens up the secrets of her parents' death in a fire. At first, she lopes in and out of the palace, giving excuses to her aunt and uncle, the royals now, while she investigates. It's as if her tail begins to curl as she slips behind doors to find keys and her mother's diary. As the story develops, the princess must use even more tigerish methods in her distrust of her parents' adviser, the lion Dastarius, and in her suspicions about her aunt. I relished the way she becomes more tigerish as she roams the forest and eventually fights Dastarious. From Queen-in-training, her fiery dreams lead to her finding kidnapped animal children. Sarah Renee has done more than an accomplishment for her teenage years. She has entertained and created characters who are tiger-like while involving the human reader. This is carried through with a steady balance and flow in the writing. The princess sniffing out betrayal leads to cleverly handled turnabouts. This would be a satisfying book for young readers and an entrancing one.
KEELY Adams More than 1 year ago
I love it so much.
lilchicky80 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book! Full of secret passages and dungeons, it is a book I would loved to have had the chance to read as a young adult. The story, setting, and scenery depicted reminded me of a cross between Avatar and The Chronicles of Narnia so if you enjoy either of those movies/books I feel confident you will like this book. The author did a really good job portraying the trials and tribulations of life as a young adult (a royal one, no less) and the main character, Saderia, was portrayed as a positive role model which I find somewhat lacking in today's world. There was plenty of mystery and intrigue to keep me reading it as well as enough characterization to make you care about what happens to the main players in the book. The end of the book gave enough closure to satisfy those that need it and yet there was an opening in which you know there is more to come for Saderia. I'm very impressed with this young author's work and I can't wait to read the sequel!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldnt give this 5 stars because I hated the part where she uses a computer, and an alarm clock. Since when did tigers use those. I liked it when its more back then like the animals using doors and dungeons even though animals normally never use those. If she never used electronics in this story, I would have definetely given this a 5. Everyhing else was perfect!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was the very best book i ever read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book. I'd absolutely read it again
Trini- More than 1 year ago
The debut title from Sarah Renee, "The Tiger Princess" is the first in a series of stories geared towards middle grade readers starring a courageous young princess named Saderia. These delightful books depict youthful, humanized animals as they struggle against the elements of nature, and face the challenges of growing up. Children can easily relate to the engrossing saga of Saderia, while learning worthwhile life lessons, and enriching their imaginations. The heartbreaks and hardships which Saderia encounter on her journey ultimately help to build her strength, and fill her spirit with courage. The main character is a wonderful role model, particularly for little girls. Miss Renee, who brought this story to life at the tender age of 12, lovingly instills her tiger princess with a grace, determination, and powerful voice. Both author, and character display a wisdom seemingly beyond their years. Over the course of the story, some of the valuable insights the princess comes to discover include: "Life is all about taking chances. Life is lined with pain and grief, but it does not always hurt to let someone in.", and, "When you open yourself to love someone, they can hurt you, but they can also help you." Saderia realizes "Good leaders always have to make tough decisions, but you have to look deep within yourself to make the right choice.¿ These and many other important truths are embedded throughout this engaging unique tale. I happily recommend this title for boys and girls under the age of twelve. With the holidays upon us, be sure and pick one up as a stocking stuffer, or Hannukkah gift for your favorite little reader!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was awesome! I just can't wait until I read the next one!
MagdaM More than 1 year ago
Saderia is a teenage tiger princess who lives with her aunt & uncle in the Royal House. Her aunt and uncle have been looking after her since her parents died in a huge forest fire. She uses computers, a library and has private tutors coming to teach her every day. Saderia is simply being brought up to be a perfect princess by her aunt Cia. However, she doesn¿t feel that she needs to wear expensive jewelery or speak correctly to be a good princess. Unfortunately her aunt disagrees with that and Saderia needs to study and do all the things she won¿t need, according to her judgement (sounds very familiar to me. In fact it sounds like me & my school). Princess Saderia is a curious kid, full of passion and adventure in her heart. She also has very vivid dreams that seem to be verging on the reality. One day lead by her curiosity she decides to go exploring around the house. To her greatest surprise she founds more than she could ever dream of. Her life is turned upside down when... ¿The Tiger Princess¿ is a fantastic book about finding your own strength and path in life and letting your intuition & gut feelings come to the surface. Sarah Renee did wonderful job at personifying tigress¿ character, filled with many human features. Her understanding of young Saderia¿s psychology is phenomenal. While reading ¿The Tiger Princess¿ I was able to identify with the emotions & fears the characters were going through. I would recommend the book to young people age 9-14, parents (epecially if they would like to understand their children better), librariens & teachers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago