Tiger Tales: The Story of the Paradise Village Bengals

Tiger Tales: The Story of the Paradise Village Bengals

by Deborah Scott


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What would it be like to raise a tiger? Graziano Sovernigo, the owner/developer of Paradise Village found out when he took delivery of a tiger cub seized from a drug lord. Since many Mexican resorts exploited exotic felines as a way to attract tourists and entertain guests, this story could have had a tragic end. Instead, Sovernigo and the dedicated staff who shared his vision, created a paradise for their eventual family of Bengal tigers.

The years that followed were full of hard work, research, hope, heartache, laughter, panic, and plenty of love to go around. Paradise Village played an important role in widening Mexico's Bengal gene pool by producing healthy, genetically sound tigers for zoos and compounds throughout Mexico. This inspiring tale looks at the personalities and eccentricities of these tigers...as well as the devoted landscapers, housekeepers, security guards, golf course workers, and others who bottle-fed cubs, ensured the health of the adults, and educated resort visitors on the plight of the Bengal tiger.

Tiger Tales features full color photos of the Paradise Village tigers including many pictures of the cubs taken by Director of the Breeding Program Jesus Carmona and his wife Mary, as well as photos taken by staff, friends and family.

There is also a section titled "Heard at the Cages," which addresses the most frequently asked questions, and corrects misconceptions visitors have about tiger behavior, care, feeding, and the feasibility of returning these beautiful animals to the wild.

Tiger Tales: The Story of the Paradise Village Bengals is a tale worth telling and a story worth reading.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780983917908
Publisher: Aventura Press
Publication date: 02/29/2016
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.51(d)

Table of Contents

1-Leoncio, The First Tiger in Paradise; 2-The Economics of Extinction; 3-The Bengal Program's Human Cast of Characters; 4-Graziano Sovernigo; 5-Jesus Carmona; 6-Mary Carmona; 7-Gonzalo Calderon; 8-Alberto Cervantes; 9-Juan Diaz; 10-A Mate for Leoncio: Finding Casimira; 11-The First Cubs Arrive in Paradise Village; 12-Cats in The Jungle; 13-Tiger Saves Man's Life; 14-Life with Diego; 15-Diego and the Great Escape(s); 16-Babes in Paradise (photo montage); 17-The Arrival of Khan; 18-The Science of Extinction; 19-Zookeeper Down!; 20-Mary Meets Nala; 21-Living La Vida El Tigre; 22-Lluvia's Kodak Moment; 23-Lluvia Meets Daddy's New Girlfriend; 24-A Tragic Mistake Is Made; 25-Daisy, the Sweetheart of Paradise; 26-Nap Time (photo montage); 27-Chloe is Born; 28-Carmona's Condo that Same Night; 29-Chloe's Brush with the Law; 30-Chloe's Identity Crisis; 31-Living in a Fish Bowl; 32-Chloe and the Paparazzi; 33-Chloe Becomes a Working Girl; 34-For Zoe; 35-The Perils of Miscommunication; 36-Chloe is Transferred; 37-Ecology of Extinction; 38-Heard at the Cages; 39-Fierce Predators (photo montage); 40-Author's Update, 2015; 41-References

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