Til the Boys Come Home

Til the Boys Come Home

by Jerry Borrowman
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Til the Boys Come Home 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book 'Til the Boys Come Home is a book about a group of kids in the same young mens group and how they grow together and eventually most of them go into world war one. I really like this book because unlike a lot of books involving war this really set up the war and their friendships before the war. Half or more than half of the book is about how their friendships grow and that affects a lot of what happens in the book. I also liked the book because it is really easy to get into the story catches your attention early. The story helps you get to know each character and their personalities. You come to love the main characters and see what they will do for each other. Danny is a nice kid with a dad that doesn't show much love toward him. He meets Trevor, a kid that drives fast and wants to fly. The book shows what a lot of people thought about world war one in the way that they thought that it would end soon and that they may not get their chance. When the boys go into war they are split up and it shows their stories of the war. I like how the book showed how things were inside that time period and I compare it to the way it is now. This book had a lot of action but it really went in depth of the young mens lives. I would suggest this book to anyone that like to learn about the history of wars and the way the wars were fought. For example the Way world war won was fought was in the trenches this book takes you inside the trenches and even through the eyes of a marksman. It also takes you to the skies where the planes were dog fighting and helping the troops below. This writer has a unique writing style and I would love to read more of his books. He takes a disastrous thing like war and takes it to a more personal level. The characters really will get to you. The thoughts that go through Danny and Trevor's mind are usually not about them, they are always trying to help others and each other. I believe that the other was trying to put the point across that friendships last forever and in hard times(War) your friends will still matter most. This book is a moderate read and is not full of vocab that is hard or too easy to understand. I think that this book is mainly about being courageous and knowing how to help each other and ones self. This book is a great read and is about an interesting subject I suggest everyone to read this book. In this book you will not only find a good read, facts about WWI, and a understanding of the characters, but you will find your own meaning of the war and the book. But to find that meaning you have to read and find out.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A novel set in WWI, 'Til the Boys Come Home is a book about courage, selflessness, and forgiving oneself. Actually, it's about many things, things that can only be discovered through reading its pages. It is a story of healing, and it deeply touched my soul. This novel made me think, think about myself, about my family, about the world. I like it because it is a great experience. I might not be able to actually be in the trenches or the plane. But this book explains the details of the war so exquisitely that I am surprised that I am not still in the battle scenes. I guarantee that if one reads this book, he/she will find a treasure far greater than anything anyone can find.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Til the Boys Come Home is a an intriguing blend of authentic history from the period 1910-1920 and historical fiction. It tells the story of five boys who grow up in rural southeastern Idaho. Two become best friends and eventually wind up in France, Dan in the trenches as a sniper and Trevor as a pilot. Set in the early days of aviation, the battle scenes are realistic, the drama intense, and the story very poignant. It has some moments of genuine surprise. An interesting read for anyone interested in World War II, since that war grew out of the earlier conflict.