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Tillie's Tale (Magical Drool Mysteries)

Tillie's Tale (Magical Drool Mysteries)

4.8 5
by Mindy Mymudes

Who is the mysterious ghosty haunting puppygirl Tillie? And why? George, the magical basset hound familiar is on the trail.


Who is the mysterious ghosty haunting puppygirl Tillie? And why? George, the magical basset hound familiar is on the trail.

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MuseItUp Publishing
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Magical Drool Mysteries
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522 KB
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9 - 12 Years

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Tillie's Tale (Magical Drool Mysteries) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
KittyMuseBookReviews More than 1 year ago
George the Basset Hound is, in his own words, “an amazing familiar who is in a perfect hound body…a sleek, smart, and gifted scenting machine.” He has to be in this book. The family’s new puppygirl, Tillie, has attracted a very strange companion–a ghost. The specter seems harmless enough, but just to make sure, George’s packmate (otherwise knows as Karly) enlists her Auntie Heather to help find out why this ghosty-girl has attached herself to them. Auntie Heather, a greenwitch, agrees to help Kayla (who is a witch in training) seek out the reason behind why the ghost has not moved on. And, of course, George’s abilities are crucial to tracking down that reason. They couldn’t do it without him. Just ask him… ♦♦♦♦♦ This was such an entertaining book! Told from the viewpoint of the Bassett Hound, witch’s familiar, and all-around perfect dog (again, just ask him), it is full of life from the viewpoint of a canine. Everything has a smelltaste, and whatever passes in front of his nose is fair game for sniffing and/or eating. And speaking of passing…what comes from his other end is something in which he also has great pride. I have to love this dog. He is so full of himself. The way he sees his actions and how he perceives others’ view of him is so like – sorry – people. He loves his “peeps”, but swears that they never feed him. A great nose for sleuthing, but a terrible memory… And an attention span that is as short as his legs. SQUIRREL!! As to the story–it is an absolute page-turner. I loved it!
DavidMc1 More than 1 year ago
As a tutor at an elementary school I was delighted when I read George Knows, the first book in this series, and was able to recommend it for the kids. (As well as the teacher's). I am even more happy that the new book, Tillie's Tale is just as easy to recommend. Mymudes has kept the same charm and fun that came with the first book and expanded on it for her second in the series. George the Basset Hound is just as fun this second time around as he was the first time. He makes the perfect familiar for the young witch of the story while they try and solve this new mystical mystery. George provides many a laugh and excitement for the kids and the adults too. It is not always an easy thing to do in young adult fiction, or children's. Tillie's Tale works all around as did the predecessor. We can only hope Mindy Mymudes will continue this series for our enjoyment. George and his peeps rock!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
raesv1 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed getting to know Tillie. When I saw that there was another one after George Knows I was worried this one wouldn't have George in it and since I fell in love with George in the first book I just couldn't imagine a book without George. I shouldn't have worried, this book is still all about George and of course he wouldn't have it any other way. You still get to know Tillie through George's eyes and now I love her too. In this book a little ghost girl follows Tillie home and it's up to George and his "girl pup" Karly to figure out what the ghost wants so she can finally rest. This was a great little mystery book for kids or for adults who enjoy a kids book ever once in a while. I still love George's personality and the way he's always starving to death even though he just ate. I hope there will be more adventures in the future for George, Tillie, and Karly.
knobren More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the first book in the Magical Drool Mysteries, George Knows, so I had to get Tillie's Tale when it came out.  I have to say that I liked George Knows better, as it had a plot that I found more interesting.  While I enjoyed Tillie's Tale, I felt that it didn't quite live up to its potential.   As in the first book, I enjoyed the narration from George, the basset hound's, point-of-view, although I did get a little tired of his constant hunger.  I just felt that there was a better mystery in the first book.  We didn't know what was causing the problems, but once we did, its motivation was pretty clear. However, in this story, there is a ghost girl right from the beginning.  The mystery here is why she is around and what can they do to let her spirit find peace.  It doesn't take too long to figure out who she is, when she lived, and what she died from, and the author uses this information to teach the reader a bit of history and medical science and makes an adventure out of exploring an old attic and speaking with an elderly woman.  That part was great!  However, I didn't feel like the ghost really got closure.  I didn't anyway.  On top of that, I felt like most kids might not understand the dog agility training that George was describing in the scenes at the park.  I didn't know what one of the things was that he was talking about, and I'm an adult, who at least has an inkling of the sport, even if I don't watch it.  George went there looking for a dog that he wanted as a girlfriend a couple of times, but he didn't really get to interact with her.  I guess it was supposed to build anticipation for a future story, but it seemed to be a distraction from the story here without actually going anywhere.  Also, I thought at times we were going to get a bit more character development of George's "Girlpup", the young witch Karly, but we didn't. Overall, I felt like there was a lot of underdeveloped potential here that a better story editor might have helped with.  Also, there were a couple of Matrix-type moments when the same thing happened twice, but the grammar and spelling were good.  I really would like to see another book in this series.  There is plenty of potential here: humor, mystery, magic, adventure, family dynamics, history, responsibility, pet care, and more.  Seriously, Drool Rules!  Aroooo!