Time After Time

Time After Time

by Sue Haasler

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Remember the 80s? The batwing jumpers, the puffball skirts, the dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards hair? Cass Thomson does - from the heavy eyeliner to the hits of Spandau Ballet it all feels like yesterday...

Cass is intrigued and a little frightened when she receives an invitation to a school reunion. If she goes, there's a possibility that she'll meet Gideon Harker, the boy she adored from the age of 13 with the desperate intensity of first love. From his bleach-blond hair to his punk boots, Gideon was her ideal man, and she's never met anyone to match him, not even now she's running a minor stately home and perfectly content with her sports journalist boyfriend Greg.

It's dangerous to go back and see what might have been: what if Gideon is no longer the romantic, soul-searching, green-eyed charmer she remembers, but a balding, beer-bellied, nine-to-fiver? But Cass just can't help herself...

A delightful romantic comedy from the author of Two's Company.

'Funny, realistic and romantic. I loved it' - Katie Fforde

'A gorgeous, intelligent, warm and funny book' - Christina Jones

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BN ID: 2940148660255
Publisher: Sue Haasler
Publication date: 09/04/2013
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Sue Haasler lives in London with her husband and daughter. She is currently working on her next novel.

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  A Night To Remember‘He’s not worth it, Shaz. Don’t give him the satisfaction of crying about him, the bastard.’‘I’m going to kill that Julie.’‘Don’t give her the satisfaction, Shaz.’‘I’ll never know what he sees in her anyway.’‘Well, she’s a slag, isn’t she?’‘He’s welcome to her. I never fucking liked him anyway.’‘Course you didn’t, Shaz, you’re worth fifteen of him. And that Julie.’‘You’re worth a hundred of that Julie.’‘How could he do this to me? I want to die!’‘No, you don’t, Shaz. Dry your eyes. You’re going to go out there, hold your head high, rise above it. That’s what you’re going to do.’‘I’m gonna rise - burp - above it. After I’ve given that Julie a good twatting.’

I ducked my head to check my makeup in one of the slightly-too-low mirrors. There was a familiar smell of Jeyes Fluid and pine disinfectant, with a hint of cigarette smoke that, frankly, had no right to be there. The door swung open and the sound of ‘Fade to Grey’ by Visage surged louder.‘Cass! There you are,’ Heather said. ‘I’ve been looking all over the place for you. Alison and Pete Bog have just arrived.’‘This is weird, isn’t it?’ I said. Heather was studying her hair from every angle, bent at the knees like a downhill skier so she could see in the mirror. ‘Everything seems smaller. Even the toilets and the washbasins.’‘We were smaller last time we were here. I know my thighs were.’‘I was just thinking about the way there always used to be someone crying in the toilets at the end of a night out.’‘It was usually me,’ Heather said.I laughed. ‘I can’t remember a single time when it was you in tears.’ She’d always been one of those golden, charmed people. If we’d been brought up in America, Heather would have been the prom queen, class president and chief cheerleader.‘There’s a first time for everything. Anyway, come on.’ She checked her hair one last time. ‘Alison has brought a load of photographs, and there’s a hilarious one of you and Punky Harker in full Love-Will-Tear-Us-Apart mode.’I followed her out into the long corridor that smelt of floor-polish and a whiff of tea-towels from the domestic-science room towards the sound of Duran Duran singing ‘Wild Boys’.The reunion was warming up. A dozen or so people were even trying to dance in a disjointed fashion, looking like their dads. We rejoined the group we’d been sitting with earlier, a disorderly queue of Heather’s admirers past and present waiting for their turn in her spotlight.A small, brown-eyed woman detached herself from the gaggle and smiled at me. ‘Hi, Cass.’‘Alison!’ We hugged each other - she was a rounder, softer version of her former tiny self - and Heather hovered nearby, ready to hug both of us all over again. When we’d finished hugging, Alison introduced me to her husband Pete, a man who was handsome yet strangely inert. I saw Heather mouthing the word ‘Bog’ at me over his shoulder and tried not to laugh. Then Pete was promptly, and all too easily, ignored while Alison, Heather and I huddled in a corner and had a good gossip about old times.‘Show her those photos,’ Heather prompted, and Alison took out a brown envelope full of over- or under-exposed snapshots of various combinations of us with assorted but invariably horrible hairstyles: Alison, Heather and myself at a fancy-dress party as Bananarama, complete with little skirts, big earrings and bandannas; at the Pleasure Beach on a day trip to Blackpool; on a school trip to Chester Zoo; in various dingy places I could no longer remember.‘Look at this one, Cass - you’ll die!’I took the picture from her. There I was in my seventeen-year-old glory, thinner and a lot more sulky-looking, with short, fluffed-up, dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards hair. I was dressed entirely in black: a tiny flared skirt over black leggings, Dr Marten’s boots and a baggy, oversized T-shirt that bore the washed-out legend ‘Oh Bondage Up Yours’. And standing next to me in the picture, with his arm draped across my shoulder, was Gideon Harker. Six feet four, as thin as a rake, his hair a mixture of black and growing-out bleached blond, his gorgeous green eyes circled with eyeliner. I suddenly felt all emotional.‘That was his T-shirt,’ I said, remembering the soft, washed-thin feel of it.‘Oh, bless them, they even wore each other’s clothes! It must have been true love!’ Heather laughed.‘I wonder if he’s coming? Has anyone seen him?’ Alison asked.I’d been looking around for him ever since we arrived - really he was the only reason I was there at all.TIME AFTER TIME. Copyright © 2002 by Sue Haasler. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.

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Time After Time 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was so sweet! the title refers to the song time after time by cyndi lauper. the story was basically about this girl cass who is now in her thirties.okay well Cass gets an invite to her high school reunion, at first she doesn't think of going, but then she starts to remember her high school days with gideon basically this kid who was wild and basically a rebel. As the story goes on cass begins to remember her days with gideon.in high school they were very close , but that all ended in graduation when he informs her that he is going to be leaving.Hurt cass yells at him 'you're leaving me!' they promise to stay in touch, but time passes and before they know it it has been twenty years. Cass decides to go to the reunion, but she is troubled when she realizes that gideon doesn't show up troubled with nostalgic memories of their past she decides to search for him. When she finally finds him she is thrilled... but he seems bitter and unkind. nothing like the gideon she remembers... will they restart the friendship they left behind or realize that time is stronger than what they had? read it to find out!
Guest More than 1 year ago
In the London vicinity, Cass Thomson is struggling to come up with a fiscal plan that will save historic Coltsfoot Hall, a former family manor converted into a museum before realtors kill history again by turning the place into the latest sprawling development. If she fails not only will the former manor house be gone and she out of a job, she will need a place to live as she resides inside the museum........................... Already feeling stress, her anxiety goes off the scale when she receives the invitation to her high school¿s fifteenth anniversary reunion because it brings back memories of the early 1980s and poster bad boy, her boyfriend, Gideon Harker. Though she is seeing a soccer crazed sportswriter the thought of an adult version of Gideon makes her heart pound. Gideon is a hunk who happens to dabble with high finance (will wonders ever seize!). However, he has troubles as the law believes he has committed fraud and a detective plans to prove so even while Cass and Gideon renew their teen relationship............................ TIME AFTER TIME is an entertaining contemporary romance with loads of references and tidbits especially to the early 1980s (each chapter begins with a song title- felt like a decade top 100). The story line is amusing and nostalgic when Cass reflects Dickensian like back to the worst and best of times of her life and readers meet Gideon and a fine supporting cast of reunion attendees. The fraud subplot with its Clouseau -Girard hybrid detective seems unnecessary and takes away from a fun lighthearted second chance romance filled with tidbits from the first time around.......................... Harriet Klausner