Time Donors Wanted

Time Donors Wanted

by Russell Scott
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Time Donors Wanted by Russell Scott

TimeDonors Wanted - Synopsis

"If you could have a one-time affair with someone you'd never see again, and no one could ever find out, would you?" That is the question.

Jarvis Sloan was an Internet success story. He'd left a thriving private practice as a psychiatrist specializing in sexual medicine in San Diego to form LifeSolutions Seminars. Ironically, it isn't just Jarvis's patients that are suffering. His own marriage is a hollow shell. He loves his wife Sharon, when he isn't hating her, and he loves his sons unconditionally.
Jarvis convinces himself that there's only one way to deal with his growing frustration, affairs. While they may be an answer, they aren't necessarily a good answer or a safe one. So he tries to come up with a better answer. A site devoted to pairing people to meet one another's sexual needs on a one-time basis.
To avoid any chance of detection he hides the site inside a self erasing server, no notes, no phone calls, no electronic footprints, nothing. It's a direct connection to another person willing to donate their time to help meet your needs. All information about both parties is erased from the embedded server every seventy-two hours. Making any connections made inside the server impossible to trace.
What starts as a small idea for a limited number of people, is quickly magnified and transformed by the power of the Internet, generating $60 million in its first two years of operation.
Willie Weeks, retired from the military six years ago, now he's the new guy in homicide, at the Phoenix Police Department-he should have just stayed in Burglary, but he didn't. His introduction to homicide, however, wasn't looking too promising. He'd already messed up his first case. A mistake that got somebody killed. That screw up put him under the gun. His next case is a murder at a motel on the outskirts of Phoenix, a paper-goods salesman from Muncie, Indiana. Somebody's left him naked and dead in a puddle of his own blood in a downtown motel room.
Robbery wasn't the motive because his jewelry, wallet, and more than a thousand dollars in cash are still on the nightstand. At first glance it appears that he died from a blow to the head, but when the victim is rolled over it's obvious that he's been stabbed multiple times, in both kidneys, a technique Weeks immediately recognizes. It's called a "sentry take-out" in the Special Forces community. The Medical Examiner confirms what Weeks already knows, but it doesn't bring anyone any closer to knowing who killed the man, or why.
Two weeks later, another man of about the same age is found lying dead between two cars in a parking garage on the other side of town. There's nothing to link the two cases, but when the Medical Examiner calls Willie with the cause of death, he knows that it's the work of the same killer. This time the killer used an archaic assassination technique that had been employed by the intelligence community during the first World War, a needle through the back of the skull. But this isn't a warrior's technique, it was developed for women, it allowed a female operative to quickly kill a man she was having sex with. Suddenly Willie has no idea who he's looking for, other than it's someone that 's obviously been trained at whatever it is that they're doing.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780985267117
Publisher: IsoLibris/China Grove Press
Publication date: 06/28/2012
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Russell Scott is a former naval officer. A Navy Diver who deployed as a member of the special operations community in the Middle East, Central America, and with such agencies as the Secret Service, the New York Police Department, and the Drug Enforcement Agency.
He is married with three children and lives in Jackson, Mississippi. He has worked as a screenwriter since leaving the Navy.

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Time Donors Wanted 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
recupefashion More than 1 year ago
This book is a suspense, murder, mystery and a some sex. Cheating on your spouse or mate has existed since God created man. We did not need Internet to help us do this. But in this book Jarvis the psychiatrist who creates the site to help out the couples stay together by cheating on the other mate, thinks he's found the answer. You enter the site and it is 100% secure, no names, and nobody can trace anything back to you. So you just meet up with the other person, have sex and leave and that's it you never see each other again. Great, no risk at all Until the bodies start piling up. And you're the last one that was at the scene of the crime each time. Things look really bad for you. What will you do? A great book, suspense, sex, mystery, great plot, The only complaint I have about this book, is in the end, it unravels a bit too fast as if they lacked in the story. Everything is just fine and then poof it's over, they could have taken their time a bit more, cause the tension was just perfect, and all of a sudden it's over , as if they didn't know how to end the book. I felt like I was making love and the guy just came too fast. What a deception. but over all I really enjoyed this book.