Time Is of the Essence

Time Is of the Essence

by Fort Lauderdale



Ollie Jacobs's ever-inventive Memphis Industries label follows the Blue States and Broadway Project full-lengths with one of the odder albums to have emerged from the post-folk subgenre that emerged from electronica in the early 21st century, and counts Four Tet and Pedro amongst its brethren. Taking their moniker from the novel A Tale of Debauchery and Drugs in Fort Lauderdale and their inspiration from everything from Satie to Roxy Music, Steve Webster, and Toby Jenkins, They are a little more serious in their follow-up to 1001 Revolutions for Worm Interface. The naïve melodies of '70s synth odyssey "Fixing Spaceships" are some contrast to the reversed guitar and vocals which shimmer into focus during "Flux 1912," but despite these occasional asides and plenty of odd titling ("Miami Girls in Slow Motion," anyone?), the album proves a studious examination of folk and bluegrass with a modern slant.

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Release Date: 01/01/2013
Label: Memphis Industries
UPC: 0666017023922
catalogNumber: 17


  1. We Ain't Got No Money Honey
  2. Down Cricket Lily Lane
  3. Time Is of the Essence
  4. Fixing Spaceships
  5. Miami Girls in Slow Motion
  6. Neon Nights
  7. Flux 1912
  8. Playboy's Demise
  9. Let's Go Here
  10. Twenty Years Ago
  11. Nausea
  12. Lot of Light a Lot of Shade

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