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ISBN-13: 9780897896412
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/30/2000
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.88(d)

About the Author

MARLENE P. SOULSBY is Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature, Penn State University, Worthington Scranton./e

J. T. FRASER is Founder of the International Society for the Study of Time.

Table of Contents

Perspectives at the Millennium: An Introduction by Marlene P. Soulsby

Hamlet's Castle in Cyberspace by J. T. Fraser

On Literature and Language

The Sadness and Beauty of Aging in Murasaki and Kawabata: A Thousand Year Bridge by Marlene P. Soulsby

Ten Soundbytes for the Next Millennium: Mutations in Time, Mind and Narrative by Paul A. Harris

Tomorrow Never Dies: Time, Poetry, and Politics in Europe and Latin America during the Twentieth Century by Javier Santiso

Imagining the End: Time Construction, Millenarianism and Personal Development in Autobiography and Bildungsroman by Charitini Douvaldzi

Time in Language: A Universal Grammar, Education, and Literature? by Rudolf W. Müller

On Music and Experience

Music, Evanescence and the Question of Time after Structuralism by Christopher F. Hasty

Some Temporal Implications of the Patterning of Mozart and Stravinsky in the Light of Recent Neurological Research into Spatial-Temporal Reasoning by Helen Sills

The Nows by David Burrows

On Behavior

The Duration of the Present by Rémy Lestienne

Psychological Time at the Millennium: Some Past, Present, Future, and Interdisciplinary Issues by Richard A. Block and Dan Zakay

On Society

From "Storied-Time" to "Clock-Time" in Economic Globalization at the New Millennium by Hoyt Alverson

New Times at the Workplace—Opportunity or Angst? The Example of Hospital Work by Karen Davies

Sociotemporal Emergence by Thomas Weissert

On History and Belief

Millennial Movements and Eschatologies in Europe and Asia: A Comparative Approach by Masaki Miyaki

A Comparative Study of Selected Physical and Religious Time Concepts by Lawrence W. Fagg

On Marking Time

Ancient Ideas in a New Setting: Chronos, Kairos, Chora and Topos in a Postindustrialized World by Hans O. Rämö

The Development of Ecological Consciousness in 6- to 12-Year-Old Children by Horst Schaub

"Lost in Time—Or, On Any Given Sunday" by Alexis Macon McCrossen

Quality Time by Donald Miller

Appendix: The Study of Time


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