Time Management for People with No Time

Time Management for People with No Time

by Mary E. Corcoran


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ISBN-13: 9781893544185
Publisher: Waldron, William Publishers
Publication date: 11/28/1999
Pages: 235
Product dimensions: 6.02(w) x 8.94(h) x 0.56(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Psychology of Your Time
Self Discipline for the Terminally Disorganized2
How Bad Habits Are Formed5
Rewarding Good Behavior8
Planning Your Long Range Goals11
Negative Thinking and Time13
The Top Ten Time Barriers16
Tracking Vanishing Time19
Priority Checks22
Shuffling Your Priorities26
Boosting Your Time Self Confidence28
Becoming Time Synchronized31
Four Time Myths34
Chapter 2Combating the Stress-Time Connection
Time Hassles38
Finding Time for Yourself40
Time Desperation Attacks42
Battling Work Boredom45
Taking Breaks to Rejuvenate47
Tie-In to Success50
Cracking Your Energy Code52
Reacting to Time Stimuli54
Overwork and Time56
Beating Work Burnout59
Juggling Tasks: Multi-Tasking Skills62
Sleep Time64
Chapter 3Procrastination
Symptoms of Procrastination68
Procrastination Ploys71
Instant Procrastination Excuses74
Battling Procrastination77
Five Steps to End Procrastination80
Procrastination and Priorities83
Great Escapes to Procrastination86
Dumping Procrastinated Tasks89
Chapter 4Fast Strategies to Cope with Time
Gaining Four Hours of Time94
Using Five Minutes of Time97
Finding Extra Time99
Time Pressure102
Jumpstarting Your Day105
Taking Time for Detail107
Interruption Time110
Three Major Time Robbers113
Waiting Time116
Memory Time119
The 80/20 Principle122
Chapter 5More Time Strategies
Time Detectives126
Controlling 50% of Your Time129
Bureaucrat Time131
Using Time Logs134
Getting Down To Work137
Time Bites140
Time Habituation143
Dog Days146
Remedial Time Management149
Time Planning: 60/20 Ratio152
Making Time For Innovation155
Banking Time158
Chapter 6Coping With Other People: Maximizing Your Time Use
Five Deadly Sins of Time Management162
Time Drains165
Being Late168
Time and Job Performance170
Criticism and Work Performance172
Saying No175
Communicating To Save Time178
Time for Bosss Day181
Favor Time184
Crisis Time186
Managing Your Boss189
Fire Fighting Time192
Chapter 7Quick Organization Strategies
The Clean Desk Imperative196
RX for Your Desk199
Paper Shuffling 101202
Four Rules for Organizing Your Possessions205
Re-Thinking Your Work Space208
Time for Clutter210
The Paper Glut212
Time Wasters214
Finding Filed Information217
Duplicate Time219
Paying for Time Help221
Datebook Dementia224
Demoralizing Datebooks227

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