The Time Management Pocketbook

The Time Management Pocketbook

by Ian Fleming


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ISBN-13: 9781906610371
Publisher: Management Pocketbooks
Publication date: 04/28/2011
Pages: 128

About the Author

Ian Fleming (1908-1964) was an English author, journalist, and intelligence officer. He is best known for his series of spy novels featuring MI6 agent James Bond codenamed 007. Many of the James Bond books were later adapted into movies and the film franchise continues to be popular to this day. Fleming's experience as a intelligence officer provided the background for many of the Bond novels. Fleming was also the author of the beloved children's book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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No Magic Answer

  • Time is passing us by; once it has gone it can never be replaced
  • The older one gets the quicker time seems to be passing
  • In truth there is probably no one skill or tool that will enable you to manage your time better.

    The time management model offers a useful range of skills; improvements in each will have an impact on how you spend your time.

    However, getting yourself organised and managing yourself will significantly improve your chances of managing your time ... so please read on.




    Most of what is contained in this book is common sense--but, alas, not common practice.

    Why is this?

    One explanation is that our behaviour is often guided by the amount of pleasure we gain from doing something.

    For example: we enjoy being driven by events, crises, fire-fighting. Sound time management techniques such as planning and prioritising take effort and often are not associated with pleasure.

    If we really want to improve, then we need to make a mental link between the effort involved and the pleasure that will come from working effectively.



    Basic Principles of Time Management

    Taking action:

    • For the right reasons: making sure that what you do is linked to your job or art objective (pp 7-11)
    • At the right time: because it is a priority (pp 12-14)
    • In the right way: by getting yourself organised (pp 15-31)

    What People are Saying About This

    David Backhouse

    Excellent and informative; usable in many ways - to help transfer into practice from a course, to help those who cant or wont attend a course, and to refresh the skills of those who are getting rusty.
    —( David Backhouse, Head of Training Europe, Price Waterhouse Management (of The Managers Pocketbook) )

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