Time Tested RECIPES of the AGES

Time Tested RECIPES of the AGES

by Emil T. Miller


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This is not so much a book of recipes per se, as it is a History Book of Recipes. Here is an eclectic mix of Recipes of the World - and could also be called Recipes of the Ages for that is what so many of them are - although some may not recognize them as such. This is because many are “country favorites”; dishes that most of us from Texas and the Deep South were raised on. They are at the same time both current and old, tried and true, forever young recipes, many little changed over centuries of time, which might not be evident unless doing the research that clearly reveals it. This book was originally begun as an effort to preserve the favorite, old-time and much loved recipes and memorabilia of two very different families who were brought together by marriage. Many of the “Recipes of the World” contained herein, are those which have sifted down to us over the centuries, gathered mainly from the settlers and descendants of two main areas of the United States: the Deep South, and the Texas/ Southwest.

The recipes of the Deep South are those brought to us by the European settlers along the Southeastern Seaboard, 85% of whom were Irish - and because of that these old favorites also reflect many much-loved favorites of England and the entire European continent time out of mind, i.e., the Food of the Peasantry. Food eaten by those in the Texas/Southwest also include these Deep South favorites (because it was was settled by people from the Southeastern states), but this book also contains the everyday old time favorites of the mass of other Texas settlers as well; the many Germans, Swedes, Czechs, Poles, and others. Indeed, the author’s Texas born wife is Czechoslovakian - and this not to mention the many original Texas settlers from Old Mexico, many who died at the Alamo fighting for independence. All the favorite “Tex-Mex” recipes are included along with some basic recipes which the Author collected while living for a time in the rurality of Mexico. Many have personal anecdotes as to how I came by them. Included also, are most of the basic favorites of California (Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese dishes), the Pacific Northwest, as well as the Midwestern and the prominently recognized regional recipes of the Northeastern states with all their different seafood chowders - and the eclectic mix of so many of the ethnic foods of such as Italy, Africa, the Middle and Far East, the Orient and many others from peoples all over the world. And let us not forget that emphasis is placed here as well, on the all-time favorite Louisiana Cajun Seafood Recipes that are included herein. Emil T. Miller

~ ~ One Man’s Life Collection of Recipes and Memories ~ ~

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ISBN-13: 9780974819471
Publisher: Emil T. Miller
Publication date: 03/15/2019
Pages: 556
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About the Author

Of Irish descent, Tony was born in a little cabin in the rural piney woods of Carroll County in the state of Georgia, attended public schools in Carrollton and Stone Mountain, and attended West Georgia College. Striking out alone for Texas and arriving out of gas but with $7.50 still in his pocket, he has since made his own way in life. He has lived and worked in five states and South America (and is currently living in Southeast Asia). He has traveled extensively in the West and Southwest, in Mexico and Canada, hunting , exploring, and researching historical Courthouse records. Early in life he sacked groceries as most young men do, served honorably in the U. S. Army, was an auxiliary police officer in Houston, and a wiper on an ocean-going freighter. He has worked in a printing office, an aircraft factory, managed a large motel with an exclusive nightclub, and was a heavy equipment operator as well as a journeyman tradesman and foreman who worked his way up in every trade involved in heavy engineering, petro-chemical, and multi-story high-rise building construction projects in Texas and South America.
At Austin Tony married a Texas girl, and together they raised three children. He was elected to the Austin, Texas Water District Board of Directors and was asked to serve three terms as president of the Optimist Club as he concurrently was a Little League baseball coach and player agent for three leagues. He became a Southern Baptist and served as a Deacon, Sunday School Superintendent, Teacher, and Youth Director.
Tony rose to construction Project Superintendent, to tenure as Vice President of a large company. with projects also in South America where he was also an undercover Government Operative and unlicensed pilot during the time Castro's man Che Guevarra was agitating for the Communists. Later with the Texas State Building Commission, he was the Chief Construction Estimator and Legislative Advisor, co-authored the Texas Handicapped Accessibility law, was the Governor's State Coordinator and Team Leader for all declared disasters occurring in Texas and otherwise worked as an Architect/Engineer designing State buildings and facilities.
Tony has been a partner in a construction inspection/estimating service, a real estate appraiser, bank Loan Officer, private construction consultant, developer of residential subdivisions,and built homes in his spare time. He has owned and operated a department store with auto repair and body shop, a sawmill, a suntan/fitness studio, two restaurants, an over-the-road trucking company, a snowmobile rental/touring business, a food catering business, and was a rancher/hunting guide/outfitter while living in Colorado. Tony has written engineering periodicals, constitutional Conservative political discourse in the form of guest editorials, op-ed articles, and has ghosted articles for notable columnists in national newspapers and written a memoir and five novels in the Historical Fiction/Adventure category. BY BRYAN MALOTT. [Bryan passed away, so I continue]]:
For the last 15 years I lived in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Viet Nam. I dived into a culture diametrically opposed to my own to learn all about it, and poked my nose into remote places forbidden to such as I, with reckless abandon.
Activities included helping Hmong refugees escape the communist regimes of Cambodia and Laos, and doing missionary work repairing remote Thai and Hill Tribe schools in the mountainous regions of northern Thailand.

I have helped small group[s of Hmong refugees (our valued allies during the VN war, still fighting for their freedom) carry their equipment and belongings as they fled the pursuit of the Cambodian Army, at one time with mortar and artillery shells landing nearby. During this time I broke my leg while living among them. I helped established a Christian Boarding School for Hmong Children in Chaingkhum, and a Christian Church in Chaing Rai.

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