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Time & Time Fields: Modeling, Relativity, and Systems Control

Time & Time Fields: Modeling, Relativity, and Systems Control

by Lyubomir T. Gruyitch


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Time & Time Fields: Modeling, Relativity, and Systems Control

What are the properties of time? How do they induce physical and mathematical relativity of time? Is the light seed invariant? How does it influence physical and mathematical relativity theory of time?
The book presents replies to these and other questions on the fundamentals of physics related to time. They follow from the nature, the properties, and the characteristics of time. They enabled us to discover the existence of time fields. They link new approaches to their control synthesis. They lead to two novel mathematical relativity theories. They show the general invalidity if Einsteins basic postulates and of the Lorentz transformation. Consequently, they show the invalidity of Einsteins relativity theory in general.
The properties and characteristics of time and the related full relaxation of the priori accepted constraints of Einstein's relativity theory lead to tow novel, consistent, either partially or completely, compatible mathematical relativity theories. They are respectively, Partial Compatible but Consistent (PCC) Relativity Theory, and Compatible and Consistent (CC) Relativity theory. They establish divers new coordinate, velocity and acceleration transformations, which are linked with the time fields. Their mathematical results reduce to those of Einstein's relativity theory in the singular case valid only under sever Einstein's a priori accepted assumptions lifted by Einstein to the uncontested postulates. The permit bigger speeds than light speed in the corresponding spaces.
The book addressed to everybody interested in time and in its relativity theories in general, and to teachers of, and researchers in all disciplines interactedwith time, in particular.
Dr. Gruyitch has also authored Einstein's Relativity Theory: Correct, Paradoxical & Wrong, available from Trafford Publishing.

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