Time to Move

Time to Move

by Crosby Loggins



Crosby Loggins won MTV's 2008 contest Rock the Cradle, a reality show where the offspring of celebrities faced off to prove who was the most talented, but it's fair to say that he had a leg up on the competition, as he was the only one fronting his own band and touring on a regular basis. Once he conquered Rock the Cradle, he was poised to move from the minors to the big leagues and so he did, signing with Jive, leaving his backing band the Light behind in favor of a set of studio pros directed by producer John Alagia, who helmed records by Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer. The latter makes a cameo on "Time to Move," the title track of Loggins' 2009 major-label debut, adding some thick, brown-toned blues fills that momentarily goose the album out of its sweet, sleepy sway. But the moment passes as quickly as the sprightly "Radio Heart" -- the only song on Time to Move that could conceivably bear that description -- leaving a lasting impression of Crosby Loggins as a too-sensitive soul, crooning candied words of love to a girlfriend whose heart he won a long time ago. Vocally, Crosby sounds closer to the son of James Taylor than Kenny Loggins, his friendly, warm, yet thin singing sometimes uncannily recalling a safer Sweet Baby James, something that gives Time to Move a slight classicist feel, even when the production has a bit of the modern immaculate, slightly chilly, touch of Coldplay. Of course, Loggins never indulges in the pomp and circumstance of Chris Martin; he's deliberately, proudly intimate, creating tunes on such a small scale they could happily float away, or at least be overshadowed by another music from a more demonstrative artist, perhaps someone along the lines of Jason Mraz. Loggins may indeed come across like a male version on the breezy charms of Colbie Caillat but that means he's pleasant, placid, and likeable which is, in the words of the album's opening song, good enough.

Product Details

Release Date: 07/14/2009
Label: Jive
UPC: 0886973354421
catalogNumber: 733544

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Crosby Loggins   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Matt Chamberlain   Percussion,Drums
Mark Goldenberg   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Guitar (12 String Electric)
John Alagia   Acoustic Guitar,Background Vocals,Wurlitzer,Tack Piano
Sean Hurley   Bass
David Ryan Harris   Synthesizer,Electric Guitar,Synthesizer Pads
Jesse Siebenberg   Guitar,Percussion,Electric Guitar,Background Vocals
Michael Chaves   Electric Guitar
John Mayer   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Soloist
Zac Rae   Keyboards,Woodwind
Chad Jeffers   Dobro
Dennis Hamm   Soloist,Tack Piano

Technical Credits

Walter Brandt   Composer
Jess Cates   Composer
Martin Harrington   Composer
Brian Scheuble   Engineer
John Alagia   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Kara DioGuardi   Composer
David Ryan Harris   Composer
Emanuel Kiriakou   Composer
Bill Brandt   Composer
Jesse Siebenberg   Composer
Glen Phillips   Composer
Tim Burlingame   Composer
Dennis Hamm   Composer
Joshua Marc Levy   Art Direction
Brett Dennen   Composer
Tobias Karlsson   Composer
Kathrin Shorr   Composer
Crosby Loggins   Composer
Seven Williams   Composer
Steve McMoran   Composer
Bill Brandt   Composer

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Time to Move 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
christinab More than 1 year ago
I love this cd and every single song on it! Crosby's voice is so smooth and bold and the lyrics are nothing short of incredible. This album gets me in a good mood every time I listen to it and I am able to relax while listening. It is a definite must have!
war_time_novelty More than 1 year ago
every month there's another crappy indiepuppet album chosen for the in store play. pete yorn, james morrison, matt hires are all ISP's B&N has had; and along with other forgotton names, they've all sounded EXACTLY THE SAME with almost no variation, sometimes the keys are even the same from month to month...it might be music but it's certainly not original or art. it's discomforting to know that so many people refuse to recognize such an obvious conspiracy. "HERE'S THE EASIEST STUFF TO MASS PRODUCE, IT WON'T OFFEND ANYBODY BECAUSE IT'S COMPLETELY DEVOID OF INTELLECTUAL QUALITY AND IT'S CATCHY AND REPETITIVE...LIKE DISCO." so there!
carolyn68 More than 1 year ago
I've been listening to Crosby Loggins new CD "Time to Move" over the past few weeks and I have grown in love with his music. My favorite song is "Seriously". The song puts me in such a good mood ~ whether I'm driving in the car, cleaning or cooking his music is so relaxing! My kids love him too! My family and I were playing Monopoly the other night and during the entire game my daughter was singing the words to the song Seriously. She was singing "She takes me way to serious" over and over. She didn't even realize she was singing and every so often she would catch herself. We were laughing about it because she couldn't get Crosby's song out of her head.
painted-rock More than 1 year ago
Can't stop listening to this CD! Songs are catchy, easy to listen to and sing along with. Find myself humming them throughout the day. Crosby said in an interview that this was intended to be more acoustically friendly and back-to-basics, and he succeeded. His music is reminiscent of Jackson Brown/Michael McDonald era music. Great CD!
BriannaCullen More than 1 year ago
I really like Crosby Loggins new cd, "Time to Leave". I decided to take a listen to it because it was on the in-store play but also because I like Kenny Loggins' (Crosby's famous daddy) music. This album is kind of country, kind of bluesy, and mostly soft rock. John Mayer makes an appearance on the album in the form on a lead guitar solo. My favorite song on the album has to be "Seriously", the second track. If you haven't heard this yet through the in-store plays, then go pick up the album. You won't be disappointed.
Kaylalovesmusic More than 1 year ago
This cd really has something for everyone. Crosby's voice is so strong and it such a different sound from anything I've heard before. I've been listening to this album non stop since the day I got it. His west coast style music is easy to listen to all the time. My favorite song on the cd is "Time to move." Not only is his voice incredible, but the instruments compliment it so well. I definitely recommend this to everyone who loves music with meaning and life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago