A Time to Rise (Out of Time Series #3)

A Time to Rise (Out of Time Series #3)

by Nadine Brandes


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ISBN-13: 9781683700463
Publisher: Gilead Publishing
Publication date: 10/14/2016
Series: Out of Time Series , #3
Pages: 399
Sales rank: 531,173
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Nadine Brandes writes stories about authentic faith, bold living, and worlds soaked in imagination. She lives in Missouri with her husband and works as a freelance editor. When she’s not writing, editing, or taste-testing a new chai, she is out pursuing adventures.

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I wake in a coffin.

The beep of my own flatline is fresh in my memory. What's going on? Where am I? Why am I ... not dead?

My arms press against walls of wood. My hot breath rebounds off the underside of the coffin lid, hitting my face. Flashes. Glimpses of memories. I can't remember. Something happened to me — something traumatic. Something powerful. My emotions are drained, but I can't pinpoint why I'm here.


I start. Nothing wakes me more than that voice. His voice.

"God, where are you?" I open my eyes wide, meeting only darkness. "Where am I?"


I am dying right now ... in this coffin. My very breaths tremble. Why can't I remember details?

Another burst of breath. My chest seizes. What woke me? I feel ... startled. Is it because I'm suffocating?

I'm suffocating!

The beat of my heart is frantic, like a trapped bird. My next inhale is thin. There's not much oxygen left in the casket. How long have I been in here?

How ...

... am I ...

... alive?

I flail and push against the coffin lid with my hand and stump. It groans like a slave beneath the weight of a hundred shackles. The cold seeps through the thin walls, through my clothing, and the creak of wood tells me I'm underground.

Deep underground.

My elbows and knees knock wood and bruise. I'm lost in my mind. Lost in a coffin. Who would bury me? Alive?


My own voice startles me, rebounding around my ears in this death box.

What do I do? God, what do I do?


The calm that floods my heart brings with it a distant recollection. The last time I lay in His peace, beneath the umbrella of His voice, I was dying. But He's woken me. For ... something. A last prayer, maybe?

Then they come, like a marching troop — memories parading across my mind:

I broke down a chunk of the Wall.

I helped free people from the United States of the East.

The Council captured me — us. Us ... Solomon, Elm, Frenchie, Kaphtor, Cap, Gabbie.

I am Parvin Blackwater.

Where is Skelley Chase, the Council member who helped kill me? Where is Solomon? Did he escape? He can't possibly know the Council buried me alive.

I'm alive.

With this thought comes a rerun of the emotions that abducted my heart the last time I was awake. Hope that my friends escaped. Peace in the sacrifice of my life for their sakes.

"I'm alive!" I laugh and then clap my lips shut. There goes more oxygen, but I'm not afraid. I should be dead, which means God had different plans. And that means ...

I'm escaping this coffin.

This is the second time in my life I've willingly embraced death, and both times God responded with, NOT YET. Giddy excitement fills my heaving chest with a thousand mini bubbles. What does He have in store for me?

I squirm in the space. It's roomy — not made for me. My feet hit something lumpy. Ugh, not another body! No, it's too small to be a body.

How does one escape a buried box? I don't have a nanobook to send a message for help. Besides, I have no idea where I'm buried. Help would be too late, NAB or not. I'm not strong enough to lift the dirt, but the Council probably buried me with haste to get rid of the evidence, so they might not have buried me down all six feet.

The Council. They think I'm dead. Once I escape, I'll be invisible to them.

I kick the lump at my feet again, snag it with my heels, and scoot it toward my torso. I need light! This darkness threatens to replace my shaky peace with fear. My knees hit the underside of the coffin, barely bent, but it's enough. I squirm to one side, reaching with my right hand — my only hand — for the lump. Fingers brush canvas.

My shoulder pack.

The Council had it searched and practically emptied when putting me in the cell. Yet here it is. All evidence is buried with me — at least, that must have been their plan. Good thing they didn't cremate me.

If Solomon managed to escape with the others, he's still out there spreading truth. My heart squeaks.


He thinks I'm dead.

He was so brave in accepting my choice to succumb to the Council's torture. For a moment, I allow myself to create a vision of the last time I saw his face. He was crying. Resigned. I mentally wipe the tears from his light skin, turn his squinted, teal eyes into open ones filled with hope and surprise.

I must find him. The man I love.


God. His voice. His presence in my mind reminds me why I'm here. I'm alive and fully His. I'm fully Yours. My agenda doesn't matter. I focus on obeying. Arising.

I hold my breath and reach, pressing my face and shoulder against the rough coffin wood. It creaks as I wrap my fingers around the pack strap. This coffin isn't Father's handiwork. It smells old and breakable. That's a plus.

The minus is that if it breaks, the dirt will cave in on me. I'll be suffocated before I can move. I'm already weak and light-headed. My chest aches.

I yank the pack up the side of the coffin until it's on my chest. The air grows thinner and my breaths more frequent. I'm tempted to panic, but then I remember why I'm awake.


I smile and fumble with the pack straps. They're tied tight. Without a left hand, it takes me twice as long to get them untangled. I can't angle my head to bite the knot where I need to. There must be something in here to help me escape.

The darkness presses on my eyes, mocking me. I'd laugh back in its face, but oxygen is too precious. I'm dizzy. Or I might be suffocating. Maybe there are still matches in my pack.

Oh! Silly me. I search for the thread-thin metal cord around my left wrist that's causing so much havoc in the United States of the East right now — the Clock telling me the day I'm supposed to die.

It's secure, but so light I barely feel it. With my thumb and forefinger, I press the thickest portion of the wire. A blue screen reveals my underground prison. The projected red Numbers that used to mean so much to me click down, virtually, second by second:

Parvin Brielle Blackwater


That's supposed to be the day I'll die. Thirty-one years, fourteen days, seventeen hours, blah, blah, blah. I don't believe a second of it. Besides, the word glowing beneath my ticking Numbers is what matters: OVERRIDDEN

That's why there's chaos in the USE. These new Clock inventions — stolen from Jude by the Council — have a glitch. They don't tell me my future. What the Numbers do tell me is that I was with the Council just over two hours ago.

I died as they tested my Clock.

The Council was afraid of that — I've proven their new system is flawed. They're going to have to admit it to the public eventually ... and pay the consequences.

If I was buried within the last two hours, the dirt above me will be fresh and loose. I hold my illuminated stump aloft, taking a good look at my situation. I look long at my healed wrist, no longer feeling heart pain because of my missing hand. Funny how a single year can change my perspective.

The lid of the coffin is bowed from the weight. Best to figure out an escape plan before I run out of oxygen. My stomach lurches. Maybe ... maybe God will let me die this time.

I fiddle with the pack flap again. My breathing accelerates and I close my eyes to steady my lungs. Be calm.

One flap comes loose. I thrust my hand into the pack and search. My fingers encounter fabric and fur — the skirt Mother made me. Within its folds, I find a small length of wood — the whistle Jude gave me before he died. Useless, but still sentimental. I blow it, its calm toot! too gentle. No one above ground will hear. As if anyone's up there waiting for me.

Next, my fingers brush over my thick Bible. The pages were waterlogged once, but now they're dried and still readable. The Council didn't know quality when they saw it, searching my pack. Too bad for them. They left me with the one tool that will make me stronger than the most powerful member of the Council — who is, hands-down, Skelley Chase ... followed closely by Elan Brickbat.

I continue the blind search and pass over my sentra — the camera-like contraption that takes emotigraphs — my last gift from Reid. Next, my fingers find The Daily Hemisphere electrosheet. Despite my curiosity at what the Council might be reporting regarding my "death" and the destruction of a Wall chunk, I move it aside and keep searching.

Nothing. Nothing else. Traitorous tears burn my eyes. What did I expect to find? A NAB to signal Solomon for help?

Among the nothingness is a realization that all my emotigraphs are gone — the thin snapshots of emotions taken during my travels to and from Antarctica, leading the people to freedom. Maybe Skelley or Brickbat will feel one of those emotigraphs and come one step closer to understanding my passion and calling toward shalom.

I pull out my Bible and let it rest on my chest. My pounding heartbeat bumps against it, hitting the palm of my hand as if reminding me I'm still alive and to not give up yet. My thumb flips the pages of the Bible in rhythm with my thoughts. The short whoosh of pages sends a breath of wind against my face, as if God is whispering to me: FEAR NOT.

"For You are with me." My thumb catches on a chunk of pages. I tilt my head and open the Bible to that section. I raise my wrist-Clock to see better by its glow. In between the pages, like a bookmark, rests a small silver square about the size and thickness of a matchbook. I pull it out with my thumb and forefinger. On the face of the silver square is a stick figure flexing his muscles.

"No way."

It's one of Wilbur Sherrod's shrunken enhanced outfits — the Brawn suit. I could kiss that silly Irish man for his amazing tech brain!

Didn't Solomon say that he'd snuck an outfit into my pack? I'd assumed the Enforcers found and took it. But no ... because of Wilbur's new addition of shrinking the suits to small squares, the Brawn outfit took refuge between the pages of my Bible — something no Enforcer will touch.

Their carelessness — and God's sneakiness — is going to save my life.

I laugh now. Loudly. Joyfully. At this point, I care not how much oxygen I use. The Brawn suit enables me to lift thousands of pounds. The moment it's on, escaping this coffin will be like climbing through six feet of cotton.

I set the matchbook on my sternum and press it, despite the achy twinge in my chest. Smooth material slithers across my body, spreading like the world's thinnest — yet most powerful — blanket. Super-strength, here I come.

The suit takes less than a second to cover me. It's secure over my body. With a twist, I roll onto my stomach, loop my left arm around my pack and then push my back against the underside of the coffin lid. It snaps and the foot of the coffin caves in.

Dirt pours into my space and I suck in a gasp of dust. I hold my breath against a cough and grip the strap of my shoulder pack.

I'm buried.

I'm suffocating.

But I'm in the Brawn suit.

I yank the collar of my undershirt over my nose and mouth. Should have done that earlier. The breath I take is small, but clean. I cough.

One more inhale, then I launch to a standing position. The movement disturbs the dirt — though I don't feel any resistance because of the Brawn suit. The dirt fills the coffin, giving me a small pocket of air to breathe before more falls around me.

I reach my left arm up. My right still holds my pack tight against my side. The stump of my left hand breaks through to the surface. I move it in circular motions, loosening up the dirt and claw myself free. The moment my head pops out, I wipe my face with my elbow and allow the coughing to take over.

I must be a sight. A handless, famous, "dead" Radical crawling out of a fresh grave. I scan my surroundings. Deep shadows stretch from tree trunks and gravestones onto the manicured grass around me. It's nighttime. No one is here. The only light comes from the Clock on my wrist. My tombstone is in front of my face. Blank.

How touching.

After catching my breath, I crawl the rest of the way out. I'm careful not to move too much. The medibot inside me has a tracker chip and I'm willing to bet Skelley Chase is watching the tracking screen, even two hours after my "death."

The dirt around me is still dark from fresh digging. I consider smoothing it out so it doesn't look like I escaped, but the two-foot depression from my collapsed coffin might just give me away.

I flop back on the ground and stare at the stars for a long time. Where do I begin with my thoughts? This is a new life. A new me. I died ... and now I'm alive again.

How am I alive?

Why am I alive?

The answer isn't a word or explanation. It's a feeling — a sensation of deep purpose so far beyond my understanding, yet pressed upon my heart.

God has woken me. I am fully and freely His, invisible to the enemy. I have a mission. My own desires barely tug my heart when set beside His calling. In fact, my desires start to parallel His calling. This is what it's like to truly surrender to Him.

Where do I go? I'm here. Send me.

"I knew you wouldn't die." I jump at the man's voice, mere feet away.

I launch into a sitting position and my wrist Clock illuminates two Enforcers resting against a thick Maple trunk. Long black cloaks concealed them in the shadows, but now I make out the backward E tattoos on their left temples. One is asleep. The other — the buzzed redhead with the prominent Adam's apple who, I think, helped Solomon escape — stares at me, eyes wide like mini moons. He straightens, as though trying to be brave, but he's trembling.

My eyes flick to the sleeping Enforcer.

"Don't worry about him," the Adam's-apple Enforcer says. "I can't wake him up. Yet I can't fall asleep. I figured it was because I was meant to see something." He gestures to me. "You."

What can I say? The Council placed guards at my grave. But the guards aren't hauling me off to the Council. That's a start.

"My name's Zeke, by the way."

"Hi," I croak. How to respond? He's an Enforcer, but he was in the room when I died. God, am I supposed to give him a special message or something?

Zeke readjusts against the tree. "Do you ... remember anything that's happened recently?"

It's like he knows about my struggle in the coffin to find my memories. "It came back slowly, but I think it's all there now. I ... The Council killed me, and my friends ... escaped?" Please say it's true.

"Strange." He shakes his head. "You remember things and ... you're not dead. Why is that?"

He didn't deny that Solomon and the others escaped. That's good enough hope for me. I shrug. "God still has things for me to do." I think of last time something miraculous happened — when the wound on my right hand healed over the course of a day in Antarctica. "And ... I have a medibot in me." "What do you think He has for you?"

I died in front of the Council because I needed to. My death proved to them the Clocks weren't accurate. Jude made sure of that when he tweaked the invention. But now ... what is my purpose? God's only woken me. I have no other direction. Should I go find Solomon? He's probably safer without me. My medibot is a tracker. I can't move.

"I'm still deciding." I'm just your everyday girl, crawling out of a grave and not sure whether to go save the world or take a nap. "But my medibot is tracking me. Skelley can see wherever I go. That's a problem."

"Oh." Zeke scratches his E tattoo and glances at the stars. "I don't think your medibot is tracking you anymore." He tilts his head. "This makes a little more sense now."

"What does?" My medibot's not a problem? Is the Council disbanded?

"Your medibot probably restarted your heart after neutralizing the pirate chip toxin. The higher-tech medibots are programmed to expel their last energy to restart one's heart. So it's dead, tracker and all."

Could he be right? Or might this be a trick? I lift my illuminated Clock. "I overrode my Clock, so ... I guess you're right. I must have died."

"You definitely died." His voice is tight. "I've never seen Council member Chase so silent."

Victory. "Wow, God," I whisper.

Zeke maintains my gaze. "I don't understand it — this God thing of yours." He runs a hand through his hair. "But ... I want to."

"Then you know Who to seek." I quirk a smile. "My 'God thing' started with a desperate prayer on a hospital floor, asking Him to do something with my life." Now look at me.

Zeke nods. I close my eyes and take deep, freeing breaths. It is astonishing where God's taken me since then. When I open my eyes, Zeke's head rests against the trunk of the tree, eyes closed and breathing deeply.


Excerpted from "A Time to Rise"
by .
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Excerpted by permission of Gilead Publishing.
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A Time to Rise 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
EA_Hendryx More than 1 year ago
A fantastic end to a thrilling series, A Time To Rise fulfills all of my hopes for the end--and beginning--of Parvin's story! From the very beginning with Parvin in book one (A Time To Die) to following her to the end of this book, it has been an emotional roller coaster of highs, lows, excitement, sadness, crazy miracles, and hints of romance. And yet, coming to the end, I really felt as if it was all "right". I won't go into much detail here since I don't want to spoil anything, but this third book will take you to places you never expected to go with Parvin, Solomon, and the rest of the unique and eclectic cast of characters. The storyline delves deeply into what it means to truly sacrifice. Skelly Chase is back as well, and proves to be a very interesting character. I think that's one of the things I admire most about Nadine's writing. She doesn't just make cut and dry characters, she creates whole people who are flawed just like you and I. It makes these characters real as well as it connects you to them in a way that is both beautiful and sometimes uncomfortable due to the depth of emotion you experience toward them. I really enjoyed the setting of this book as well. We see more technology included and I also noticed how the world we saw from Parvin's point of view expanded as she experienced more and grew as a character. While I'm sad to see the series end, the ending itself was really appropriate for the series as a whole. It left you satisfied with everything all tied up, as good endings do. I would definitely recommend this series to those who enjoy YA dystopian with a hint of futuristic-ness to their novels. It has a strong Christian theme to it, but this works well with the story. _______________ I received this book for free but was under no obligation to post a review. I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own.
TS1 More than 1 year ago
This was a great end to the series. I loved how Parvin and Solomon navigated the relationship waters and how Parvin was determined to be a better woman for Solomon's sake. What could be better? There were some heart-stopping moments and I may have shed a tear or two, but I made it through the reading, lol. And Skelly Chase...what can I say about everyone's favorite bad guy? Read the book!! Mwahahaha. Seriously though I don't want to give everything away so you'll need to read the book to find out if he's as evil as you think he is. Then there was Willow. Ah, poor sweet thing. She intertwined herself in my heart and book 2 about broke my heart, but book three made me cry. I love Willow and she reminded me of why I hate free will. Why do people chose to do bad. *sigh* There's a lesson in there worth reading, friends. My favorite aspect of this book is the way God is woven into the stories is so integral to the message, the read, the whole package. I've learned a lot about my faith as well as who He is just by reading these books. *I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. The review is my honest opinion.
JustCommonly More than 1 year ago
"Their carelessness - and God's sneakiness - is going to save my life." (Loc 119) I love that. It just makes me smile. A Time to Rise, an epic conclusion of Nadine Brandes' Out of Time series makes me smile, feel and think. It has it all. 1. Growth for many of our characters. Parvin, no doubt, being our main heroine have truly blossomed in her walk and faith in God and in others. Her development relationally, with Solomon, her mother, Tawny, Willow and even Skelley Chase have given me much satisfaction. Solomon's storyline may not be as pronounce as Parvin's, but his is just as gratifying and easy to relate. Being adopted, his doubts or rather his desire to be a true Hawke, along with finding out who he is individually makes him one of my favorite characters. Plus, he spoke one of my favorite lines in the whole series. Willow - ah. Such a young girl and what she endured and what hatred had done to her. Forgiveness vs sin is such a strong theme, and Willow's experience was the epitome of what it means. Plus the parallels Parvin pointed out on Willow & Elm's relationship to her and Solomon gives food for thought. Skelley Chase - honestly may be one of the top villains out there. Why? Because one doesn't know his true nature. What we see through Parvin's eyes (narration) can be so biased, as well as limited. Many times, I've asked "why?" when it comes to Skelley. 2. Journey - Nadine have taken us quite the ride from the very first book in the series, A Time to Die. In this one, we again travel to the world unknown, OK, maybe not unknown, but definitely not what we'd expect. You can never guess where this will take us. 3. Messages - Life, love, hate, faith, courage and forgiveness. There are so many things you can take away in A Time to Rise, one begs the question, "if it's your journey, (not can you, but) will you rise to the occasion?" "God can forgive anything. You are repentant. It will hurt, and it will take you a long time to heal but...you will heal. God will grow you." (Loc 5564) My friends, Out of Time series may have some disturbing violence such as lost of limbs, but there are no profanities, nor will you find the psychological horror that is prevalent in today’s media. This series connects with life, for ages 14 and up (including adults) to be challenged and encouraged, in addition to be entertained, as books should be. A Time to Die, A Time to Speak and A Time to Rise gives you all of that plus a little more in the meaning of love – love for family, for friends, for someone special and most importantly for our Lord God. Take the time to start this series from the beginning, with A Time to Die and be immersed with much more than a story. “He wants us to dwell on and seek Him. Then our decisions will be made from our love for and relationship with Him.” (A Time to Speak, 330) This review first appeared on Just Commonly blog. Disclaimer: I received a free digital ARC of this book. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A Time to Speak: *Parvin dies* A Time to Rise: *JUST KIDDING* Okay, so Parvin is back with God guiding her steps. She literally came up from the grave because He wasn't done with her yet. I love how much Parvin has grown throughout the series and though she has changed a lot since book 1, it hasn't been unrealistic. I loved her confidence in the Lord. It's amazing how when we let go of our own desires to serve God, He gives us the boldness to walk in His path. Parvin was definitely more bold, but not cocky. Spiritual boldness is much different then arrogance. In fact, it's quite the opposite, for to be truly confident in God, you must surrender your pride. I really enjoyed that message throughout the book. The plot was riveting and not at all what I predicted. in some ways I liked that, but in my Skelly Chase predictions, I wasn't as satisfied. Lots of plot twists, surprises, and awesome moments. Of course, just like the previous 2 books, the action was none stop and yet somehow Nadine managed to fit in character development, humor, sweet moments, and little things that really glued the book together. Nadine's writing has improved and I really felt myself drawn into Parvin's world even more so then the first one. Violence: shooting, beating, a dog attack in which everyone ends up okay. There are also some moments where a character deals with violent thoughts (said character couldn't help it). Language: zero Romance: one quick kiss. Can I just say, even though there was a love story, Nadine didn't feel the need to revolve the book around their relationship. It's hard to find a young adult book where the romance is clean, crisp, and cute without it becoming the center of the characters story. It was refreshing. Over all, A Time to Rise was a great ending to the Out of Time series, and I look forward to more of Nadine Brandes' work in the future!
angelroman More than 1 year ago
First impressions It's been two years, and finally it's the turn for A Time to Rise to be released. This book marks the final chapter in the Out of Time series by Nadine Brandes. I'm excited for this release and because if you liked the first two books, then you'll love this one. Warning: The Story section starts with some OBVIOUS spoilers, if you want to be completely safe, please skip to the Conclusion section ;) lol. Story A Time to Rise literally picks up the story where the last one left and we have Parvin trusting God against all odds. There's no need to wait for action, because right from the first chapter, there's a good dosis of adventure and persecution. Nadine Brandes successfully develops the story without feeling rushed of slow paced. The two main ingredients I liked the most from a Time to Rise are: First, there's a lot of action: persecutions, bombings, rescue missions, but thankfully they have a purpose as they help to untangle many of the unanswered questions left from the previews books (Jude anyone?). These action scenes are very detailed that you can feel as if you're watching Mission: Impossible with all the special effects. They're vivid, they feel real. And second, there's also a lot of internal dialogue between Parvin and God. Parvin starts to grow out of her relationship and trust in what God is communicating and out of what she's applying into her circumstances, just like in real life, lol. I liked the idea of God being present in our everyday life and the idea of us making God part of our daily life. And finally we have the ending. Please stand up and give an applause to Nadine for not rushing the ending as many authors do. I loved the way she started to build tension little by little to give me time to deal with the climax, and to give me time to deal with Skelley Chase being ________ by the end of the book (how? why?) Characters Parvin, feels stronger this time. Yes, she still has questions for God, but she also has more confidence on Him. On the other hand of relationships, her relationship with Hawke is part of the story (I mean, it has to be), but thankfully is not being abused to the point of distracting you from the main plot. I missed Willow, well... the old Willow. It was a character I liked from the very beginning and I was sad when I knew she wouldn't be the same. I think she had more potential as a character, but at least she's still present throughout the story. Skelley Chase, is a complicated character and when everything was finished I still couldn't figure out who he really was. I mean... how is that... why did he... was he always the good/bad/good/? guy?... Nadine did an awesome job bringing such a complicated character to life but also giving him such an unexpected ending. Conclusion It's hard to say good bye to the this series. Make sure to get the Out of Time trilogy if you're looking for an awesome dystopian story with great and easy-to relate characters but also if you're looking for a series that challenges you to live your life at its full potential. I received a free advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After nearly a year of waiting for this book to release, I thought I was ready for it. After reading the first two books in the Out of Time series, I thought I was prepared for any and all surprises this book could offer. I wasn't. This book carries just as much of a punch as the first two books. All the characters have grown and changed since the first book--even, perhaps, the villain?--and the main characters have to struggle to figure out how to live the way God calls them to live. The Christian themes in this book are very clear and uplifting while making you pause and think. The character development is very real and raw. The descriptions beautiful. The plot is a good mix between action (which is my personal favorite part) and character development, quieter bits. Once again, the book doesn't shy away from the raw and gritty realities of life, though this book, in my opinion, has a little less violence and grittiness than the previous two books. And the twists and turns...any time I thought I had something figured out, or I thought I knew what was about to happen, a surprise would totally blindside me. Masterfully done plot twists! This book, and this whole series, are ones that I frequently and highly recommend to Christians looking for action, adventure, a bit of grittiness, and a hard-hitting, make-you-think-long-and-hard theme. I was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So here's the thing. I typically don't really enjoy the third book in a trilogy because I find they get a little weird... The story isn't all that new and exciting.... The characters get annoying (just admit you love each other already!!) HOWEVER!!! This is NOT the case with this book! Oh. My. Goodness. I read this in a couple of days simply because I wanted to pace myself... But the story had plenty of "new and exciting" elements introduced (without straying from the heart of the overall series), the characters developed in a non agonizing way, and the ending warmed my heart. The introduction of a different part of the "world" in which the characters lived was beautifully welcomed and I felt like I was experiencing it along with them. On another note entirely. I usually find *most* "Christian" fiction to be a bit corny... Or lame.... I know, I know but I don't think I'm alone in this *peeks around*. Nadine has done a wonderful job of keeping a solid theme through her series of "trust and obey" and of course Shalom, and I can honestly say it didn't make me roll my eyes (and I can be a tough critic). The focus on Christ as our strength as shown through Parvin was a constant reminder to me that we truly need to set our eyes on Jesus; trust our loved ones into his care; and rise up at His calling. I am excited for my daughter (who is not yet born lol) to read these books one day!!!! Definitely a recommended book to readers of all ages :)
Relinquish-the-Pen More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of this book and all views below are my own. Let me tell you the book was worth the wait, I was expecting this to be as amazing as the other two and it certainly lived up to my expectations. There were many elements of faith in the other books but even more in this one, and by this book in the series I had grown to expect that so it was lovely. It is really refreshing to read a book that is saturated in biblical faith. And it all applied and was necessary to the story; it has a reason and purpose. It makes this novel so much better and unique. It is an inspiring read. This story pulled my emotions every way. The characters are all so real Parvin, Tawny, Solomon, Willow and their struggles so relatable and I really liked how some of them changed so much through this series and yet are still the same … Skelley Chase… And many of the side characters were quite intriguing people as well with their own stories that we never really heard. (because that would be unnecessary) There were quite a few surprising twists that I did not see coming, at all. I never even suspected there would be twists in those places. The story had me flicking through pages… e-book pages as fast as I could read. A few bits had me laughing aloud.. and laughing/crying at other times. Some horrible things happen, in the story. (Realism peoples) Some people do many horrible things; some good people make bad choices. But there are no gruesome detailed descriptions of the violence. So I really can’t say there was anything I did not like about this book, except for everything I loved of course! Most romance in books is painful to read, but in A Time To Rise (and the other two books, but particularly in this one where it is there a lot more) the romance is lovely and beautiful and a wonderful example of how a relationship like that should really be. It made for some heart wrenching moments. The story is just beautiful and so full of faith and the ending satisfies me. I am just trying not to think about how it is now ended. But the Nadine did a wonderful job in making the ending sound like a new beginning for the characters while still being a great series ending. and these are some of my favourite quotes. “Amazing that, amidst such beauty, He would decide to even look at me, let alone call me to join Him in a quest for shalom. This journey will not fail. It cannot fail when He is the leader.” “Maybe that's what God means every time He tells us to rise up. To rise above the small things, the small struggles that chip away our identity and leave us lost.” “God will never instruct me to be afraid, so I might as well get used to reminding myself to fear not.” “Then verses float into my mind. Verses about rising for God's glory. Verses about loving my enemies. Verses about soft answers turning away wrath and kindness heaping coals on the head of an attacker. Heaping coals sounds good.”