Timeless Mist

Timeless Mist

by Terisa Wilcox
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Timeless Mist 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
jodykaygore More than 1 year ago
When Kristianna Campbell buys a watch from an old gypsy woman, she is skeptical. The woman tells her it is an enchanted watch and she scoffs. Even when finding an inscription inside the watch, Kris figures it is part of how the old woman sells her items. On a trip to Scotland with her college class, Kristianna Campbell sees a portrait of Iain MacGregor, laird of the clan in 1603. He's also the same sexy highlander she's been dreaming of for weeks. After falling asleep to a tune played by the enchanted watch, Kris wakes to find herself staring into the very real, flesh and blood face of Iain himself. Not only must Kris convince him that she's not crazy, and that she really is from the future, but she must also assure him she is not his enemy; he is a MacGregor and she a Campbell. Their families have fought bloody battles for years. Iain MacGregor is doing his best to see that his clan survives the proscription against them. He has no time for a strange lass from who knows where. Still Kris intrigues him more than he is willing to admit. Kris realizes she is beginning to fall in love with Iain but is determined to return to her own time. Will Iain let her go? Timeless Mist is a romance I would recommend for your TBR list. The historical aspect is accurate and well written as is the Scottish brogue. The plot moves along well and holds the reader's attention. I enjoyed this story very much and found myself turning each page in anticipation of where it would take me next. Terisa Wilcox is also a reviewer for Romanicing the Pubs. Vist her web site: www.terisawilcox.com
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
christytilleryfrench More than 1 year ago
College student Kristianna Campbell has disturbing dreams about a Scotsman just prior to her planned visit to Scotland. At Castle MacGregor, Kristianna recognizes this man in the portrait of Iain MacGregor, laird of the MacGregor clan for a short time before he disappeared in 1604. On a visit to a small village, Kris spies an antique gold watch and touches it, immediately conjuring the image of Iain MacGregor, the watch's owner. That night, examining the watch, she finds a small, hidden compartment and when she reads the verse inside is transported back in time to 1603. The first person she sees is Iain, who is suspicious of her appearance. Aware of the intense hatred between the MacGregors and the Campbells, Kris lies about her last name, terrified that Iain will consider her a spy if he knows. Iain MacGregor, worried about the safety of his clan and battling enemies from all sides, is intrigued by Kristianna, but he's been betrothed twice before, both of whom betrayed him, and isn't about to trust another lass. Realizing she is falling in love with Iain, Kris knows she must tell him the truth but is wary of Iain's reaction and fears he will reject her. Terisa Wilcox has penned an intriguing story, filled with interesting historical detail and dialogue so realistic as to transport the reader back in time to Scotland of the 17th century. Kristianna and Iain are charming characters and Wilcox relays their attraction to one another in a fun, entertaining way. The plot moves quickly and will hold the reader's attention throughout as Wilcox cleverly weaves conflicts into the story that threaten the two lovers' future.