Times To Remember: The Fun and Easy Way to Memorize the Multiplication Tables

Times To Remember: The Fun and Easy Way to Memorize the Multiplication Tables


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See eights with wings. They are buzzing bees leaving their honey hive. "8x8 go out the sticky door, 8x8 equals 64!" Look how 6 and 9 (6x9) have turned into flamingos. They're catching "fish galore". Hmm...sounds like 54! It's so easy! Didax (makers of Unifix cubes) President Brian Scarlet says "Times to Remember is innovative and compelling and has great potential for the education market."
This beautiful 86-page full-color book teaches ALL 0-9 tables: however, with only 21 rhymes you learn 42 equations! How? They all begin with the smaller factor. When you see 8x6 ...you simply recall 6x8 went out for a date 6x8=48! Use this book alone, or watch learning come alive with the Times to Remember Sing-Along Songs CD/MP3: Also included in this multi-sensory method are hands-on learning activities (244 pages!) found in Times to Remember, Home and Classroom Resources.
See TheTimesTable.com for more information, free sample downloads, and reviews.
"I would never teach multiplication without it!" Says teacher Megan Moran

Three Steps: See it, sing it, do it!

Great for Parents * Home-School Families * Teachers * Grandparents * Special Education

Learning the Times Tables has never been more fun!
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Times to Remember, the Fun and Easy Way to Memorize the Multiplication Tables will help your child (or students) learn those pesky times tables once and for all. Open to any of the beautiful picture rhymes and begin learning immediately.
There are NO stories or factor rhyming words to recall! - Just simple rhymes based on the shape of the factors.

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ISBN-13: 9780983658030
Publisher: Joyful Learning Publications, LLC
Publication date: 02/22/2012
Pages: 86
Sales rank: 1,130,230
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.22(d)

About the Author

Sandra J. Warren, MSEd, is a teacher, researcher/writer, and the mother of three, two with special needs (ADHD & Asperger's). Sandra's specialty is helping ALL children learn -and have fun in the process! - through unique multi-sensory activities. See it, say it, sing it, clap it, rap it, dance it, draw it, mold it, and.....Remember it!

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