Tinkerlab: A Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors

Tinkerlab: A Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors

by Rachelle Doorley
Tinkerlab: A Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors

Tinkerlab: A Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors

by Rachelle Doorley


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55 playful experiments that encourage tinkering, curiosity, and creative thinking—hands-on activities that explore art, science, and more.  

The creator of the highly popular creativity site for kids, Tinkerlab.com, now delivers dozens of engaging, kid-tested, and easy-to-implement projects that will help parents and teachers bring out the natural tinkerer in every kid—even babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.  

The creative experiments shared in this book foster curiosity, promote creative and critical thinking, and encourage tinkering—mindsets that are important to children growing up in a world that values independent thinking.

In addition to offering a host of activities that parents and teachers can put to use right away, this book also includes a buffet of recipes (magic potions, different kinds of play dough, silly putty, and homemade butter) and a detailed list of materials to include in the art pantry.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781611800654
Publisher: Shambhala
Publication date: 06/10/2014
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,061,200
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

RACHELLE DOORLEY is an arts educator, community builder, and founder of the popular creativity blog Tinkerlab. She studied costume design at the University of California, Los Angeles, and worked on Hollywood films before finding her true calling as an arts educator. After teaching art in Los Angeles schools, Rachelle earned a master’s in arts education from Harvard, and then oversaw docent and education programs at the San Jose Museum of Art. Rachelle lives with her husband and her two curious daughters in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, where she leads workshops on visual thinking and hands-on creativity. Rachelle believes in finding fun and meaningful ways to make every day creative, and can often be found experimenting in her sketchbook, taking her kids on adventures, and asking lots of open-ended questions. Rachelle enjoys chai tea, hand-drawn letters, train travel, hikes in the woods, artist studios, and ocean air.

Table of Contents

1. Creating Your Tinkerlab                                                        
Tips for Clearing Children’s Clutter by Jillian Maxim                       
What Nursery Schools Can Teach Us about Creative Invitations: An Interview with Nancy Howe                                                                           
2. Tools for Tinkering                                                                              
3. Ten Tinkerlab Habits of Mind                                                                          
4. Design                                                                                                    
Oh No, That’s Not Creative! by Jessica Hoffmann Davis                      
Experience #1: Circle Games                                           
Experience #2: Peel and Stick                                                                  
Experience #3: Glue, Glue, Glue                                                                        
Experience #4: Mark Outside the Box                                                       
Experience #5: Watercolor Exploration                                                         
Experience #6: Yes, You Can Paint on That!                                                 
Experience #7: Monoprints                                                                            
Experience #8: Bubble Prints                                                                            
Experience #9: Drawing Games                                                                
Experience #10: Draw What You See                                                                 
Experience #11: Art Dice                                                                        
Experience #12: Paint Experiments                                                    
Experience #13: Paste Paper                                                                              
10 Lessons the Arts Teach by Elliot Eisner                                         
Experience #14: Marbleized Paper with Paint and Oil                                              
Experience #15: Plexiglas Painting                                                               
Experience #16: Foam Plate Relief Prints                                                        
Experience #17: Collage Painting                                                                     
Finding Your Five-Year-Old Self in the Art Museum by Margie Maynard   
5. Build
The Value of Loose Parts: An Interview with Susan Harris MacKay           
Project #1: Gumdrop Structures                                                                       
Project #2: Hanging Structures                                                                            
Project #3: Straw Rockets                                                         
Project #4: Marble Runs: Ramps and Gravity                                               
Project #5: Paper Houses                                                                                
Project #6: Scrap Building
Project #7: Ropes and Pulleys                                                                           
Project #8: CD Spinner                                                  
Project #9: Does It Float?
Project #10: Pounding Nails                                                                            
Project #11: Take Things Apart                                                                        
Project #12: Drawing Machine                                                             
Project #13: DIY Robot                                                                            
DIY Kids: Building Tomorrow’s Innovators through Hands-on Making by Grace Hawthorne                                                                                                       
6. Concoct
Yes, and . . . How to Improvise with Children: An Interview with Dan Klein        
Experiment #1: Potion Station                      
Experiment #2: Goop                                                                            
Experiment #3: Marker Explosions                                                   
Experiment #4: Make Your Own (Semiedible) Paint                                                 
Experiment #5: Slime                                                                              
Experiment #6: Ice and Salt Exploration                                                            
Experiment #7: Ice Cream in a Jar: An Edible Investigation                                     
Experiment #8: Frozen Carbon Dioxide                                                               
Experiment #9: Yeast and Sugar Expansion                                   
Experiment #10: Naked Egg Experiment                                                           
Experiment #11: G-Ma’s Butter: An Edible Investigation                                        
Experiment #12: Lemon Invisible Ink                                                                   
Experiment #13: Glittery Egg Geodes      
Experiment #14: Natural Dyes                                                                      
Experiment #15: Kitchen Challenge: An Edible Investigation                                  
Concoctions in a Michelin-Starred Kitchen: An Interview with Bruno Chemel 
7. Discover
How to Set Up a Discovery Area that Honors the Child: An Interview with Parul Chandra                                                                                                           
Exploration #1: Playdough Building 
Exploration #2: Cloud Dough                                                              
Exploration #3: Pounding Flowers                                                 
Exploration #4: Scavenger Hunts                                                                  
Exploration #5: DIY Light Box                                                                  
Exploration #6: Photograms                                                                      
Exploration #7: Ephemeral Installation                                          
Exploration #8: Shadow Investigations                                                 
Exploration #9: DIY Lava Lamp                                                             
Exploration #10: Mystery Bag                                                                  
The Benefits of Basic Materials by Jennifer Winters                                     
The Busy Parent’s Planner                                                                                  
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