Tinseltown Tragedies Box Set: Celebrity Deaths That Rocked Hollywood And The World Vol.1-3

Tinseltown Tragedies Box Set: Celebrity Deaths That Rocked Hollywood And The World Vol.1-3

by Alexander Scott


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Tinseltown Tragedies Box Set: Celebrity Deaths That Rocked Hollywood And The World Vol.1-3 by Alexander Scott

Celebrity Deaths Of Tinseltown Vol. 1-3 The Complete Box Set

When we get to see inside the lives of celebrities as we do, it is hard not to become attached to not only the characters they play but also who they are as human beings. It is easy to sit in our homes and judge them and wonder how things can be so bad when they have all that money and fame.

The reality is they experience the same anxiety, depression and hardships many of us face when it comes to being the emotional people we are. All the money in the world does not guarantee happiness and in many cases it causes more problems. You know the saying “more money, more problems.”

Celebrities are not insulated from having their feelings hurt, self-doubt or hate any different than the next person.

Depression, Drugs and Death

Not everyone who becomes a celebrity is going to end up taking their own life either intentionally or accidently, have a drug addiction or even experience depression. The ones who live a normal successful life seldom make the news because who would read about it.

That is part of the pressures celebrities face, an invasion of privacy. The more famous they become, the less they seem to be able to just be themselves. If you feel stress at your job with just your boss watching you imagine multiplying that by millions. Every decision you make is scrutinized and every choice you make analyzed.

Many actors would be happy to just do the work they love, get paid and then go home to a normal life. Who wants to get photographed every time they leave the house? There is a price to pay for fame and fortune and unfortunately many celebrities pay it with their life.

The Shocking Deaths

Inside we are exploring the greatness that was each celebrity whose time was up on this earth tragically too soon. They were real people, not unlike your mom, dad, children and so on. When we look at them as people and not celebrities, it allows us to sympathize with what they must have been experiencing.

With the death of celebrities like Robin Williams, it opens the world’s eyes to the force that depression is. Who would have seen that coming? Not many, if anyone and it is perhaps one of the most shocking celebrity deaths of all time.

We remember them, celebrate them and explore how it is that they lost their lives to the very fame and fortune they so desired to have.

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ISBN-13: 9781511850827
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/27/2015
Pages: 190
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About the Author

Alexander Scott is fascinated with anything that stirs him up emotionally and sparks his curiosity. Whether that is true crime, amazing survival stories or people stepping up to be heroes, he loves it all.
Paranormal encounters, stories of personal triumph and even miracle births are on his radar of interests. He likes to write shorter books that get to the core of events. Think anything that you can read on your lunch hour that takes you away from the day-to-day monotony of life.
You won't find disturbing images inside any of his books. Some of the stories are shocking enough without needing to physically see what the crime scenes looked like. Our imaginations are more than enough. He isn't going for a shock and awe effect.
He doesn't claim to be an expert on serial killers or true crime and he isn't some retired detective. Just a regular guy that likes to read and write about events that make you realize your everyday life might not be as bad as you think. When you read stories about parents killing their kids it makes you go home and hug, not yell, at your children.
When you read stories about people who overcome adversity, the problems you have in life don't seem so big after all. You would think some of the stories you read are Hollywood productions but sadly or amazingly, depending on the situation, they are real life stories about real life people: People that consciously hurt others or put their own lives in danger to save others.
That is the mystery that Alexander contemplates all the time. Why do some sacrifice their lives for others while some intentionally take others' lives? What is it about being human that drives either choice?
Alexander will continue to research life changing events and create these books for your enjoyment. He hopes they captivate your interest and makes you realize that life is precious so enjoy it.

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