Tiny Reminders

Tiny Reminders

by Two Lone Swordsmen



Much like their Warp labelmates Autechre, Plaid, and Squarepusher, Two Lone Swordmen push the boundaries of techno to make music for the mind as well as the dance floor. Those who discovered the subtle electronic constructions of Two Lone Swordsmen on their Stateside debut, Stay Down, won't be too surprised by the follow-up, Tiny Reminders. Comprised of techno innovators Andrew Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood, Two Lone Swordsmen return with a big bag of tape hiss and record crackles, techno burbles and squeaks, and big, funky electro grooves. But whereas Stay Down was full of majestic, sometimes melancholic, ambient tracks, Tiny Reminders is distinguished by an almost omnipresent groove. It's not a big, bouncy house loop, though. For example, on "Rotting Hill Carnival" (a shot at the U.K.'s widely attended Notting Hill Carnival), they concoct a sparse melody from what sounds like the dislodged springs of a grandfather clock, a tight snare roll, and a few spongy synth lines before steering the piece into a pretty organ melody. The pair continue in this vein for the rest of the album, deftly fusing unlikely, sometimes harsh sounds into melodic sums that far out-shadow their component parts.

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