Tiny Topics for Mature Minds

Tiny Topics for Mature Minds

by David Wilson


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As to the contents in brief, the necessity for two-way bonding in relationships underlies the theme of Mutual Understanding; Quality in Life weighs how quality and quantity affect how one lives; what one thinks he or she sees guides their choices in Perception; the gift and the process of creating is the gist of Genius; parallels between The Egg and the Institution are explored; and The Christ and the Light Bulb suggests miracles are a sign of illumination--a state of mind and spirit which, under certain conditions, are available to anyone.

Like Luther’s Table Talk and the talk shows of today, Tiny Topics for Mature Minds serves as food for thought and discussion. But a word of caution: I make no claims to objectivity or expert opinion and nothing herein is cast in stone. No doubt some readers’ ire will be aroused by some of my musings; but then it is hoped that others will comprehend and perhaps even appreciate what I am attempting to say. The latter is the audience to whom Tiny Topics is addressed—it is intended primarily for them. And while it can on occasion challenge mainstream thinking, it is intended not to be a destination or the last word, but rather taken as a point of departure.

In the beginning this book was bits and pieces of insight gleaned from meditation and other life experiences that, over time, became essays. The subjects listed were chosen because they’ve always fascinated me. As they took form it became apparent that the topics were anything but tiny—but for the first edition I decided to christen the book Tiny Topics for a pleasant twist of wit. Further along during a brainstorming session with other writers the phrase for Mature Minds was added and became a permanent part of this second edition’s title.

What drove me deep down to pursue this remains a mystery— I am only certain I was possessed by an urge to express it, to share it with loved ones, friends and those who would be open-minded.

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