Tipbook Trumpet and Trombone, Flugelhorn and Cornet

Tipbook Trumpet and Trombone, Flugelhorn and Cornet

by Hugo Pinksterboer


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ISBN-13: 9781423465270
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
Publication date: 12/01/2009
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction x

See and Hear What You Read with Tipcodes xii

The Tipcodes in this book give you access to short videos, soundfiles, and other additional information at tipbook.com.

Chapter 1 Brass Players 1

Trumpeters, trombonists, cornet and flugelhorn players are all brass players: They play brasswind instruments, and they do so in a large variety of bands and styles of music.

Chapter 2 A Quick Tour 5

An overview of fourour brass instruments, including the main differences between these four horns.

Chapter 3 Learning to play 23

The essentials on learning to play a brass instrument, where to find a teacher, and practicing tips for brass players.

Chapter 4 Buying an Instrument 31

Brasswind prices, buying new or secondhand, and other tips before you go out shopping.

Chapter 5 A Good Instrument 39

Everything you need to know to select and audition trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, and trombones, allowing you to buy the best instrument you can.

Chapter 6 Mouthpieces 77

A mouthpiece that perfectly fits both you and your instrument helps you get the best out of yourself and your horn.

Chapter 7 Mutes 95

The main types of mutes and their characteristics.

Chapter 8 Tuning and Accessories 101

Everything you need to do to your instrument before and after playing, including tips on tuning, stands, cases and bags, and microphones.

Chapter 9 Maintenance 119

A little maintenance is all brass instruments need to make them sound good and play well for years.

Chapter 10 History 133

The earliest ancestors of the trumpet and the trombone were introduced hundreds of years ago. A lot of history in a few words.

Chapter 11 The Brass Family 139

An introduction tosome of the main members of the brasswind family.

Chapter 12 How They're Made 147

A quick visit to a brasswind factory.

Chapter 13 Brands 151

The main trumpet and trombone brands lined up.

Chapter 14 Orchestras and Bands 157

Some of the many different types of groups and orchestras you can join as a brass player.

Chapter 15 Tips on Practicing 161

Helpful hints on how to make practicing effective and entertaining, both for brasswind players and other musicians.

Chapter 16 Being Prepared 183

Helpful hints to reduce audition anxiety and stage fright.

Tipcode List 192

All trumpet and trombone Tipcodes listed.

Glossary 193

Where are the stockings, what do triggers do, and what is a backbore? All the main terms are explained in this brass player's glossary.

Want to Know More? 199

Books, magazines, websites, and other resources for brass players.

Trumpet Fingering Charts 203

Fingering charts for your instrument.

Trombone Slide Position Charts 211

Slide position charts for trombone players.

Essential Data 218

Two pages for essential notes on your equipment.

Index 220

A complete index of terms.

The Tipbook Series 224

Brief descriptions of the other volumes in the Tipbook Series

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