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Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!

Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!

by George Shannon, Laura Dronzek (Illustrator)

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There is a big grumpy dog blocking the way to the garden! What can Hen and her three chicks do? The sweet itty-bitty beans and potato bugs (this family's favorite treat) are in the garden. And Hen and her chicks are Hungry!

Hen, Big Chick, and Middle Chick are no match for Dog. And Little Chick? Well,



There is a big grumpy dog blocking the way to the garden! What can Hen and her three chicks do? The sweet itty-bitty beans and potato bugs (this family's favorite treat) are in the garden. And Hen and her chicks are Hungry!

Hen, Big Chick, and Middle Chick are no match for Dog. And Little Chick? Well, Little Chick is too little. Or is she?

When you are small, you can also be brave and fast and resourceful, and -- as Little Chick discovers -- sometimes your family depends on you!

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Dronzek (Oh!) makes the most of Shannon's (Tomorrow's Alphabet) tale of a diminutive hero's feats of derring-do, with folk art simplicity and a palette as lush as the first greens of spring. A hen and her three chicks go every morning "to the garden for their favorite treat-sweet itty-bitty beans and potato bugs." But one day, a nasty dog (think Petey, from Our Gang, with his black-encircled eye) barks menacingly at Hen, who sighs, "We'll never get past a dog like that." After Big Chick and Middle Chick's imploring and bullying attempts to pass by the canine fail, the two siblings laugh when Little Chick peeps, "I want to try." Though small, the smart, quick chick runs "tippy-toe" round and round the tree where the dog is tied, causing him to wrap his leash around the trunk as he chases her. Little ones will cheer this "underchick" who takes on a bully several times her size and wins. Shannon's prose runs clean and spare, spiked with just enough "tippy-toe, tippy-toes" and "Ruff-Ruffs" to make reading aloud fun. The simply drawn chicks and the vibrant acrylic backdrop of bright green grass and hot pink, blue and purple flowers make this a perky springtime offering. Ages 3-up. (Feb.) Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.
Children's Literature
Every day Hen takes her three chicks to the garden to eat sweet beans and potato bugs. One day a dog blocks the path to the garden. Hen tells her chicks that they will have to eat the chicken feed instead of going to the garden. The three chicks do not like the idea. Instead Big Chick and Middle Chick try to get past the dog. When that does not work, the family is ready to give up. Little Chick then decides to out-smart the dog. The whole chick family is spared of eating chicken feed because of Little Chick. Tippy-Toe Chick, GO! is a tale that shows that size is not what matters, but how a problem is approached. Hen's family believed that Little Chick was too small to find a way around the dog. However, Little Chick proved that she was brave and smart enough to help her family despite her small size. Laura Dronzek's acrylic pictures capture Little Chick's world. The bright colors make it ideal for a read-aloud. Also, the simple style helps emphasize the theme: a large amount of courage can come from someone small. This book is great for small readers who think big or older readers who like to look for greatness in someone small. 2003, Greenwillow Books/HarperCollins Publishers,
— Joella Peterson <%ISBN%>0060298235
School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 2-In this inviting tale, the youngest member of a family saves the day. Hen and her offspring make a daily trip to the garden to feast on yummy beans and potato bugs. Little Chick always trails behind, daydreaming, and then quickly runs across the yard to catch up with the others. One day, a loud dog that has been tied to a nearby tree blocks their path. Frightened, Hen is ready to turn around, but her hungry children insist on a confrontation. Big Chick and Middle Chick each take a turn with the barking beast and end up cowering under their mother's wing. Although her siblings laugh at her, Little Chick demands a chance at defeating the dog, and comes up with a courageous and cunning plan that makes use of her natural speed. Before long, the pooch is neatly tied up and the road to the goodies is clear. Lyrical language, catchy sound effects ("tippy-toe, tippy-toe"), and just the right amount of suspense keep the action moving at a brisk pace. With an interesting mix of dramatic full-page spreads and smaller vignettes, the colorful acrylic paintings pick up on both the humor and the tension of the text. Accentuated by fluid black lines and set against lush green backgrounds, the characters seem to jump right off of the pages. A winning choice for storytime or one-on-one sharing.-Joy Fleishhacker, formerly at School Library Journal Copyright 2003 Cahners Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
The usual favorite breakfast consisting of "sweet itty-bitty beans and potato bugs" awaits Hen and her three chicks in the garden, guarded this morning by a grumpy and growling dog tied to the tree. Shannon (More True Lies, 2001, etc.) has once again created a short, suspenseful tale with an unpredictable and satisfyingly canny ending. He develops the characters of Hen, her offspring, and Dog succinctly in a text that offers lots of opportunity to dramatize while reading aloud to very young preschoolers. Protective Mother Hen plays the respectable, appropriate role as she holds her chicks back and insists on waiting for the customary chicken feed. The oldest, Big Chick, tries to be a negotiator but fails to make a deal with Dog who continues to bark and jump out even though restricted by his leash. Brazen Middle Chick attempts a more aggressive approach of yelling threats but equally cowers under Dog's menacing anger. Finally, underestimated Little Chick proves to be the clever one in the brood with her cunning and winning solution that outwits scary Dog and leads her family to the garden. Bold acrylics reflect the action of all the characters with large figures in hues of pale yellows for the chickens and white for the dog against a garden background of bright greens, browns, purples, and blues. Great for group sharing and participation story hour. (Picture book. 2-4)

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3 - 5 Years

Meet the Author

George Shannon is a popular storyteller and former children's librarian whose many notable picture books include Tomorrow's Alphabet, Lizard's Guest, and White Is for Blueberry. Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!, illustrated by Laura Dronzek, was named a Charlotte Zolotow Award Honor Book. George Shannon lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Laura Dronzek is a painter whose work has been exhibited nationally. Her picture books include Moonlight, by Helen V. Griffith; It Is Night, by Phyllis Rowand; and White Is for Blueberry, by George Shannon.

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