Tissue Culture Techniques for Horticultural Crops

Tissue Culture Techniques for Horticultural Crops

by Kenneth C. Torres


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This book was written for those individuals who are concerned about the techniques and practices of plant cell cultures for horticultural crops. It was designed to serve as a text and reference for students and professionals in ornamental horticulture, fruit and vegetable crop pro­ duction, botany, forestry, and other areas of plant science. Research during the last twenty-five years in the area of plant tissue culture has led to many developments and changes in this field. Al­ though the techniques involved in the manipulation of plant tissue culture are now relatively straightforward, the presentation of these techniques in a short volume for the beginner in the field is generally unavailable. In addition to describing the techniques for establishment and manipulation of specific species, several chapters in this book also provide a brief, general review of important cultural parameters. Spe­ cific protocols and laboratory procedures may also be found in the appendix. I hope that this presentation of information will be helpful to those individuals wanting to apply plant tissue culture techniques for horticultural crops.

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ISBN-13: 9781461597582
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 01/30/2012
Edition description: 1989
Pages: 224
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Table of Contents

I Basic Techniques and Principles.- 1 Overview of Facilities and Techniques.- 2 Tissue Culture Media—Composition and Preparation.- 3 Stages of Micropropagation.- 4 Application of Tissue Culture Techniques to Horticultural Crops.- II Callus (Tissue) and Organ Culture.- 5 Overview of Callus (Tissue) and Organ Culture.- 6 In Vitro Propagation of African Violets.- 7 In Vitro Propagation of Lilies.- 8 In Vitro Propagation of Snake Plant (Sansevieria).- 9 Tissue Culture of Strawberry (Fragaria).- 10 Micropropagation of Camellia.- 11 Propagation of Fern (Nephrolepis) Through Tissue Culture.- 12 Establishment and Maintenance of Carrot Callus.- 13 Callus Induction in Grasses.- 14 Initiation of Adventitious Shoots of Begonia × hiemalis.- 15 Sweet Potato Tissue Culture.- 16 Establishment of Root Cultures In Vitro.- 17 Effects of Carbohydrates, Vitamins, and Gelling Agents on Callus Growth and Plantlet Regeneration.- III Cell Culture.- 18 Overview of Cell Suspension Culture.- 19 Establishment of Carrot Cell Suspension Cultures.- 20 Plating of Cell Suspension Cultures.- 21 Embryogenesis in Carrot Cell Suspension Cultures.- 22 Isolation and Culture of Single Cells.- 23 Potato Micropropagation and Germplasm Storage.- IV Protoplast Culture.- 24 Overview of Protoplast Isolation and Culture.- 25 Isolation and Culture of Protoplasts from Carrot Cell Suspension Cultures.- 26 Isolation and Culture of Protoplasts from Grass Callus Cultures.- V Preparation of Specimens for Microscopy.- 27 Specimen Preparation for Light Microscopy.- 28 Specimen Preparation for Scanning Electron Microscopy.- Appendices 1–19.

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