Titanic Astounding Truth Revealed: Morgan and the Jesuits

Titanic Astounding Truth Revealed: Morgan and the Jesuits

by D. L. Park


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For too long, the Titanic disaster as commonly depicted, has been supported by theory rather than fact. While the reason for the disaster seems so superficial and unsuported by the evidence discovered... It is therefore rather strange, that many details are not commonly known with the rest of the story and that many of the answers, actually given at the time of the event, by those who witnessed it first-hand, have been un-depicted or illustrated. Leaving one to question, whether there are really secret powers at work, in the form of some hidden Authority yet to be exposed? This book: "Titanic - Truth Revealed" is certainly a unique, diary-style record, compiled, in order to chronically view the events and facts as they are presumed to have happened; in an attempt to understand the sequence of events. Yet equally, it will enable the reader to view the actual testimonies given at two subsequent Inquires, much of which has never been printed in any Titanic-book before. Information which will then in-turn, offer a detailed insight, so many can comprehend just exactly why the Titanic disaster happened the way it did, but more Importantly, show exactly why and how it has been clouded in mystery, controversy and opinion, ever since it happened.

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ISBN-13: 9781452053127
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/28/2011
Pages: 352
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