TJJ...T-Shirt Jiu Jitsu: Unstoppable in the Streets

TJJ...T-Shirt Jiu Jitsu: Unstoppable in the Streets

by Dr. Ted Gambordella


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When you see the power and effectiveness of the TJJ you will be amazed and a interesting thing might happen. You will ask yourself 'how come I never learned this stuff before' and that quickly will become 'wait, I already know that technique' and evolve into 'I already know that, in fact I probably always did' and finally 'I thought of that first'.

Well you didn't know it, your didn't think of it first and you never learned it until I just taught you. But in only a few months after reading this book and watching the video the word will indeed start to spread across the globe and millions of BJJ and Martial Arts Students will indeed think they already knew it and forget who 'invented' it all.
I do ask that you try to remember that the greatest ideas and inventions are always the 'simplest and most effective' and when people see them, they always say 'why didn't' someone think of that before', and that is what is going to happen with TJJ. It is so effective, easy to learn and easy to teach, everyone will think they actually knew it before or thought of it themselves and many of you will in fact develop new and even better techniques.

All I ask is that somewhere in the back of your mind you file the thought. Grandmaster Ted Gambordella developed TJJ...T-Shirt Jiu Jitsu and tell your students. And when you see the Gamboria...the most effective control technique in TJJ please call it the Gamboria...not something else.

Thank You for learning TJJ from its originator.

Grandmaster Ted Gambordella

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ISBN-13: 9781499660104
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/23/2014
Pages: 180
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9th Degree Black Belt

47 Years teaching experience

World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1998

Grandmaster Instructor of the Year 2000

International Weapons Master Instructor of Year 2001

Martial Arts Weapons Hall of Fame 2001

World Head of Family Sokeship Council 1999

Martial Art Legends Hall of Fame 2001

Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame 2002

World Black Belt Hall of Fame 2003

Personal Trainers Hall of Fame 2007

Karate Masters Hall of Fame 2011

3 Times US Karate Sparring Champion

2 Times USA Karate Weapons Champion

Author 42 Books

38 DVD's

Patented Inventor

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