TM 8-225 Dental Technicians by United States. War Department

TM 8-225 Dental Technicians by United States. War Department

by United States War Department


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Chapter 1. General 1

Chapter 2. Mouth and teeth.

Section I. General 2-3

II. Teeth 4-7

III. Regional anatomy 8-14

IV. Definitions 15

Chapter 3. Prosthetic technician.

Section I. General 16

II. Impression materials 17

III. Plaster impressions 18-22

IV. Modeling compomid impressions 23-25

V. Hydrocolloid impressions 26

VI. Construction of full and partial vulcanite dentures 27-48

VII. Acrylic resin dentures 49-50

VIII. Denture repair. 51-58

IX. Dental castings 59-62

X. Cast crowns 63-65

XI. Cast occlusal gold crown 66-67

XII. Fixed bridge 68-71

XIII. Clasps and bars for partial dentures 72-78

XIV. Cast partial dentures and partial denture skeletons. 79-93

XV. Splints 94-97

Chapter 4. Dental X-ray technician.

Section I. Equipment 98-103

II. Intra-oral roentgenography 104-125

III. Extra-oral roentgenography 126-129

IV. Processing of X-ray films 130-138

Chapter 6. Dental hygienist.

Section I. General - 139

II. Structure and physiology 140-142

III. Dental caries 143-144

IV. Other diseases of mouth 145-153

V. Saliva, deposits, and accretions upon teeth. 154-157

VI. Technique of dental prophylaids _ 158-161

VII. System for instrumentation and polishing,, 162-165

VIII. Instructions to patient 166-167

IX. Preparations for mouth and teeth 168-170

Chapter 6. Dental assistant.

Section I. Requisites of dental assistant 171-172

II. Care of dental clinic 173-174

III. Sterilization of instruments and dressings.. 175-181

IV. Care of equipment and supplies 182-190

V. Duties at chair 191-200

VI. Daily routine in clinic 201

Chapter 7. Record clerk, dental service.

Section I. General duties and forms used 202-205

II. W. D., M. D. Form No. 67 (Report of Dental Service) 206-207

III. W. D., M. D. Form No. 79 (Register of Dental Patients) 208-210

IV. W. D., M. D. Form No. 18h (Statement of Expenditure of Special Dental Materials) 211-213

V. Daily Work sheet 214

VI. Hospital clinic records 215-219

VII. W. D., A. G. O. forms 220-221

VIII. Dental survey 222-224

IX. Dental history of station 22

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