To Be Honest

To Be Honest

by R. Tim Morris


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Chester K. Eddy isn’t completely honest. But he’s trying to be.

When the struggling New York stage actor decides being totally open and honest is exactly the change he needs in his life, Chester doesn’t expect being so obnoxiously transparent will only make things worse. After his brother kicks him out, his favorite bar cuts him off, and his best pal Melissa tells him she needs a break from their friends-with-benefits relationship, Chester quickly has few people left who still want to listen to him and his self-professed Honesty Movement.

Along his way to newfound self-discovery, Chester will finagle his way into the tenuous role of Director’s Assistant for a small-time theatre’s production of an unknown play; he’ll accidentally attend Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings; he’ll find himself in the company of suspected serial killers; he’ll drink a bit too much. And he might even have an eye-opening encounter with a talking dinosaur.

But there’s one truth Chester realizes he hasn’t been capable of admitting: he’s in love with Melissa. And he can’t be completely honest until he’s ready to tell her as much.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781775059882
Publisher: R. Tim Morris
Publication date: 03/20/2019
Pages: 324
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.73(d)

Table of Contents

1. Chester K. Eddy, Everyone
2. Blame it on the Twain
3. The Great Mendota & the Not-So-Great Monona
4. The Dank, Steaming Unknown (Enjoying the View from Down Here)
5. Heh, Ha, Right
6. to See You, BOSS
7. Double Entendres
8. You're Desperate and I'm Right Here
9. Not Going Down Like the Titanic (Put a Gilmore Girls Mug on That)
10. Jeffrey Dahmer & the Pork Sliders
11. Major Richard Power
12. Three Thumbs Way Up
13. Sugar Hill: Where My G-Ma Be Cribbing
14. Rat Skulls in the Snow
15. My Type Comes in Stereo
16. The First Rule of Honesty Club & Other Advice from Dad
17. How Many Fights Can I Pick in Thirty-Four Minutes? Place Your Bets
18. The BOSS Level (Dick Butt vs Robot)
19. My One Phone Call
20. Highlander Moment
21. The Pause of Relationship-Just-Rejected
22. Proper Toiletries & the Continuing Quest for Ed McMahon
23. Where Everybody Knows Your Made-Up Name, You Big Fat Liar
24. Rock and a Hard Place (Chester K. Eddy: Boyfriend Hunter)
25. When the Willows Speak They Sing in Unison
26. Fallopian's Colossal Tube
27. Truth Redux
28. Truth Redux Again, But Better than Last Time

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