To Dream the Blackbane: A Novel of the Anomaly

To Dream the Blackbane: A Novel of the Anomaly

by Richard J O'Brien


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A cosmic event in 2015 fused earth with the faerie realm. Scientists refer to the event as the Anomaly. A byproduct of the Anomaly was the advent of hybrid beings - people who became mixed with whatever animal or object was nearest them the moment the Anomaly occurred. Humans, or Pedigrees, soon relegated fairy refugees and hybrids into ghetto zones in large cities.

Seventy years later, Wolfgang Rex, a second-generation hybrd - part human, part Rhodesian Ridgeback - is a retired police detective who runs a private investigation business in Chicago's Southside. It's a one-hybrid show: though Rex couldn't survive without his assisstant, the faerie Sally Sandweb.

One evening, two vampires visit Rex and offer him a substantial reward for the recovery of a stolen scroll. Later that evening, Charlotte Sweeney-Jarhadill, a Pedigree woman from Lousiana, visits Rex and hires him to exorcise the headless ghost of a confederate soldier from her home.

To complicate matters, the private detective ends up falling for Charlotte. Meanwhile the vampires demand results in the search for the missing scroll. When Rex's assistant Sally goes missing, he must stay alive long enough to find her. Charlotte and the vampires, however, have other plans for Rex.

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ISBN-13: 9781732172357
Publisher: Between the Lines Publishing
Publication date: 12/29/2018
Pages: 340
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.76(d)

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To Dream the Blackbane: A Novel of the Anomaly 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
plappen 10 months ago
This novel takes place on an altered present-day Earth. The Anomaly has opened portals between Earth and the faerie/paranormal realm. It also caused people to be fused with whatever animal or thing was closest to them at that moment. Pure humans, called pedigrees, have relegated fairy refugees and hybrids into ghettos. Wolfgang Rex is a retired Chicago police detective who is part dog. He is now a private investigator who has been hired by a couple of vampires to retrieve an ancient scroll. At the same time, Charlotte. a pedigree woman, wants him to travel to very rural Louisiana to exorcise a headless demon from her house. Of course, it is not that easy. Wolfgang falls for Charlotte, and the vampires demand results. They make it clear that failure to find the scroll is not an option. Can Wolfgang stay alive long enbough to find the scroll, while his friends are killed by the vampires? Do Charlotte and Wolfgang live happily ever after? This one is a first-rate piece of writing. The author explains The Anomaly in the first few pages to instantly get the reader interested. The story is full of strange creatures, good world-building and some really good writing. Detective story fans will love this book.
George_Elliott 10 months ago
To Dream the Blackbane is a fantastically complex scifi thriller that provides big surprises and for me was one of those books I couldn’t bring myself to put down. Originality is a word bandied about a lot these days simply because readers haven’t read dozens of other books practically the same, but this is a book no-one could deny is completely original. O Brien manages to weave the plot between realms, species, and mythologies in such a compelling way and I have no doubt there’ll be some amazing books to follow this one.
LibrarianJunkie More than 1 year ago
A Supernatural, Creepy Creatures Fest with a Simple Plot Wolfgang Rex is a diligent private investigator who happens to be a hybrid: half man, half dog individual that came about when the anomaly happened in the futuristic world this novel is set in. The anomaly is some sort of event that occurred where the earth and its humans got to co-exist with the creatures of the netherworlds and the magical realms that were once the stuff of fiction and imagination. In this new world post-anomaly, there are hybrids, faeries, vampires, humans (now considered as pedigrees), and such creatures like the Valkyries and others with terms that resemble those of sci-fi novels’ characters. I became quite interested in this book once I found out that these creatures are in it because I have always been fascinated with mermaids, fairies, giants, and of course the vampire itself. The plot of the story involves Rex and his being hired by two very powerful vampires to go out and find an ancient scroll that contains their kind’s history just in time for their all-powerful queen’s visit. Rex’s investigation takes him to the South where he notices the huge influence of the anomaly on its inhabitants and environment. There he meets other hybrids like himself and other creatures of magical essence that come to his aid in finding out what happened to the vampires’ scroll. I will stop revealing this book’s storyline and diverse cast here and just describe how I was enthralled as well as horrified by the various creatures in this book. There is sex, violence, and suspense all-in-one in here and those kept me up reading it, curious as to what will happen to Rex and eager to get to the bottom of the mystery that surrounds the vampire scroll. When I think of the vampires’ all-powerful queen’s visit, it resembles horror writer Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles’ Queen Akasha, who was Rice’s supposed supreme ruler of all vampires. I think anyone who appreciates the aforementioned creatures of folklore will enjoy this book and its elements. It’s original and I’ve never read a similar book prior to it. Just some observations are that this book may be unsettling to some and to some the underlying notions will remain hidden. I think a fan of sci-fi/ fantasy/ action will adore this book from cover to cover. So my final words to you are: “do yourself a huge favor if you are who I am talking about and go ahead and make the purchase. I read it in only two days because it was that good! You can trust me on that one!
Steve_Wilson More than 1 year ago
I’ve read plenty of fiction books over the last decade or so, and I have to admit that few of them managed to impress me as much as “To Dream the Blackbane.” The book is set in a fictional world that came to life when a massive cosmic event caused the Earth to collide and eventually become one with the faerie realm. As a result, many people were “merged” with other beings or objects they were close to during the Anomaly. So, for instance, the main character of “To Dream the Blackbane” is part-human, part-dog, and I found it fascinating (and not only because I love dogs). However, if you can’t wrap your brain around such transformation, you’re probably not ready for this book because it has a lot more crazy things in store for you. What I enjoyed a lot about this fictional world is how relatable and almost real it feels despite the sheer absurdity of some events and notions, which is not something commonly found in fiction books.
EmersonRoseCraig More than 1 year ago
Dream the Blackbone is a strange and fascinating story that is unique from start to finish. The story opens with an explanation the Anomaly, an event that changed earth and its inhabitants forever. The faerie realm collided with earth and people across the globe combined with objects and animals around them. The strange and creative beginning takes the reader on an exciting and intriguing journey. The ghetto zones are now filled with fairy refugees and hybrids, struggling to live. The world of Richard J. O’Brien is fantastical and strange and comes to life before you as you read. The imaginative aspect of the book was one of my favorite elements and pulled me into the story immediately. The noir feel of the fantasy detective novel is both exciting and full of fun humor. Wolfgang Rex, a dog Hybrid, and his assistant Sally Sandweb, a fairy, make for a fun duo and their adventures are thrilling to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In 2015 the world changed forever – the world we all know blended with a mythical realm I what became known as 'The Anomaly'. Half human and half animal creatures began to emerge as the Anomaly had a profound effect on the living creatures on Earth. Not all humans were affected, who began to refer to themselves as Pedigrees, forcing hybrids and mythical creatures to live in ghetto like cities second class citizens. Many years later retired police detective (and human/dog hybrid) is working as a private detective when a new case crossed his path. The case will seriously complicate his life, as well as put himself and those he loves in great danger. With his novel 'To Dream the Blackbane' Richard J. Brian has created a fantastical and futuristic world, that is so immersive you get sucked in right from the very first few chapters. His characters are brilliant – who else could envision a private detective that is half human half Rhodesian Ridgeback? One of the most imaginative novels I have read in the past few years.
ValeryElias16 More than 1 year ago
Richard J. O'Brien kindly includes a prologue in his book, To Dream the Blackbane: A Novel of the Anomaly. This prologue gives an extensive overview of the Anomaly itself, how it happened, how the world was partially cut off, and the resulting bizarre hybrid creatures that came to be. This sets the stage for a unique story, one that features a hard boiled private detective who is a former cop. Wolfgang Rex is a second generation hybrid, a mix of dog and man, and if you can get past that permutation, you can delve into this book. The strange creatures, from gargoyles to fairies become downright believable and still retain human qualities. What transpires though is a great story full of mystery, vampires, stolen scrolls and much more. To say this book is unique is an understatement, but the author pulls off the impossible, imbuing the plot with nuance and subtlety in a crazy package. If you are looking for something a little different when it comes to characters, this is the book for you. Great urban fantasy, this tale is highly recommended.