To Have and to Hold

To Have and to Hold

by Val Farmer



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ISBN-13: 9780978756109
Publisher: JV Publishing LLC
Publication date: 10/28/2006
Pages: 219
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

A Great Beginning
On Becoming a Couple     15
Twelve Ways to Have an Excellent Marriage     17
Why Couples Stay Committed     25
Putting on Rose Colored Glasses     28
When the Bloom Comes off the Rose     30
Why Marriages Fall Apart     32
Dealing With Differences
What Do Men Really Want?     37
What Do Women Really Want?     39
My Spouse Is My Best Friend, Or Used to Be     42
Nipping Money Arguments in the Bud     44
Money Traps for Young Couples     47
How Dual Employment Affects Marriage     49
Coming Home From a Stressful Job     52
Getting Along with Your In-Laws     54
Love Takes Work
Loving Actions Create Feelings of Love     57
Marriages Flourish with Sacrifice and Devotion     60
Make Your Greetings Special     62
Rituals Give Vitality to Marriage     65
"Yes, Dear"     67
Time To Be Available     69
Short Course on Romance     72
Affection: the More the Better     73
Emotional Intimacy
Become An Expert on Your Spouse's Emotional Needs     77
Barriers to Intimacy Take a Heavy Toll     80
Keeping Intimacy Alive in Your Marriage     82
Who Pays Attention in Relationships?     85
What Is the Deal on Men and Intimacy?     88
Empathy Opens the Door to the Heart     90
Physical Intimacy
Affection in Marriage Demands the Right Touch     93
Women, Sex Is Important     96
Men, When It comes to Sex, Less Can Mean More     98
Effective Listening and Communication
Want a Good Marriage? Have Good Manners     101
How Poor Marital Communications Contribute to Divorce     104
Setting the Stage for Change     107
Ground Rules for Communication     111
Tell Your Truth with Compassion     116
Criticism in Marriage is a Delicate Proposition     120
Watch Your Language: Your Body Language     124
The Art of Listening     128
Taking Criticism Without Being Defensive     131
Negotiation and Problems Solving
Is Anger Hazardous to Your Relationship?     135
Time Outs and the 24 Hour Rule Minimize Conflict     138
When a Man Won't Talk     140
Don't Argue, Negotiate!     142
He Says, She Says, But Do They Understand?     146
Building Trust by Honoring Agreements     149
What the Battle of the Sexes Is All About     153
Love on the Rocks
Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Louse Up a Good Marriage     159
Not Compatible? Here's How You Can Enjoy Yourselves Again     162
Jealousy Can Push a Spouse Away     164
Do Your Love Stories Match?     166
Don't Fight Fire with Fire - Or Ice     169
Protecting Your Marriage From an Affair
Loyalty is a Test of Love     173
Opposite Sex Friendships Are a Threat to Marriage     176
Why Good People Cheat on Their Spouses     180
There Is No Such Thing as an Accidental Affair     182
Apologies and Forgiveness
Putting the Past in the Past     185
Guilt Warns Us to Correct Relationship Problems     187
When Your Partner Wasn't There for You     189
What Makes a Good Enough Apology?     192
What Do You Do When There is No Apology?     194
How Holding on to Grudges Harms Marriage     197
What Does It Mean To Forgive?     199
To Forgive Is a Choice, Trust Is Not     201
Making Your Marriage a Delight
Your Banquet for Life     205
Cherishing: An Exalted Form of Love     208
A Quick Checklist for a Loving Marriage     211
Final Thoughts: What I Wish Couples Knew About Marriage      214

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