To Redeem a Highland Rake: A Historical Scottish Romance (Heart of a Scot, #2)

To Redeem a Highland Rake: A Historical Scottish Romance (Heart of a Scot, #2)

by Collette Cameron

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BN ID: 2940156258857
Publisher: Blue Rose Romance
Publication date: 12/12/2018
Series: Heart of a Scot
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 26,791
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To Redeem a Highland Rake: A Historical Scottish Romance (Heart of a Scot, #2) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
LoriP123 25 days ago
I absolutely loved this story by Collette Cameron! Arieen does everything she possibly can to prevent her marriage to a cruel, lying and womanizing man so as her last resort she causes a scandal knowing that it could compromise her reputation and prevent her from ever marrying in the future. What she doesn't plan on is how much she and Coburn are attracted to each other and soon develop feelings for one another. I'm looking forward to reading more books in this series! I was given an ARC from the author/publisher. All conclusions are mine and mine alone.
Historical_Romance_Lover 3 months ago
I loved Coburn and Arieen's story!! Arieen is desperate to get out of her betrothal, but when Coburn interferes with her plans, she moves on to plan B...kissing Coburn. But plan B also goes awry. Arieen just wanted to end the betrothal, but ends up being kicked out of her home instead. Since Coburn helped her into the situation, he offers marriage to her. Arieen doesn't want to marry a stranger, so she asks if Coburn's cousin can employ her. She would at least have a place to live and some money... Coburn never wanted to get married, but when caught in a compromising situation, steps up. Luckily Arieen turns him down. Since they work at the same place, he comes to know her better and starts to regret that she turned his proposal down. Can he win her over to get their HEA? After meeting Coburn in the first book of the series, I was ready for him to have to eat his words of never getting married, LOL!! I loved watching these two come together and fall in love. I'm excited to see what Cameron come up with next!
Anonymous 3 months ago
A very enjoyable short read.
mscountrylace 3 months ago
Desperate times call for desperate measures and they might just redeem a rake. I was hooked from the moment her plan was revealed and her back up plan. That spark between them ignited from across the room and they were goners as soon as they kissed. I was completely shocked by every word that came out of her father's mouth when he saw them. When Coburn showed her where he came from and told her he couldn't let her be homeless made my heart melt. The way they got married is one of my favorite scenes and I rarely see that way of doing it. A tiny part of me wished someone would really knock her father down a few more pegs, but I loved how it all ended. Arieen will not stand by and let her father trade her like property to a man that didn't care about her at all. She is not shy at all and has no problems saying what she heard or thinks. I loved how she kept her head up after everything her father said and with the gossip going. Coburn may love women to the fullest, but he has a heart of gold and won't let her suffer. He knew he wanted her and would do anything to protect her. I loved how he was just as blunt as her and that he went to great lengths to make her happy. Copy provided for an honest and voluntary review
terrie7 3 months ago
What are you willing to do to avoid marrying a lecherous, scoundrel? Are you willing to catch him in the bushes with another woman? Are you willing to scandalize yourself? Well, Arieen Fleming is willing to do both of these to avoid her marriage to Viscount Quartermain. When Coburn Wallace prevents Arieen from catching Lord Quartermain “in the act” she believes she has only one way of preventing the marriage – make Lord Quartermain see her as scandalous and he will want to call off the wedding. Neither of these plans work out quite as she planned. That one kiss between Arieen and Coburn sets the story into motion. Coburn has never wanted to marry, but now finds himself proposing to Arieen. Arieen, an educated, gently-bred woman finds herself outcast from her family with no place to go. Arieen, with Coburn’s help, gets the position of secretary for Laird Rutherford (Coburn’s cousin). This position, while beneficial, does pose other problems further down the line. Although this story picks up toward the end of To Love a Highland Rogue, it can easily be read as a standalone. It was lovely to see Logan and Mayra again. They, along with the household help work to bring Arieen and Coburn together. Coburn is charming and witty and Arieen is humble and a beautiful person on the inside, as well as the outside. And she has wonderful friends in Berget and Emiline! I truly enjoyed this story and I look forward to others in this series. I received a free ARC but I gladly gave my opinion of the story.
PegC51 3 months ago
When Coburn inadvertently spoils Arieen’s plan to end her betrothal to a fortune-hunting, philandering viscount, she turns to Plan B, to get herself ruined. Coburn is handy and handsome, so she turns to him and kisses him. It turns into a very nice kiss. Caught, yes. Ruined, yes. Her impulsive act resulted in consequences she hadn’t expected, and a shocking betrayal. She is disowned and thrown out of her home with nowhere to go. Coburn wants to help and protect Arieen. Neither really wants to marry, and certainly not strangers. Now what are they to do? Coburn is handsome, intelligent, somewhat carefree, and satisfied with his life as Logan’s steward and second in command. Arieen is intelligent and kind, but she is still young and a little self-absorbed. She needs a way to grow up a little more and a chance to prove herself. The two of them are really quite likeable. Their story overlaps Logan’s, and he and Mayra do what they can to help Arieen (and Coburn). This is a wonderful story that starts a little tense, moves to betrayal and sadness, and becomes happy. There are surprises in the story, not particularly nice ones, but the last one in the story is awesome. To Redeem a Highland Rake is the second book in The Heart of a Scot series. I recommend the book and the series.
Kat Wiley 3 months ago
Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Well, in the story of To Redeem a Highland Rake by Collette Cameron book 2 in the Heart of a Scot series I would have say yes. Collette stories and writing are both truly wonderful. Her stories are original, creative and she always includes an animal in every story. I have read most of Collette’s books and she has yet to disappoint. You fall in love with her characters especially Coburn in To Redeem A Highland Rake and her stories are both charming and enjoyable at the same time. This story has scandal, an arranged marriage, evil, selfishness, kindness, caring, redemption, cruelty, happiness, teasing, acceptance, uncertainty, independence and love. Though this is in a series it can be read as a standalone. I highly recommend this book! ***This book was gifted to me and I am voluntarily reviewing.
clarkws 3 months ago
To Redeem a Highland Rake is Book two in the Heart of a Scot series by Collette Cameron. This is a wonderful story and fits like a puzzle piece with the first book in the series To Love a Highland Rogue. Although this is a standalone, it is so much richer to read To Love a Highland Rogue first and then move on to this book. I absolutely adored the hero in this story Coburn Wallace. There are so many tender, sweet, romantic scenes. "He breathed her name, a reverent, seductive purr and tenderly palmed her cheek. Laird and saints and angels help her. 'Do ye ken yer eyes are sparklin' with longin', leannan?' He pressed his mouth to her forehead, her nose, and finally her lips." Heart pounding sweet romance. I laughed and sighed my merry way through this book. I hope Cameron has more stories planned in this series. I was gifted a copy of this book.
georgia1 3 months ago
Can a Rake be Redeemed? It is always possible, yes definitely, okay maybe, uh, hopefully! With only a week before the wedding, Arieen is determined to somehow break her betrothal. After all Viscount Quartermain has some stellar qualities (oh yes bad) that have appeared and she never wanted the marriage to begin with!! So she sees her opportunity when at a masquerade ball and thinks she can catch him with someone else!! But as often happens, plans go awry and she finds herself being helped by Colburn Wallace, and one off the charts attraction begins! In creative Collette Cameron fashion, she creates a story filled with so many emotions that pull you through the pages and of course her signature sweet companion to the couple, Berget (yes you will need to read to find out.) Can these two find lasting love from the most unexpected meeting? As I turned the last page, my heart smiled with the knowledge that there would be another story in this series to come! Well done. Lori Dykes
McM0mmy-PW 3 months ago
Loved Aireen and Coburn's story! Aireen was a feisty heroine who figured out how to save her self, then Coburn came along and finished the job. Watching them both fall in love and slowly realize it was pretty awesome. The ending was the perfect touch with Logan's help! Thank you for the advance copy of the story!