To Russia With Love

To Russia With Love

by Chris Almeida, Cecilia Aubrey


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The second novel of the COUNTERMEASURE SERIES finds Trevor and Cassandra Bauer starting a new life across the pond, where they continue their search for Trevor's parents. When George Miller, Trevor's best friend and colleague at the NSA, comes across a new piece of information on his parents' case, they embark on an adventure, following a digital trail to Saint Petersburg.
Encumbered with the dangerous task of infiltrating a Russia Mafia's stronghold and recovering stolen files in exchange for the new clue, Trevor finds himself bound to a Russian mafia crime lord. What started as a simple data file recovery turns into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, deep in a world of betrayal, hidden identities, and secret agendas.
When plans veer out of control and Cassandra finds herself on the run, her sole focus is ensuring Trevor's safety-even it if means depending on those who might not have their best interests at heart....
Back in Ireland, Jessica Forrester is busy at her new job helping Cassandra on the case-and even busier trying to find a way into Stephan Connellan's heart. Little does she realize that her greatest obstacle may be Stephan himself....

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780987921772
Publisher: Éire Publishing
Publication date: 07/19/2012
Pages: 514
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.15(d)

About the Author

Chris Almeida began writing children's stories at a very young age. While Cecilia Aubrey has dabbled in writing on and off over the years. It was in 2010, when Chris and Cecilia met and began role-playing online as a hobby, that writing placed itself front and center-this time, writing storylines for the role-playing group.
The ideas and plots created for the game awoke their inner writers, and, a few months later, together they began writing romantic erotica. Together, they write suspense-driven erotic romance with sexy, technologically inclined men and woman, filled with intrigue and enough twists and turns to make a rollercoaster seem tame.
Chris and Cecilia have several published short stories to their credit and their first novel, COUNTERMEASURE, was published in January 2011. They are currently working on the second and third books in the COUNTERMEASURE series. Through all the chaos and laughter, they still hold true to their roots, bringing their favorite role-play characters and stories to life.
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To Russia With Love 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
gaele More than 1 year ago
Let me begin with a small notice that was given by the authors (and copied from the Amazon site) “The Countermeasure Series also has a tie-in series called Countermeasure: Bytes of Life. This new series of shorts gives the readers glimpses into the day-to-day life of the Countermeasure characters. Although the shorts are standalone stories, they are character-driven, NOT plot-driven. Please be advised that ALL short stories in the spin-off series contain EROTIC content. They are NOT recommended for younger audience. Some of the events that take place in the short stories might be referenced in the novels and vice-versa. It is strongly advised that you read the novels and shorts in chronological order.” I did receive an electronic copy of this book from the authors for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility. This is my second adventure with Cassandra and Trevor: and my favourite of the two. Cassandra and Trevor are now married and living in Dublin, eight months into their marriage and searching for clues to the disappearance of Trevor’s parents. As arranged, George still has freedom to contact and work with Trevor from his position in the secret rooms of the NSA. George finds information about papers pertaining to Trevor’s father, along with a missing piece of software. Trevor contacts the man who bought the notes, and Devlin asks him to retrieve a piece of software, in return for handwritten notes from his father. This was a fast paced novel, tasting the worlds of corporate espionage, action, internet technology, programming and the Russian Mafia; as Cassie and Trevor find themselves in St. Petersburg to solve the case. Meanwhile, Cassie has convinced her best friend Jessica to pack up and move from California to Dublin, to join them and add her talents for financial tracing and tracking to the company. Jessica is smitten with Stephan, Trevor’s ‘honorary’ uncle and now the man running Brennan Enterprises. After declaring her interest at Cassie and Trevor’s wedding, she can’t get him out of her mind, nor he her. Here we watch them dance about their attraction, fall into bed with some light domination as Jessica works desperately to get Stephan to declare his love for her. Of course, Stephan is guarded and determined to never give his heart to anyone, a sure temptation for the gods, and he cannot remove her from his mind, or heart. The two storylines are intermingled throughout this book, while the focus is on Cassie and Trevor the story of Jess and Stephan are sexy, hot and heated interludes from the tension. It’s really difficult to decide if this series is written to appeal to romance readers looking for adventure or James Bond-type lovers where the characters are not so expected; for it hits on all levels. The characters are so neatly defined and developed that you will find yourself jumping when the doors open on Trevor, looking over your shoulder as Cassie wanders in St. Petersburg trying to settle her nerves, and often wanting to shake Stephen into realizing that he is older, not dead and should not resign himself to a life without love, and Jessica. These are not books that you finish and forget – the characters live on in your memory and you wonder where the next adventure will take them, and what tricks will Trevor pull out of his magic hat to impress and astound once again. His facile intelligence, wrapped up in a pretty package that just glows with the love he has for Cassandra, and the depression he feels over his parents disappearance. Cassandra is no damsel in distress; she is full of her own bag of tricks from years of training first with her father the ex-Navy SEAL, and then with the CIA. The two complement each other’s strengths, while drawing on a large pool of assistance from their connections. This is a series that has me wanting the next instalment NOW: I want to see Trevor have his answers to his personal mystery, see Stephan and Jessica find their own ‘happily ever after’, see George get the girl and even see what sort of man Nathan will be, now that he has realized and accepted that Cassie will never be, nor never was his; despite his dreams otherwise. You won’t be disappointed with these: again the sex is knee-shaking in intensity and the reading of those scenes is very voyeuristic in feeling – a good thing. The characters leap off the page in a way that makes the reading of the story as intense and captivating as watching a film. I can’t recommend this series enough, and cannot wait for the next instalment.
ABrantley More than 1 year ago
Hot romance, kick ass action, great you really need more? To Russia With Love is an excellent book.
AMR0406 More than 1 year ago
What an intense and thrilling ride! If you have read Countermeasure by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey, well get ready for more in To Russia With Love. More action. More thrills (and chills). More emotion. More romance. More twists and turns. More story. When I finished with To Russia With Love I was exhausted, but in a good way. I can't even count the number of times tears rand down my cheeks or the number of times it felt like my heart was beating so rapidly I thought it would come right out of my chest. This is my favorite book of the series so far. In To Russia With Love Trevor and Cassandra are caught up in the middle of the Russian Mafia. In their defense, they didn't quite know how deep they were getting into things until they were already in over their heads. But, what do an NSA and ex-CIA agent do? They think on their feet, try to get the job done and survive by all means necessary. Chris and Cecilia develop the characters so well that my skin would crawl every time a couple of the characters entered the scene and I wanted to read faster to get away from them. There were other times my heart hurt for a couple of them and wanted to help them them get out of their situation. And still there were other times I found myself talking (yelling) out loud at some of the characters who were just being ridiculous. The romance between Stephan and Jessica comes to light in To Russia With Love. I am not going to say much about this one because I don't want to spoil it other than that I absolutely loved watching their relationship unfold. Whenever you have a vibrant, intense female like Jessica and a stoic, controlled male like Stephan, there is going to be some explosive, emotional highs and lows. There is also going to be some incredibly sexy times. I loved it all and thought it was written perfectly for those characters. I was a little nervous at the beginning of the story because things seemed to be going too well for Trevor and Cassandra. They are a happy couple and I thought, "Am I going to read a long book about a happy couple with no problems?" Boy was I in for a treat. Most of the tears I shed were over Trevor and Cassandra and their situations. At times, the emotions that I felt for Trevor and Cassie were so real that my chest physically hurt along with them. And I was so incredibly happy for them at the end I had happy tears (we all know they get a HEA since it is a romance book, so that shouldn't be a spoiler). As for the story? Well, Chris and Cecilia write brilliant stories. Every detail is thought out and you hang on each word because you don't want to miss anything. The order of events and the way they cut between the different story lines make it hard to put down. The twists and turns, while catching you off guard at times, do make sense and they do a fantastic job of tying it all up at the end, leaving no loose threads. If you like romantic suspense that gets your adrenaline pumping during fast paced action scenes and also warms your heart with sweet and passionate romance, you need to read To Russia With Love.
kimamhill More than 1 year ago
I am simply hooked on this series! The action kept me on the edge of my seat. Those scenes were so well written I felt like I was on the side lines watching it all play out! The new characters introduced in this book are great as well! The romance...well....Phew *fanning self* Very HOT! You can't go wrong with reading this series! So if you haven't read this book...I recommend that you do..and if you HAVE read it...then tell your friends...and your friends friends! Everyone needs to experience this series!
Ariesgrl More than 1 year ago
Trevor Bauer’s best friend, George Miller, may have just found some vital information that could help Trevor find his missing parents. Cassandra Bauer is missing her best friend, Jessica Forrester, and is determined to help Trevor find answers to his parents disappearance. Jessica jumps at the chance to work with Cassie again, so she immediately packs up everything and moves to Ireland. As Trevor and Cassie work a dangerous case in Russia, Jessica has time to explore her relationship with Stephen Connelan. Trevor risks everything, including his life and his love, in this latest chapter in the Countermeasure Series. Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey make a powerful writing duo. Their writing style flows with ease as though written by one author yet again. This time the action is amplified and the story is balanced with steamy love scenes from the secondary characters. Though there are a few grammar errors in this book, the chemistry and passion between the characters and the adrenaline-packed scenes are superb. Readers’ hearts will race as they turn each page. Fans of this series will be left desperately waiting for the next novel. Romantic suspense readers of a mature age need to place this series on their ‘Must-Read’ lists. Notes: The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. This review was originally posted on my website, Ariesgrl Book Reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago