To the Ends of the Earth: The Age of the European Explorers

To the Ends of the Earth: The Age of the European Explorers

by Peter O. Koch


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The European explorers who dared to face the perils of the unknown have in recent times become shrouded in controversy. No longer esteemed as heroes, except in their homelands, these bold explorers are now seen as purveyors of disease, destruction and slavery whose only interests were finding gold, becoming famous, and spreading their religious beliefs. But, as the author of this work points out, these explorers broke down long-standing myths and broadened the world’s horizons.
Beginning with Prince Henry the Navigator’s worldly vision of finding a direct sea route to India and concluding with Ferdinand Magellan’s quest to be the first man to sail around the world, this work tells the collective story of the numerous explorers who sought to find a path to the exotic spices and other treasures of the Far East. Most of the explorers included in this work were of the same generation and several of them even sailed together. The book also examines the political, social and economic factors that ushered in the age of exploration and had such an impact upon the explorers.

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ISBN-13: 9780786415656
Publisher: McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers
Publication date: 05/19/2003
Pages: 292
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About the Author

After a long career in the banking industry, Peter O. Koch now runs a small online business. The author of several books, his research interests include American Indian cultures and the New World expeditions of the Spaniards. He lives in Bradenton, Florida.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface 1

ONE The Routes of Trade 5

TWO In Search of Cathay 33

THREE Following the Dream of Prince Henry 61

FOUR The Spanish Crusade 80

FIVE At the Edge of a New World 98

SIX Visions of Cathay 118

SEVEN The Spice Monopoly 135

EIGHT Those Who Trespass Against Columbus 156

NINE Same Planet, Different Worlds 174

TEN The Grand Prize 203

ELEVEN Colonization of the Caribbean 220

TWELVE The Voyage of Magellan 242

THIRTEEN When the World Became Whole 259

Bibliography 277

Index 279

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