Today's Country [2 CD]

Today's Country [2 CD]

by The Countdown Singers



Premiere session cover band the Countdown Singers hit the nail on the head with Today's Country, their compilation of contemporary country songs as covered by them. The anonymous boys and girls of the group have found what they can mimic almost perfectly: country music. Songs like "My Next Thirty Years" still maintain the same emotional level and power even without Tim McGraw's vocals. The reason for this may partially be because most of these tracks were not written by the artists who made them such big hits. Whatever the reason, the only thing that these cover versions really lack is the quality of production that the original renditions maintain. Plus, there is always the issue of the original versions being better almost by default; even if these are excellent covers, they are not what most listeners would choose to listen to. But if there is any Countdown Singers album where they excel at their goal, this is the one. Anyone who is not concerned with hearing the original artist perform these tracks but still wants the actual songs on CD would do themselves a favor by checking this out.

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