Together Through Korea and Alzheimer's

Together Through Korea and Alzheimer's

by Joyce Sorensen


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Sixteen-year-olds Dick and Joyce fall in love and manage to marry at nineteen despite a mother determined to split them. When Dick is drafted and shipped to Korea, Joyce and their infant are forced to live with her manipulative mother.

In letters from six thousand miles away, Dick poetically writes of his longing for Joyce and relates bizarre incidents which occur around him. Separated and existing in alien environments, their relationship shifts.

Late in his life, Alzheimer's attacks Dick but fails to destroy their emotional bond.

In an exquisite paean to love, Joyce Sorensen reveals the intimate relationship of a couple who overcome numerous threats to their lifelong devotion. Her poignant words escort the reader through emotions that linger long after the book is closed.

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ISBN-13: 9781937083588
Publisher: Two Cats Press
Publication date: 01/09/2016
Pages: 342
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.76(d)

About the Author

Joyce Sorensen earned her Master of Social Work at the University of Washington/Seattle and did post-graduate work at Antioch/Seattle. She retired from private practice in 1989. She lives in Litchfield Park, Arizona. Contact her at

Table of Contents

June 21, 2013

Chapter 1. "I won't go steady
Chapter 2. "I have to buy an orchid."
Chapter 3. "I'm starting a tradition."
Chapter 4. "We need to consider separating."
Chapter 5. "I have to tell you something."
Chapter 6. "Crawl in, Honey."
Chapter 7. "What a story we'll tell our kids."
Chapter 8. "We'll both turn over."
Chapter 9. "Let's see what Uncle Sam has to offer."
Chapter 10. "I'm not afraid of getting kicked."
Chapter 11. "I would be the gentlest wildman."
Chapter 12. "Do not be late, Baby."
Chapter 13. "I'm a minor child."
Chapter 14. "They can just send me back on this boat."
Chapter 15. "Everything is for my family."
Chapter 16. "We have about 416 days left."
Chapter 17. "We're well back from the front."
Chapter 18. "My ache for you is acute."
Chapter 19. "I go my way and the Army can go the other way."
Chapter 20. "I am so lonesome, Honey."
Chapter 21. "Darn, I wish I were there to learn about babies."
Chapter 22. "TV could be a very educational medium."
Chapter 23. "The Indo-China news doesn't sound good."
Chapter 24. "Nuts to this place."
Chapter 25. "Your faith in me has been justified."
Chapter 26. "There are little green frogs in here."
Chapter 27. "You are the brilliant star of my universe."
Chapter 28. "Too many guys go to pieces over here."
Chapter 29. "I need you as I need oxygen."
Chapter 30. "Could you price 1955 Fords?"
Chapter 31. "I hope Karen will love me."
Chapter 32. "I'm off tomorrow after 151 days straight."
Chapter 33. "How grown up do we have to act?"
Chapter 34. "No chance of leaving until January 19."
Chapter 35. "We're In!"
Chapter 36. "Oh, Baby, we're finally together."
Chapter 37. "We're finally on our honeymoon."
Chapter 38. "Karen, this is Daddy."
Chapter 39. "I really want to stay in Eugene."
Chapter 40. "Whoop!"
Chapter 41. "C'mon, Blue Eyes."
Chapter 42. "I vote for Christmas morning."
Chapter 43. "More bissy, Daddy!"
Chapter 44. "Where else would I be?"
Chapter 45. June 10, 2013
Chapter 46. June 16, 2013
Chapter 47. June 17, 2013
Chapter 48. June 18, 2013

June 21, 2013

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