Together We Win: A Children's Book about the OKC Thunder

Together We Win: A Children's Book about the OKC Thunder

by Gail Moss M.Ed. M.S.Ed


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First of a kind educational fun book on the Oklahoma basketball team. Written on 2/3rd grade level, Together We Win provides information on team history, interesting facts about players, and fun activities for home and the classroom. It also includes a crossword puzzle, a word-find puzzle, a "making words" exercise, and comprehension questions.

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ISBN-13: 9781496944351
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/06/2014
Pages: 38
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.10(d)

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Together We Win

A Children's Book about the OKC Thunder

By Gail Moss, Sean Winburn


Copyright © 2014 Gail Moss, M.Ed., M.S.Ed
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4969-4435-1


Coming to Oklahoma

Oklahoma has tornados, and now Oklahoma has Thunder!

In 2008, Oklahoma City welcomed the team that would become the OKC Thunder, Oklahoma's first professional basketball team. The state of Oklahoma was ready for an NBA team, and this began Oklahoma's love for the Thunder. The team came from Seattle, Washington, where the team first had as its name the Seattle Supersonics.

In early September 2008, the official team name, which was the Oklahoma City Thunder, their logo, and the colors of blue, orange-red, and yellow for the logo and uniforms were first introduced to the people of Oklahoma City. The colors of the team were selected because each color had a special meaning. The light blue color goes with the Oklahoma state flag to show the inclusion of all Oklahomans, the yellow is the sun, and the reddish-orange is the color of the sunset. The logo can be seen in the middle of the floor in the arena.

How the Thunder got its name is interesting. It was chosen because part of America, including Oklahoma, is known as Tornado Alley. Because of all the storms in the spring, there are more tornados there than anywhere else. Also, the Forty-Fifth Infantry Division of Oklahoma has the nickname of the Thunderbirds, representing our Oklahoma Native American population. The name Thunder is strong, and it shows a powerful emotion. The team name was very important, and the players would have to have special qualities to match it. Those qualities are: character (char-ac-ter), perseverance (per-se-ver-ance), selflessness (selfless-ness), charity (char-i-ty), and community (com-mu-ni-ty).

The uniform colors for home games are white with blue and orange letters, while the uniforms for away games are blue with white letters. The new alternate uniform is navy blue with vertical design and striping. The design of the uniform shows the coordination and uniformity of our strength and the rising nature of the team and community. The Christmas uniforms are light blue with orange OKC.

Rumble the Bison is the team's mascot. Rumble is at every game, both home and away, cheering for the team. He interacts with the fans, and he does silly things to make the fans laugh. Rumble was the winner of the 2008–2009 NBA Mascot of the Year.


About the Team

The Thunder has captured the hearts of the people in Oklahoma and across the United States, both young and old. The team has set an example of how hard work and never giving up make a difference. They do this by setting goals on how to win and how to have a positive attitude. The OKC Thunder Organization strongly believes in team unity and that as a team they will "Rise Together." The team thinks of themselves as a family. When breaking from the huddle, they hold together and say, "Family."

The Thunder is a big part of Oklahoma City community. When new players first come to join the team, as part of their arrival the new players go to the Murray Building Memorial. At the memorial, players get a sense of being in Oklahoma and how the bombing affected Oklahoma. The state of Oklahoma went through a terrible tragedy, but at the memorial, a true feeling of strength, courage, and family is shown to the players.


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