Tombs of the Great Leaders: A Contemporary Guide

Tombs of the Great Leaders: A Contemporary Guide

by Gwendolyn Leick


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ISBN-13: 9781780232003
Publisher: Reaktion Books, Limited
Publication date: 01/15/2014
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 8.80(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

 Gwendolyn Leick is a senior lecturer at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.

Table of Contents


1. Enduring Signification: Mounds, Monuments, and Mausolea

            Stone Age Burials

            Bronze Age Elite Tombs

            Hellenistic Eclecticism and the Invention of the Mausoleum

            Roman Imperial Tombs

            Royal Burials of Christian Monarchs in the Middle Ages

            The Impact of the French Revolution

            Napoleon’s Tomb

            Lincoln’s Tomb in Springfield, Illinois

2. Safeguarding the Immortality of Revolutionary Leaders: Mausolea in Communist Countries

            Lenin’s Tomb

            The Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh

            Mao Zedong Memorial Hall

            Kumsusan Memorial Hall, ‘The Scared Temple of the Juche

            Destroyed Communist Mausolea

3. Fantasy and Reality: The Burial Places of Fascist Leaders

            Mussolini’s Crypt in Predappio

            Franco and the Righteous Fallen in Santa Cruz del Valle de los Caídos

4. New Nations, New Monuments: Mausolea for Fathers of the Nation

            Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum (Lingmu) on Purple Mountain

            Anıtkabir: The Memorial Tomb of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

            Mazar-e-Quaid-e-Azam, ‘The Mausoleum of the Great Leader’, Muhammad Ali Jinnah,    in Karachi

            The Mausoleum of Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman in Dhaka

5. Not the Final Resting Place: Temporary Mausolea

            Chiang Kai-shek at Chihu, Taiwan

            Yasser Arafat at Ramallah

6. Appropriate Traditions

            Sukarno and Suharto in Java

            The Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini in Tehran

7. Political Mausolea in Africa

            North African Mausolea

            Sub-Saharan Mausolea

            Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park in Accra

            The Mausoleum of M’zee Laurent-Désiré Kabila in Kinshasa

            The Mausoleum of Hastings Kamuzu Banda in Lilongwe, Malawi

            The Tomb of Dr John Garang de Mabior, Juba, South Sudan

            Reinventing the Political Tomb in Africa


Chronological List of Tombs and Mausolea



Illustration Acknowledgements


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