Tomorrow Is Today, A behavior modification methodology, guide, and workbook to manage the job search process: The complete guide for getting and keeping your next job and advancing your career

Tomorrow Is Today, A behavior modification methodology, guide, and workbook to manage the job search process: The complete guide for getting and keeping your next job and advancing your career

by Lawrence Alter

Paperback(2017th ed.)

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FINDING A JOB IS HARD WORK. It has been estimated that as many as one out of every three workers attempts to change jobs annually in the United States. Out of a labor force of 153 million, that represents almost 50,000,000 job seekers who are seeking new employment each year. As a result, the job search process is highly competitive at all levels. It can be lengthy, frustrating, prejudicial, and unfair. Older, more traditional job finding techniques have become less productive. The traditional resume no longer has the same impact in generating the all important and often elusive interview. Both the Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY have highlighted the fact that only about 15% of all professionals find a new position through responding to published advertisements or online postings, another 10% through placement agencies or search firms, and only 5% through unsolicited direct mail. Why then, would anyone focus 90% of their time and effort in areas that represent only about 30% of all potential opportunities? It is not uncommon for 200-300 people to respond to help wanted advertisements. Yet seldom do more than 6 to 10 people achieve interviews, and after an often lengthy process, only one person gets the job. Everyone else starts the whole process again. Older Americans, women, and minorities can often face an even more difficult road due to unspoken, but ever-present biases. There is a better way.

TOMORROW IS TODAY dispels the myth that the most qualified candidate always gets the job. It points out that the person who is hired is usually the one who is liked the best. This book can be a major factor in how you differentiate yourself from other candidates when the hiring decision is almost always based upon subjective factors such as the individual's personality style, body language, and manner of being interviewed. It is an invaluable resource in helping you to achieve your next position with added features that assist in building a success story

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ISBN-13: 9781538042854
Publisher: NOOK Press
Publication date: 10/18/2017
Edition description: 2017th ed.
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.52(d)

About the Author

Mr. Alter is a veteran sales/marketing executive and an established leader in the outplacement and career management industry. He has over 35 years of experience successfully guiding thousands of professionals in achieving both their career and compensation goals. His marketing methods have proven valuable in assisting people at all levels generate new and meaningful employment, start a consulting practice or business enterprise, better manage an existing employment situation, or deal with the politics related to internal career growth. He has been equally effective in helping new college graduates launch their careers, mid-level managers on the way up, senior executives striving for greater challenge, professionals in the non-profit world, and those in their 50’s or 60’s who may be in the twilight of their career. His clients have included a wide variety of business professionals, retired military officers, educators and educational administrators, and executives in the non-profit community. Additionally he is a veteran mediator at facilitating negotiated solutions to workplace conflict, an expert advisor and tactician in the negotiation of compensation packages and developing performance review strategy, and highly skilled as an advisor to aspiring entrepreneurs. He has successfully developed and managed the efforts of three major Midwest based career management firms, and is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of L.D.A. Enterprises, an Outplacement and career management group focusing on career development, reference verification, and resume/motivational letter services for professionals in transition. His website and description of company services may be accessed at Mr. Alter is an acclaimed industry expert whose advice has been quoted in numerous publications including: Fortune Magazine, Minneapolis StarTribune, Chicago Sun Times, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Tampa Florida Tribune, Houston Chronicle, and a wide variety of online periodicals. His own column the “EmploymentClinic,” appeared for several years in the CareerBuilder section of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minnesota’s second largest newspaper publication. Additionally he has authored a 240-page career management workbook entitled “Tomorrow Is Today, the complete guide for getting and keeping your next job.” Previously, he served as both Regional and National Sales Manager for several consumer products manufacturing companies.

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