Tonibo and the Girls of Angels, Inc.: A Presidential Dilemma

Tonibo and the Girls of Angels, Inc.: A Presidential Dilemma

by Bruce Martin


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There are secret government agents among us. During the day, they might buy groceries. Maybe they do laundry at the Laundromat down the street. Maybe they go to your local gym and run on a treadmill. To the untrained eye, they are regular American citizens ... but they take their jobs seriously. At night, they break through advanced building security. They hack the computers of terrorists, and they might even kill.

Meet the Angels-four beautiful women by day and four tough government spies by night. There's the fearless leader, ToniBo, an ex-Navy Seal. Miki is a five-foot-tall ex-Green Beret who gives out bruises as fast as you can blow a kiss. CeeCee is an ex-Ranger communications officer and sniper, while Iris is an ex-Special Operations demolition expert and Top Gun pilot. Together, they form a team that's practically unbeatable-all while doing their best to live semi-normal lives.

But now, their country needs them. Bloodthirsty neo-Nazi racists are plotting to take down the president of the United States. They are angered that a less-than-pureblood is running their country, and it has to stop. These backwoods boys didn't count on the Angels, though, and their kidnapping plot is about to get a lot more difficult when four brave women help to save the life of our country's commander-in-chief.

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ISBN-13: 9781469700663
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/24/2012
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.64(d)

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ToniBo and the Girls of Angels, Inc.

A Presidential Dilemma
By Bruce Martin

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Bruce Martin
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4697-0066-3

Chapter One

"A Perfect Morning"

With the lights dimmed, there were the sounds of a dull buzzing from a variety of different computers and hard-drives. A thinly built, but strong minded, man stood around his crew of computer techs glancing at their activities. His mind raced with lies and deceit. The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Boston Globe, London's Independent, Welle, he thought of some of the most read papers in the world and began to spread articles about The President of the Unites States' false on-goings to build an heir of deceit that he is unfit to run his office. His underlings replied with quick 'Yes sirs' as he walked the perimeter of the room. As he watched the men under his beckoning call he pulled his cell phone from his pocket and dialed an "old" friend.

In an office in Washington DC, a national government official's phone rings. The nameplate on his desk read Richards. As he picked up his phone, he greeted the caller with a gruff "Hello ..."

Jake "Nathan ... how are you?"

Nathan "Jake?"

Jake "You are correct sir!"

Nathan "I'm guessing you called for a reason, 'my friend'?!"

Jake "What, no small talk? ... We never talk anymore, ya know? ... Maybe I just called to say I miss you!" He said with contempt.

Nathan replied "Well, lately your calls are always for some new proposition or crusade you 'need' my help with! Hit me with it, and to hell with the small talk, old friend!"

Jake "Okay, straight to the point!" He smiled before continuing "I'm hearing reports that the president has been having some trouble keeping the public pleased about his consumption of fossil fuels! I, being such an eco-friendly individual, think it's 'bout time someone took care of the problem!" There was an eerie silence for a moment, which seemed to last hours, then Nathan answered ...

Nathan "You've already begun the first phase?!?"

Jake "As we speak, it's becoming reality! Have you finished with preparations on your end?"

Nathan "The idea has been planted. It is up to his approval to change from air to land, but with the recommendations and route I've preplanned, I don't see any problem with what we've discussed."

Jake "A lot is riding on your persuasive powers Nathan. I'm hoping that this will go off without a hitch."

Nathan "I'm confident on my end. This will be our last communiqué before the project begins!"

Jake "Then how are we to know to have our pieces in place?"

Nathan "He will announce his decision to go green before the trip on national networks. You'll know... Have your other associates ready."

After Nathan's last statement the two hung up. The nation and world would be in for a terror to rival the attacks on September 11th ...

It was just another beautiful morning on the Jersey shore. The sun shone down upon the ocean's seemingly endless crisp bluish green waves. As the ocean lapped upon the beach the gentle roll of the Ocean brought bits and pieces of shell and sand from the sea. The Ocean's reflective waves commanded the wind towards the mainland making it an unusually warm Autumn's day. The rain from the night before made the sand nicely compact which allowed the Angels CeeCee and Iri to go about their morning run with ease.

Iri, the man chasing Puerto Rican, was on her fifth trip of the week from her Philadelphia home to Cee's for their ten mile run up the shoreline. As if from America's Next Top Model they jogged along the ocean's coastline. Iri, in a provocative demeanor, jogged down the beach catching the attention of any wandering eyes as her voluptuous figure nearly busted out of her scanty attire with each passing stride. Cee, a drop-dead gorgeous black woman, on the other hand dressed more conservatively compared to her sister, wearing a form fitting jogging suit extenuating her luscious curves. Their hearts raced as the sweat, rolling down their skin, glistened in the sun as they neared the final stretch of their extensive run.

As the two were off on their run Tonibo showed up at her sister Cee's beautiful ocean front home with a sense of pride. Her hair glistened in the morning light as she climbed out of her old CJ5. The deep crevasses of Toni's massively muscular body showed intensely as the light of the sun struck her body and rose over the ocean's horizon. Not a stumble in her step she walked up the nicely decorated concrete sidewalk and placed her key into the door. She stepped in as if she was entering her own household. With dark circles under her eyes she walked around the house, to find her two sisters still out on their morning run. Her mind still raced with the thoughts of her inner conflict as she proceeded to make coffee, for her and the girls, hoping to ease her mind. After the coffee began to brew, Toni opened the sliding glass door and walked onto the porch to light up her only smoke of the day, a Winston. After taking her first drag, she noticed her two sisters brisk-fully walking towards the back porch steps. Toni greeted them with a cheerful wave and sighed to herself, her thoughts still weighing heavily on her mind. She placed her cigarette in the ash tray and walked back inside, the embers danced in the light breeze as the smoke dissipated. She fixed the three's coffee in the massive white kitchen, and waited patiently for the other two to arrive. Staring blankly at the wall, her thoughts began to consume her. She thought to herself, "How am I gonna' bring this up to them, will they still think of me the same, what is Miki gonna' think?" After contemplating this for what seemed to be one half an hour, she was startled to see Iri and Cee appear in the kitchen.

Instantly, Toni was greeted with a 'Hola!' Toni was smothered with hugs and kisses from Iri. Towering over Toni with her six foot plus body, she excessively kissed the top of Toni's head and ruffled her hair, until Toni pushed her away almost spilling her coffee all over Cee's beautiful hardwood floor.

Toni "Jesus Christ Iri!!" She leaned back examining her mug to see if any coffee had spilled.

Cee giggled a moment and daintily stirred her coffee, saying "Well Well ... somebody's here awfully early, what's the special occasion?" With a worried look creeping slowly upon her face. The concern washed over her, noticing that Toni was deep in thought.

Toni "... nothin' ... just figured I'd pop in."

Iri bursted in "Well ... she has you there Cee. We never make appointments to see each other."

CeeCee replied "I know, but Toni never comes over this early ... unless there's a problem or something dealing with work."

Iri pulled out one of the six high back blue bar stools and sat down to enjoy her morning coffee, and said "Damn I smell!"

Cee shook her head unphased and snickered saying "That's just nasty."

Iri looked at Cee and laughed saying "I love the look on Bo's face after that remark!"

She finished her coffee, stood, and said "I believe I better hit the shower." then jokingly continued "Any of you two care to join me?" As a smile widened on her face.

Once again Cee shook her head in disbelief and exclaimed "You really need to wash your mind along with that body of yours..... you're foul."

Iri laughed and headed to the second floor where Cee's private bath was.

Cee looked to Bo, who still had her mouth open in shock from Iri's comments, and asked "So what's up?"

Toni, with a quirky smile replied "Nothin'... I can't just pop in to see my sister?"

Cee leaned back on the counter with a look distrust and quickly retorted "Well ... I know we haven't gotten along in the past ... but, I noticed you waited for Iri to go upstairs to talk ... so what's wrong, ya' know I'm here for ya'."

Toni stared into her coffee before shaking her head and looking up, saying "No, no ... I really just wanted to take a drive." She smiled, and returned to her coffee.

Cee, with a twist in her lip, replied "Suure ... right ... So you left poor Shelly, your dog, man's best friend, all alone while you took a nice little drive just to see us ... and become mute ... okay." She smirked and sipped her coffee in satisfaction.

Bo, with a look of defeat, calmly stated in a meek voice "Yup ... ya' caught me." She let out a long drawn out sigh and continued. "Can you keep a secret?"

Cee widened her eyes taken aback and replied quickly "Of-of course I can, you know that!"

Toni with a long drawn breath answered "It has to deal with Lana Wolfbangor ..."

CeeCee, astounded exclaimed "Our Top Operative in Germany's BND?"

Toni nodded her head yes.

CeeCee continued "Ummm ... okay ... what about her?"

Bo rolled her eyes and expressed "Well ... it's kinda' a long story."

Cee moved her hands in a continuing motion as if to say 'get on with it.' and said, "Well tell me about it!"

Right before Bo was about to explain she heard Iri's footsteps nearing the stairs, and quickly whispered "Can I ... give you a call later?"

Cee merely nodded and continued to finish her coffee, which no longer had steam rising from it.

Toni, with a smile, hugged Cee and headed for the side door. Toni walked to her CJ5 and climbed in, bringing the engine to a roar.

Iri walked down the stairs still drying her hair looked at Cee and asked "Where the hell's Toni?"

Cee replied with an overly friendly smile "She went home to check on Shelly."

Iri finishing drying her hair stated "... Alright ...?"

Iri continued "You up to bullshittin' for awhile?"

Cee "Sure ... my chores can wait a bit."

Iri retorted sarcastically "Chores? What are you gonna' do chase the only speck of dust in the house around?"

Cee, with a look of dismay, said "I'm not that fanatical am I?"

Iri answered in a cynical voice "Yeah! Yes you are! This house is always spotless and you insist it's dirty! You have to chill your clean machine sometimes or you're gonna' suck the rugs up in your vacuum one of these days!"

Cee "Please ... am I really that bad?"

Iri looked to CeeCee, smiled, and took a stool at the table waiting for her sister to serve her another cup of coffee saying "black please" with a full toothed grin.

Cee put a twist to her lip "Ya' know you're like a spoiled brat! As if I don't know how you take your coffee after all these years."

Iri, sitting, leaned her busty body over the table putting her head in her hands "I just love that your such a great big sis that's all" in a whimsical voice.

Cee brought the mugs of coffee to the table and sat down to talk "Ya' know ... you are a little kid sometimes." Then reiterated "Wait what am I sayin'?.... Sometimes? ... ALL the time!"

Iri sat up taking a sip of her coffee and looked to Cee with puppy dog eyes saying "But you know you love me."

CeeCee, smiling, said with her elbow on the table scratching the back of her head "Well what's up?"

Iri putting her hands to the table, cup still in hand replied "Did you hear of the new innovations in the communication field?"

Cee "Are you referring to the Borg type implants being developed for visual and phone use?"

Iri "Yeah! I think that would make it so much more convenient for you instead of that Bluetooth shit you're always walking around with."

Cee "Ya' kidding me!?"

Iri "No ... seriously! Think about it. You could be in touch with anybody at anytime just by thinking it, and on missions you wouldn't need a headset."

Cee "It's bad enough that you three are in constant contact with me on a daily basis, I don't need you literally inside my head!"

Iri answered jokingly "Oh come on! What are we gonna' do ruin a wet dream?"

Cee exclaimed "Maybe!"

Iri, upon hearing CeeCee's answer, spewed a bit of her coffee onto the table in astonishment "You ... A wet dream?! That'll be the day."

Cee "What! Okay, okay, we've been friends since what? Preschool? You think I don't have dreams about men! Just because I don't think about them 24-7 doesn't mean ..."

Iri broke into CeeCee's sentence "You're just so ... so much a clean freak and lady.... I just never could envision you having a dirty thought!"

Cee shook her head in dismay "We've always looked over the boys for years, and what? Now you think I'm celibate!?"

Iri, getting back on the topic of technology, continued "I just figured you might have had the least bit of interest in the advances. There is a lot of advantages to the tech Cee."

CeeCee replied "I'm not sayin' there isn't advantages to not having to physically wear telecommunications, but I'm not having anyone open up this superior brain with a knife!"

Iri finished her coffee rolling her eyes at Cee's latest statement and said "Now you're being pompous ... Your IQ isn't much higher than mine ... Einstein."

CeeCee "Yeah you wish mine was as low as Einstein's!"

While finishing her coffee she began to laugh and stood up to take the cups to the sink saying "I know you're a genius girl. That's why I love to debate ideas with you when you're not trying to play the big dumb bleach blonde you try to portray to every man alive."

Iri "I do not!"

Cee "Yes you do!"

Iri stood up and walked to the sink where Cee was washing the mugs. She put her arms around her sister cupping Cee's breasts while pushing her hips into Cee's rear as her frame towered over Cee. Shocked by Iri's action, she almost dropped the cup in the sink.

Startled she tried to turn to Iri who jokingly whispered in a sensual voice in her ear "You know I only have eyes for you."

CeeCee pulled her head away from Iri's lips and placed the cup in the sink saying "You idiot you almost made me break your cup!" She wriggled to turn to face with her sister who still had her pinned against the counter and said "Would you back up!?"

Iri taking a step back looked down at Cee with a smile "I'm just kiddin'."

She turned to pick up her black leather form fit bomber jacket and studded leather mini purse and asked Cee "I'm going over to Miki's for brunch, you wanna' come?"

Cee still shocked by Iri's actions answered "Nah, I have a ton of cleaning to do, and I still haven't finished all the paperwork from our last time out." referring to the Angels mission in Russia.

Iri "Don't kill yourself with paperwork Cee ... Oh and by the way ... Your house is immaculate.... What cleaning could you possibly have to do?" She asked with a snicker.

CeeCee replied "You know me, I always have to be doing something here or else I feel like I've done nothing."

Iri gave CeeCee a kiss on the cheek and said "Ya' know you're always welcome to come up to Manhattan with me if ya' change your mind."

Cee smiled and answered "Yeah I know ... always appreciated, but I still got a lot to do."

With that Iri strutted out of the house and hopped into her beautiful silver CTS convertible. She waved goodbye to CeeCee as she headed off to pick up the Parkway and take the long trip up the backbone of Jersey to New York City.

CeeCee straightened the few disturbed pillows on the Chez lounge in her dining room, and then headed up her massive wooden staircase, to her bedroom for a well deserved shower. She took off her jogging suit, neatly placed them in the hamper, and walked into the shower.

Cee opened the glass door and reached in turning on the hot water. As the shower water heated, it caressed her while washing away the aftermath of her morning run.

She pondered as to what ToniBo might say when she receives the phone call later. As the water seemed to play a melody, dancing off her glistening skin, she began to relax and sing a soft song in the most angelic of voices.

Chapter Two

"Government Affairs"

In an ample sized Spartan styled office, within a division of the CIA's headquarters, in Washington, DC, Bruce DaBear and Paul Skill, the top two agents of the CIA, were discussing the activities of the previous night out. DaBear, though not a tall man, made up for his lack in height with his muscular figure, and at the age of forty looked half his age. Their beautiful Native American junior partner, Lisa Lightfoot, sat at her small desk facing the two listening to the two bickering like schoolgirls at a high school event as per usual.

DaBear, with a stroke of his goatee and a rub of his clean shaven head, pointed to Paul with a question "So is Margie as wild as the pool says?"


Excerpted from ToniBo and the Girls of Angels, Inc. by Bruce Martin Copyright © 2012 by Bruce Martin. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. "A Perfect Morning"....................1
Chapter 2. "Government Affairs"....................10
Chapter 3. "Toni Finds Her Soul Mate"....................20
Chapter 4. "Order of the Master Race"....................60
Chapter 5. "West Virginia in the Spotlight"....................70
Chapter 6. "The Briefing"....................86
Chapter 7. "The Sisterhood"....................98
Chapter 8. "The Evil Plan: The Angels Story"....................112
Chapter 9. "The Evil Plan: The OMRs Story"....................135
Chapter 10. "The Execution"....................148
Chapter 11. "Busted!"....................163
Chapter 12. "Exoneration"....................177
Chapter 13. "Turning a New Leaf"....................193
Chapter 14. "The Day After"....................220
Chapter 15. "Loose Ends"....................245

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ToniBo and the Girls of Angels, Inc.: A Presidential Dilemma 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
SolarGuy41 More than 1 year ago
I read the book while traveling from PA to TX on a flight.. A great deal of depth into the backstory of the lead role ToniBo and the rest of the cast and crew of Angels Incorporated.. Very detailed on the certain aspects of almost could be current events. I would recommend (and have) to others that like action, adventure, and a storyline..