Tony's Wife

Tony's Wife

by Adriana Trigiani


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ISBN-13: 9780062319258
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 11/20/2018
Pages: 496
Sales rank: 17,626
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.90(d)

About the Author

Adriana Trigiani is the bestselling author of seventeen books, which have been published in thirty-six countries around the world. She is a playwright, television writer/producer, and filmmaker. She wrote and directed the film version of her novel Big Stone Gap, which was shot entirely on location in her Virginia hometown. She is cofounder of the Origin Project, an in-school writing program that serves more than one thousand students in Appalachia. She lives in Greenwich Village with her family.

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Tony's Wife: A Novel 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous 12 days ago
Great book, as usual!
Anonymous 19 days ago
I enjoyed this book the characters were very interesting it felt like life as it really is sometimes we don’t appreciate what’s right in front of us until it’s too late great read.
Anonymous 20 days ago
SheTreadsSoftly 4 months ago
Tony's Wife by Adriana Trigiani is a highly recommended historical family drama that begins in the Big Band Era and flows through the decades. Saverio Armandonada is kicked out of his home by his father on Christmas Eve, 1932, when he wants to forego working at the auto plant and pursue a singing career. Later, before the start of WWII and after he experiences some success, he meets the feisty Chi Chi (Chiara) Donatelli at Sea Isle City on the Jersey Shore. She wants a career in music too, and although she is attracted to Saverio, she also realizes that he is a womanizer, and besides all that, she is very serious about a career on her terms and wants no part of marriage. Later she meets Saverio again. Now he has changed his name to Tony Arma. The two begin to work together as friends in Tony's band and become a successful singing act. She writes successful songs and Tony has hits singing them. Then WWII begins and Tony joins the Navy. As he receives Chi Chi's friendly letters, he realizes he has strong feelings for her and pursues her. She is uncertain because she has seen him with many other women over the time she has worked with him. He swears she is the only woman for him and finally she agrees to marry him. Then, the girl who never wanted to get married, has twin girls while Tony is still enlisted. This marks a change in Chi Chi's life, because now she is the one who must set her career aside and take care of their family. In the meantime, Tony returns and returns to life on the road, singing, and womanizing. Now Chi Chi has some difficult decisions to make as she lives life on her own terms. This is a drama following a passionate Italian family full of life and opinions. It is well written and follows the characters from the 1930s to the 1980's, although the earlier years are much more detailed and the later years rushed. Once the plot took shape, it did become a bit predictable. Chi Chi is the main character and the one who is truly portrayed as a complete individual. The historical setting adds a special touch to the saga, along with the strong family connections and opinions that Chi Chi holds. Trigiani definitely captures the emotions and closeness of a devoted Italian family and their many extended connections. The first part of the book features a strong narrative voice from Chi Chi, with Saverio's character having his own issues and feelings that are also clearly presented. Then the novel changed, and the main narrative voice is Chi Chi. Tony becomes, quite frankly, a cad. I've been back and forth on this novel. There were parts where it is a page-turner that I enjoyed quite a bit, and others that left me a bit bored. It will appeal to Trigiani's many fans and does introduce an unforgettable character in Chi Chi. It's also a good choice for anyone who loves a sweeping family saga that covers a lifetime. Disclosure: I received an advanced reading copy of this book from HarperCollins.
bookchickdi 5 months ago
Adriana Trigiani's newest novel, Tony's Wife, begins in 1932 Detroit. Saverio Armandonada (that's a mouthful!) is on his way to work in the Ford motor plant, along with this father Leone and all the other men in the neighborhood. Saverio's job is to bolt the driver's door handle on 978 cars every day, ten hours a day, six days a week. On the seventh day, Saverio sings in the church choir. He has the loveliest voice in the choir, everyone said so. On Christmas Eve, he was all set to give fellow choir member Cheryl a beautiful necklace and declare his love. When his love life doesn't work out as he planned, he gets an offer to audition for a band. His father is furious that Saverio would give up a good steady job for the unknown life as a singer, and throws him out of the house. Chi Chi Donatelli lives in New Jersey with her family, where they all work in a textile factory. But Chi Chi dreams of being a singer, and her father supports her, even building a studio in their garage to record Chi Chi and her sisters in the hopes of becoming the next big girl group. Chi Chi meets Saverio, hoping that he can get her record to a music label. They spend the day at the beach, and Tony is smitten with Chi Chi, although she is wary of his playboy ways. Tony is invited to the Donatellis for Sunday dinner, and he envies Chi Chi the warmth of her family. How he wished he had that! Saverio and Chi Chi both dream of becoming stars, and they fall in love and marry. Chi Chi fears that becoming a wife and mother will force her to give up the life she has come to relish- writing and recording songs, performing on stage with Sav (now known as Tony Arma). They move to Hollywood, where Chi Chi writes songs and cares for their children, while Tony tours the country and works as an actor in films. Chi Chi wants the traditional Italian family that she grew up with, but it appears that Tony may no longer want that. Can their marriage survive? Anyone who loves the music of the 1940s and 1950s will adore Tony's Wife. Trigiani names each chapter as a direction in music- Feroce, Crescendo, Teneramente- adding to the authenticity of this engaging story. She even includes song lyrics throughout and a Tony Arma discography at the end of the book. I found Chi Chi's story so very captivating. She is such a strong woman, a woman who took care of her family's finances and took charge of her career and life, all the time remaining traditional to her family values. I absolutely fell in love with her! As with everyone, there are ups and downs in Chi Chi's life, happy times and incredibly sad and challenging times too. Once again, the cover art work is astonishing, and the descriptions of family meals and the beautiful clothing so evocative that you use all of your senses while reading this gorgeous story. Tony's Wife would make a perfect hostess gift if you are traveling for Thanksgiving, as well as a lovely gift during this holiday season. Pair it with a Frank Sinatra record and a bottle of good Chianti as a gift to your best friend as well as for yourself. I highly recommend Tony's Wife.
mzglorybe 5 months ago
As always with a Trigiani novel, I am saddened to turn the last page. I’ve bonded with a family, with characters whom you feel you personally know and hate to say goodbye to. Her novels are never forgettable for me. They are each unique even though they share the foundation of the Italian Catholic large familial complexities. This was wonderful, just wonderful. The history, the settings, (most of it in Jersey, but also California and Italy) the ambitions, but especially the music, the big band music of the late 30’s and 40’s, through WWII and beyond. You can just feel yourself there through it all. Music is what brought Saverio and Chiara together as young adults, later known as Tony and Chi-Chi, their stage names. They have a complicated but deep and bonding relationship through the years. It was a pleasure and often times despair to have a ringside seat to their relationship. I have witnessed a similar relationship as a child with an aunt and uncle, and realize that it is not an unusual situation, but with this author’s writing expertise, it seems a very personal one that the reader can’t help but be drawn into and experience powerful emotions. Chi-Chi is a role model for all women, especially back then through those difficult times when women had to fight for recognition and the roles they want and deserve in their lives. Chi-Chi was a strong, amazing woman I felt privileged to get to know. Early on I wondered why Adriana titled this “Tony’s Wife” but the ending disclosed it perfectly. I was left in tears and wonder. My thanks to Adriana Trigiani, Harper Collins and especially Amazon Vine for a complimentary copy to read and review. Happy release day! Wishing you every success... loved it
Anonymous 5 months ago
I’ve enjoyed all her other books, but I just kept waiting for this one to get started. Strange, sad story; it didn’t flow, skipped quickly through their lives. The wife wasted hers on a unworthy man.